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25 Benefits of Reading that will Compel You to Read Everyday

The ability to read is one of the many things that you usually take for granted in your life.

In fact in the case of most people, this life skill remains under-utilized or almost unutilized for most part of their life.

This is partly because many people barely understand its importance or the edge that it gives them over someone that couldn’t read.

But whether someone accepts it or not, knowing how to read does play a significant role in dealing with everyday matters of your life.

Just to highlight how important reading skill is, a clear example is the traditional definition of being a literate which places reading as the second most important thing after reading.

According to this definition, the capacity to read is considered as the preliminary objective to learn the writing skill.

What is ‘reading’?

The most basic definition of reading is the ability or the function of a person to look, understand and pronounce what he sees in written form whether it is a letter, word or symbol; or a combination of all these as individuals or as a group.

Difference between general or rough reading vs reading on purpose or good reading

Difference between general or rough reading vs reading on purpose or good reading

We live in the age of information overload. Every day, we come across so much of written material which consists of useful, semi-useful and useless texts.

This means that at times we are continuously reading many things unintentionally just for the sake of finding something useful.

A clear example could be of your social media account which is every now and then constantly being flooded with so many posts.

While you do read it briefly, this is categorized as general or rough reading. A better word used to describe this behavior is ‘skimming’.

Through skimming, you filter between this information to reach or find something that you can benefit from or which you can read on purpose.

In this article, our goal is to introduce you to the 25 benefits of reading daily on purpose.

By knowing these 25 benefits, you will not only be compelled to make reading an everyday habit but will also know where to find it directly in abundance without first skimming through a pile of mixed written texts.

And for this reason, our main focus would also include explaining the benefits of reading a book daily as this is the most beneficial and practically tested form of reading on purpose.

25 Benefits of reading that suggests why anyone should adopt the routine of good reading everyday

25 Benefits of reading that suggests why anyone should adopt the routine of good reading everyday

Whether it is reading an article in your favorite magazine, or reading a few pages of any book in the form of print or e-book format, being regular at reading daily offers many benefits.

To help you develop interest in healthy reading and make you add this habit into your lifestyle as a must-to-do thing, we have compiled a list of 25 reading benefits that you can embrace.

1. You become better at accepting and understanding others opinion

This often happens during an argument or a conversation where you are unable to accept and understand the other person’s opinion even when you are wrong.

But while reading a book which describes and favors a different side of an issue as against your personal thoughts, you tend to stay cool and try to understand.

This is partly because you cannot argue with a book or the habit of reading is sometimes so captivating that you somehow end up reading the whole chapter.

This generally isn’t the case when you get in an argument with other people.

You either keep on arguing until one person stops or wins over the other, or until one person leaves abruptly.

2. It enhances your cognition

Cognition is your mental ability to absorb knowledge and understand it by your actions and practical experience.

So when you read, you are gaining knowledge. To remember this knowledge, it is vital to fully understand it as well.

To understand fully, you need to combine and deploy all your senses and cognitive processes such as the ability to think, know, remember, analyze, judge and solve the problem.

So by reading, you are actually putting all of the above processes into action simultaneously which in return enhances your cognitive skills.

3. Strengthens your memory

Engaging in mental activities and those that challenge your brain power, is known to prevent memory loss and strengthen your memory.

Reading or book reading is also a mental activity which exercises your brain and thus strengthens your memory.

Studies have shown that when you constantly exercise your brain and keep it activated, you have more chances to prevent developing diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

4. You become wiser

When you read books on life lessons and skills that the author learned by his/her own experience, your wisdom level increases.

Based on what other people did in similar situations, your ability to judge and quickly resolve an issue tends to become better.

5. You save time and avoid making the same mistakes

While learning through your own experience in life is also a necessity and everything cannot be simply learned by reading books only, you can still save a significant portion of your life time by reading a book.

Learning from other people’s experiences and avoiding making the same mistakes will save you enough time to experience other new things as well in your life and set examples for others.

6. Your concentration level becomes better

Reading makes your concentration level better. It helps you stay focused and alert while acquiring knowledge and understand it simultaneously.

7. Your conversation skills get better

When you use the knowledge that you acquired through book reading, you get better at indulging in face-to-face and group conversations.

You are more equipped to present your ideas and thoughts with a wider perspective and make them sound interesting to other people.

Similarly, you also tend to analyze other people’s thoughts and opinions with the same wide approach.

8. People tend to value your opinion

The knowledge that you gain through reading will help you formulate and shape your opinion in a way that people will start giving value to your opinion and have high regard for it.

