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Top 14 Best Android Emulators in 2021

There are several instances where someone would wish to install an Android emulator onto the computer. For instance, an app developer might need to test their app before launching it to the market. Gamers might want to use a keyboard or the mouse on Android games.

In any case, installing an Android emulator that works on your computer is possible. Nowadays, it is even more straightforward than how it was in the past. Older methods either became unusable or left the space, but the emulators in this article can work for most PCs.

Top 14 Best Android Emulator

1. LDPlayer


The LDPlayer describes a classic Android emulator that is suitable for gamers who are running on Android Nougat 7.1. The emulator comes with various game-related features such as graphical support, high FPS, macros, multi-instance, and adequate mapping controls.

The emulator receives active updates all most every month. It can support various games such as Clash of Clans, and the Free Fire video games. The emulator is popular among the Free Fire players since it has helped optimize the game and make it easier to play.


  • It is suitable for Android Nougat 7.1.
  • LDPlayer offers multi-instance and graphical support.
  • It supports numerous games.


  • It comes with frequent irrelevant updates.


  • Free


2. Android Studio Emulator

Android Studio Emulator

This emulator is the default development option available for Android. Android Studio features an array of tools that can help developers make games and apps suitable for Android. The emulator also comes with a built-in type of emulator that allows users to test the games and apps they create.

However, its set is pretty complicated and can consume a lot of time to work. In any case, it is not the best option for the consumer level application. Nevertheless, app developers can install this emulator to serve as a testing tool for their apps.

The Android emulator can also support Kotlin for the developers who would like to try it out. However, this emulator is very unfavorable for the non-developers since it will consume a lot of time. Nevertheless, it works well with an incredible speed.


  • It is suitable for Android developers.
  • The emulator features a built-in system for app development.
  • It works faster.


  • It is pretty complicated.


  • Free


3. ARChon


ARChon Android emulator is a traditional option. You can install it to your PC like an extension on Google Chrome. The emulator will then enable Chrome to run Android games and apps. The procedure to set up the emulator is not so simple.

First, you must ensure that you install it to your Chrome browser. The next step will be to acquire relevant APKs and ensure that you load them to Chrome. Finally, you will have to check its settings and change the APK option to make it compatible.

Generally, you will have to take some additional steps to make it work if you compare it to other Android emulators. But, the emulator works with a robust operating system that is compatible with an instance of Chrome, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


  • It features a robust operating system.
  • The emulator can work well with Mac, Linux and Windows.
  • It enables Chrome to use Android apps and games.


  • The emulator features a complex installation procedure.


  • Free


4. Bliss OS

Bliss OS

The Bliss OS Android emulator is somewhat different. It can work as an Android emulator for computers through a virtual method. Alternatively, you can also flat use it on the computer via a USB. The USB option is more of a power user method, and it is not suitable for less intense situations.

The procedure to install it is generally the VM type. It is easy, but it can become tedious for the newbie who has never used a virtual machine before. Although the USB installation option will allow your computer to run Android from the boot, it is even more complicated.

The installation’s difficulties make this emulator undesirable, but it may turn out to be more productive once you complete the installation. You might require backing up your current OS since the emulator can only run on compatible PCs. It can also run on the latest Android Oreo systems, which are some of the newest versions.


  • This android emulator is unique.
  • It can work through a virtual machine for convenience.
  • The emulator can via USB for flexibility.


  • It is not suitable for a less intense task.


  • Optional Donations | Free


5. Bluestacks


Bluestacks is one of the trendy Android emulators. Research provides numerous reasons to support this statement. For the newbie, the emulator is compatible with Mac and Windows. The emulator is one of the earliest Android emulators that gave the best results, and it still gets frequent version updates.

This emulator is most suitable for gamers. It can feel somewhat bloated sometimes. Thus, it features some stigma. The company launched its fourth version in 2018, hoping to solve this challenge. The arrangement also comes with a setting and key-mapping option for several games that you might install.

You can rank it among the heaviest Android emulators available on the market, but it can make everything easier for you. The company also developed the MSI App Player, another reliable emulator that works even better than this version.


  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • The emulator undergoes through frequent updates.
  • It is suitable for the gamers.


  • It is the heaviest emulator on the market.


  • $2 per month.


6. GameLoop


GameLoop describes a reliable Android emulator that is most appropriate for gamers. It is the official Android emulator for some gaming companies like the PUBG and Call of Duty games. It is suitable for an array of Android games, but it does not offer a big collection as you may expect.

You can download and install the emulator easily, and if you test it on several games, you will realize that it works well. It is not ideal for development and product testing. Nevertheless, it can be a suitable option for programmers who have an itch for mobile FPS gaming as it boasts a reasonably decent titles collection.


  • It works best for the gamers.
  • The emulator is compatible with an array of games.
  • It is easy to download and install.


  • It is not suitable for product testing and development.


  • Free


7. Genymotion


This emulator is most suitable for app developers. It can allow users to test their new apps on an array of devices by buying them. The emulator will allow you to configure its algorithms with different Android versions to match your requirements.

For instance, you can install and run a Nexus 6 on an Android 6.0 or a Nexus One on an Android 4.2. Besides, you are free to switch between different versions whenever you want. Nevertheless, the emulator is not suitable for consumers.

The best part of it all is that the Android emulator is available on both the cloud and desktop computers. The emulator can perform even better on more powerful computers.


  • It is suitable for app developers. ‘
  • The emulator works for different Android versions.
  • It is available on desktop and cloud.


  • It is too complex for consumer users.


  • Free with Paid Options


8. MEmu


This emulator is another upcoming option that seems to work well for gamers. One of its most-liked algorithms is its capability to support Intel and AMD chipsets. It is excellent for the developers to run their programs on AMD platforms.

