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10 Surprising Benefits of Couples Holding Hands that You Might Not Know

Love is regarded as one of the rarest and most beautiful types of feelings that anyone could ever imagine and experience in their life.

Especially the love between a married couple, is regarded as the most sacred and pure forms of love that any two person can hold and feel for one another.

In simple words, pure and real love is deep.

And to feel the intensity of deep love, both the persons involved in it need to fully indulge themselves.

When a couple has deep love feelings for each other, they usually express it either verbally or non-verbally.

A couple holding hands with each other is one way of non-verbally expressing the love, care and affection that exists between them.

General significance of couples holding hands

Overview of showing your love and affection publicly

Expressing love can easily be divided into two broad categories.

One is that which you can publicly express in front of others and which is totally acceptable depending on the common customs and norms that are adhered by a certain group of people.

The second category is the form of expressing love which cannot be expressed publicly.

This is something that is very private and personal between both the individuals that form a couple i.e. a man or a guy and a woman or a girl.

Again depending on the customs and norms followed by any specific group or people from a culture, there are certain things which are forbidden to be practiced in front of any third person.

A couple’s limitations to publicly display love and affection is highly dependent, in fact governed, by the culture, society or religion they belong to.

So it turns out that what is acceptable to one group of people might be completely discouraged by another group.

General significance of couples holding hands

Taking into consideration the previous overview part relating to showing public affection by a couple, couples holding a hand publicly is one of those things that is widely practiced and accepted.

So it doesn’t matter whether you belong to any conservative or moderate group of people, society, culture, region or religion where public show of love and affection is highly discouraged.

There is a chance that as a married couple, you might be allowed to hold hands publicly.

10 Surprising benefits of couples holding hands that you might not know

10 Surprising benefits of couples holding hands that you might not know

Aside from seeing couples holding hands as a display of love and affection, this act has a few other surprising benefits that many people aren’t aware of.

In this article, we tend to highlight 10 benefits of couples holding hands which you might have not known till now.

So let’s begin.

1. It makes you feel one and together

Couples holding each other’s hand tightly makes them as one and single body in the eyes of the world.

Other people get to know that they cannot tear your relationship or harm it in any way as anything that now comes in your path will be mutually countered by you as a couple.

2. It reassures that you can rely on one another

Couples holding hands also reassure that both the members of the couples can and do fully rely on each other in every manner and for everything.

Aside from the body or sexual needs, there are situations in life where things don’t seem to be in your favor.

Holding hands or simply rubbing each other’s hands in such times can help the person going through difficult times understand and believe that even when others have given up on you, there is still one person who trusts you and on which you can fully rely.

3. It shows a that you own each other

No individual whether in a couple or alone is perfect. Every person’s personality consists of some good things and some bad things.

When you hold each other’s hand as a couple, it is a sign that no matter what differences or opposite sides in between, you own and accept each other the way you are.

Other than this, it is also a way to tell other people eyeing you as an individual that you are not separate or available, thus non-verbally repelling any possible attempts of approach from other men and women.

4. It increases and strengthens your love and relationship bond

Oxytocin or which in the language of love is known as the love hormone stays activated due to holding hands by couples.

When you hold hands, the touch of each other increases the levels of this love hormone in your body.

This love hormone plays an important role in how you form and carry your relationships especially that involve deep love or being as a married couple.

In addition to building relationships, it is also concerned with your way of showing empathy and level of trust towards your significant other.

5. Holding hands also helps in reducing pain

You might be familiar with the different forms of massage therapy.

Massage therapy in its most simple form is when a massage therapist runs his/her hands or touches your body parts that need relaxation from any kind of pain and stress.

Quite similarly, holding hands or the touch of hands helps greatly in reducing pain as it diverts the attention of your brain from feeling pain towards being comforted.

Being comforted again means a reassurance of having someone by your side in times of pain and stress.

6. It makes you feel secure

Consider the example of holding hands while crossing a busy road or laying out a hand to help someone climb up during a hiking trip, etc.

While anyone can do these things on their own being alone as well, but when someone special in the form of your significant other comes in, it is completely a different thing.

It actually redefines the whole situation of doing anything alone and doing something with the help of a loved one.

For example, when your significant other holds your hand while crossing a road, it shows that they care to walk with you rather than without you and this makes you feel safe and secure.