The Android emulator also supports Lollipop, Kit Kat, and Android Jelly Bean. The emulator will also allow you to run several instances for several testing features or games. It is more specific for gamers and tends to work better than most of its competitors.

Nevertheless, the program can also work quite well like a product testing tool. The emulator’s most recent updates introduced the key-mapping option and the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • It supports AMD and Intel chipsets.
  • The emulator is ideal for both gamers and developers.
  • It also supports Lollipop.


  • You must pay for the Lollipop version.


  • Free


9. Nox


Nox is another reliable Android emulator that is suitable for gamers. It comes with typical gamers’ features such as the ability to key-map the available gesture controls, dedicated controller support, and key-mapping with the keyboard.

For example, you can assign an arrow key to swipe right and use this option in gaming without installing any hardware controller support. It offers top-level fun and appears to work somewhat well most times. The emulator is under active development and offers regular version updates.


  • It offers regular active updates to promote quality.
  • The emulator is suitable for gamers.
  • It offers top-notch fun.


  • It is not suitable for developers.


  • Free


10. PrimeOS


PrimeOS is a little bit unique in the Android emulator market. In a real sense, it is not an emulator. To use this up to boost your running native Android feature, you must install it as a partition on your PC OS. The emulator aims at the gamers, but you can use it to test productivity.

It comes with a gaming center, access to Android games & apps, and support for keyboard & mouse. In other words, the program runs much like it is a part of the Chrome browser. It will allow you to play games, watch video content, and even multitask.


  • It offers the ability to multitask.
  • The emulator offers support for the mouse and keyboard.
  • It is unique and offers a gaming center for Android games.


  • It does not work well for product testing.


  • Free


11. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

The Remix OS player Android emulator is one of the newest and most reliable emulator options available on the market. The emulator can run Android Marshmallow, which helps it to stand out among most other Android emulators.

The good this about this emulator is that it features a simple installation procedure, and it’s pretty easy to run. It comes with a customizable bar and several gamer specific features that make it suitable for gamers.

It can allow users to run several games at the same time. It can also work as a productivity tool. Recent reports indicate that Remix OS Player shut their website and hire changes because it does not receive any version updates. In years to come, it might become outdated.


  • It enables users to run several games once.
  • The emulator is simple to install.
  • It features a customizable bar.


  • It has no recent version updates.


  • Free


12. Xamarin


Xamarin is much like Android Studio and runs on an IDE. The difference between the emulator and Android Studio is that it is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio options, enabling a broader development space.

The emulator features a built-in emulator that is suitable for game and app testing. The emulator is ideal for developers. It features a tedious installation procedure that can be tiresome for regular consume users.

Although the emulator is not as strong as other Android emulators such as Genymotion, it can perform very well on compatible Operating systems. The emulator is free for individual use, but it attracts a considerable fee for the larger teams and companies.


  • It is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio. ‘
  • The emulator offers a broader space for development.
  • It has a built-in algorithm for app testing.


  • It has a complex installation procedure.


  • Free | Business Plan


13. YouWave


YouWave is among the earliest emulators for Android on PC. The emulator undergoes regular version updates, and it has been on the market for several years. It features modern algorithms, offers Ice Cream Sandwich for the free version, and provides the premium option’s Lollipop version.

Both the free and premium versions work well and it comes with a simple installation procedure. Although it can also work for gamers, it does not feature any type of gaming-specific algorithms. Thus, it is suitable for both productivity and light gaming.

The drawback about this Android emulator is that it features very sluggish version updates, and it is entirely out of date. The free version is ideal for looking for an older Android emulator version, but the premium version is the most recommendable.


  • It features regular updates to improve performance.
  • The emulator is compatible with the Lollipop version.
  • It features a simple installation procedure.


  • It does not feature gamers’ features.


  • Free | $29.99


14. Build Your Own

You may build a personal Android emulator. The procedure to complete this is simple. First, you must download the VirtualBox. Next, you will download any image with the format

The steps that come afterward will include research and watching guidelines from online sources. Although this procedure might sound time-consuming, it is better to compare it to emulators such as Android Studio, where you must set up an IDE.

Nevertheless, you must ensure that you seek some basic knowledge from watching tutorials. If the emulator fails at some point, you might require expert coding skills to repair it. In any case, you will enjoy the freedom to design the Android emulator the way you wish.


Why Do You Need an Android Emulator?

Android emulators can serve three primary purposes. The purposes may include:

1. Gaming

The first and most common purpose is gaming. Android emulators can help gamers to transfer games to the PC and make them easier to play. The good thing is that the emulators do not depend on special tricks, macros’ existence, and the device’s battery life to work.

Most times, Android games do not limit the use of such tricks to play and win. Thus, Android emulators such as Nox, Bluestacks, and LDPlayer can serve great benefit for the gamers. They can make everything to be easier for them.

2. Development

Development is the second most popular application of emulators. Android game and app developers use these emulators to test games and apps on different devices before they can launch. Most time, the Android Studio emulator is suitable for this function, but other emulators such as Genymotion and Xamarin can also work.

3. Productivity

This importance is not very popular since Chrome books are better and cheaper for running Android apps, and most productivity tools come with cross-platform algorithms. Most Android gaming emulators can work for productivity at some point.

Nevertheless, Users who have hyper-specific requirements and limited knowledge can opt for Bliss and ARChon. All in all, Chrome books are more effective for people who would like to run mobile apps on a computer or laptop.


This post provides you with a list of Android emulators that can give you the best results. You must ensure that you check the emulator’s specs and features before you download it to install it on your PC. Make sure it matches your requirements.

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