In the case of a hiking trip, getting a helping hand to help you climb up means that the other person before moving ahead, wants to make sure that you have joined them at their current position.

Your significant other remaining a step ahead is also a way to test the waters as they make sure that the road ahead is safe and secure for you.

7. Holding hands help in overcoming fear

Even when you are sleeping together but one member of the couple has a bad or scary dream, what do you think is the most suitable thing to resort to in such a situation?

You hold hands while sleeping as well.

Similarly, recall watching a horror movie together in a cinema.

While it may not be possible to give each other a hug or comfort each other in any other manner, you can simply hold hands and help each other in facing the horror scenes together.

8. It can also help in lowering blood pressure

Again high blood pressure means that you are stressed or going through some form of high mental depression, anxiety or pain or even during a panic attack.

Simply holding each other’s hand in such a situation can easily help soothe each other and reduce the level of mental and physical stress, thus lowering your blood pressure.

9. Holding hands enhances the quality of your sleep

Even if it isn’t any kind of fear or bad dream, couples while sleeping closely together like in the sleeping positions of shingles, sweetheart’s cradle, the pursuit, the spoon and the honeymoon hug; hold hands.

This sleeping style has been found to be a great way to enhance the quality of your sleep as it signifies a close and warm relationship even when you are sleeping.

10. It is the most easiest and convenient way of displaying public love and affection

Like we discussed earlier that showing public love and affection may not be encouraged or allowed in certain cultures, societies, regions and religions around the world.

Much like this, it is also possible that while any of these cultures, societies, regions or religions may not necessarily stop married couples from showing public love and affection, individuals themselves may not feel comfortable in doing it among other people.

But still, it is a usual case that in most couples, at least one person loves being pampered and loved in front of other people.

So for such couples, holding hands can be the least possible thing to do without being shy, uneasy or inconvenient.


What does holding hands mean for each gender?

What does holding hands mean for each gender?

While we discussed the benefits of holding hands as a couple, all men and women on an individual basis perceive holding hands in different terms.

So let us now briefly discuss how men define a woman’s act of holding their hand and how women explain the situation where a man holds their hand.

How do men see it?

It is a well-accepted thought that guys do not hold a girl’s hand without any specific reason.

Among male friends as well, it is very uncommon for boys to hold each other’s hand.

So when they do, there is always something going in their mind.

When a guy holds a girls hand, it means that he wants to take things forward and is taking interest in you.

The moment and situation when a guy holds a girl’s hand will more clearly define how it feels and why he initiated such an act.

To conclude in simple words, a guy holding a girl’s hand is a clear indication that he does give her attention, owns her and wants other people to know that he is taken or she owns the guy now.

How do women see it?

Seeing girls roaming around in the mall or some other place and holding each other’s hands is a common sight.

But when they hold a guy’s hand, it means something totally different.

When a girl holds a guy’s hand, it means that she sees them as a couple and wants other people to know it as well.

She likes the guy and loves being with him. she feels safe and secure, and trusts her guts for being with him.


Is there a limit to couples holding hands or publicly showing love and affection for one another

Is there a limit to couples holding hands or publicly showing love and affection for one another

Yes, definitely. There is a limit and etiquette to follow on how everything is done in life while being all alone or when being with someone else in a public setting.

An usual frequency or style of couples holding hands or public display of love and affection by couples means that the person who initiates this is not feeling comfortable with the other person.

While this may also not be seen as okay or welcoming by other people, this is a secondary issue.

The primary concern is to analyze what situations or acts trigger such incidents.

Is it that one person is feeling insecure in any way? Is there a fear of losing the other person which is making the other person doing all this? Is your spouse being over protective or over possessive of you?

Our simple advice in such a case if you detect the slightest presence of any related issues would be to carefully analyze the situation and understand its intensity.

Once you get some basic information, you might want to discuss it with your spouse as well.

Trying to resolve such issues between yourself is the right and the best approach but if at any point you think that there is a chance of making things worse rather than healing them, immediately seek professional counselling.

Bottom line

While couples holding hands comes with many benefits, couples not holding hands even when they should can be kind of awkward moments as well.

In some later article, we might discuss this as well.

But till then, enjoy the benefits that you might have been missing all these years from not holding hand of your significant other more often than occasionally or in rare circumstances.

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