9. Reading reduces your stress

Whether it’s a fiction based story novel or some book on how to cope with life challenges and develop skills at beating them, book reading helps you relax your mind.

So no matter how bad and harsh your day had been, just take out some time and read a few pages of any book or even magazine articles and see the difference.

10. It helps you avoid useless discussions

When you read, you certainly have an unmatched advantage or edge over those who don’t read.

This way at the beginning of every discussion, you can easily conclude whether the other people in the panel are worthy of sharing your knowledge with or not.

When you know that you cannot alter the opinions of the other people and that their own opinions are nothing but baseless thoughts, you have the chance to excuse yourself from the whole meeting.

11. Increases your vocabulary

Through reading, you can definitely increase your vocabulary and learn many new words.

Especially when you read books that were published a few decades back or have recently been published, you come across many old and latest words.

12. Promotes your analytical thinking

By reading books on mystery and unsolved crime scenes, you have a chance to promote your skills at being more analytical at solving puzzles and mysteries.

This is because the more you read a mystery novel, the more curious you become to know further but before that, you are already doing the guesswork of what you anticipate to happen next.

13. You pay more attention to details

Some authors aren’t easy to read due to their unconventional writing methods.

When you read books and other written content by such authors, you become more skeptical by paying more attention to details in order to avoid missing any critical points.

14. You understand double meanings

Again while reading, you come across some lines and passages that at first do not seem to apply in the context of what you are reading.

This is because initially as a natural response, you are trying to understand the literal meanings of those words.

But when you try to focus more, you understand the actual meanings lying beneath those literal words.

So, the more you read the better you become at understanding the double meanings both during conversations in real life and while reading.

15. It develops your writing skills

Similar to becoming better at conversations, sharing your opinions and making others value it, reading also helps you develop some nice and commendable writing skills.

When you read, you get better at putting your thoughts and opinions into the right kind of words.

16. Tranquility

Aside from helping you relieve from the tensions and stress that your mind accumulated throughout your hectic day, reading also gives you inner peace and tranquility.

Especially when you read spiritual and calming texts in a quiet and undisturbed surrounding, you tend to listen to your inner voice and help soothe your mind and body.

17. Entertainment

In addition to reading books and magazines to learn and gain knowledge, reading is also a great way to keep yourself entertained.

In fact, it is much better than watching a cartoon or movie.

The reason for this is that in cartoons and movies, you get to see everything and there is no room for your imagination or thoughts.

But when you read plain lines for the sake of entertainment, you get to imagine, visualize and perceive on your own and bring life to those plain lines.

18. Reading helps you develop empathy and become grateful

By reading books and content on historical events or even by reading autobiographies or biographies of self-made persons, you develop empathy and in return become grateful.

You realize how much you have been blessed with and the problematic conditions that you considered as the toughest and cruelty, were much better than what others had to go through.

19. You get to develop a positive outlook

When you read books on motivation, you tend to develop a more positive outlook towards life.

You learn how to derive the advantages out of the most disadvantageous situations and how to turn demotivation into your motivation.

20. Reading can help you heal emotional pains

It is a fact that finding true friends is very hard. But not any more if you develop friendship with a book.

Aside from relieving your daily stress, book reading can also help you heal from emotional pains and injuries.

Many people find reading books as if they are talking to them. They find books as their true friends and life mentors with which they share their problems and worries.

Reading books for such people means as if they are seeking guidance and advice from someone that they can highly trust and rely on.

21. Reading helps you sleep better as well

The habit of reading a book just before going to sleep can help you sleep better as well.

Many people have the habit of keeping a book on their side table which they begin reading and soon afterwards fall asleep.

Aside from being a habit, many people also start to read when they are unable to sleep themselves due to some mental stress or a rush of thoughts in their mind.

This way they divert their brain towards the text in the books which eventually makes them fall asleep.

22. Reading can also help in building better relationships

While many things that you may read in a romantic and fictitious novel might be imaginary and impossible to achieve in real life, a few things would still be applied practically.

So book reading can also help you improve and build better relationships with your loved ones especially your spouse and children.

23. Improves your creativity

To think of a new idea and come up with a different strategy, humans need some sort of inspiration.

By reading books and magazines and other literary stuff, you can boost and improve your creative sense as well.

24. Promotes brain activity in an unborn child as well

Many modern day studies have found that reading aloud to an expecting mother or reading yourself during your pregnancy can help promote brain activity and early literacy skills in your unborn child as well.

In fact in some cultures around the world, this activity is widely practiced as well.

25. Promotes literacy skills in your children

Reading can also help promote literacy skills in your born children as well.

Children tend to take their first and major source of inspiration from their parents.

So if you want to promote this healthy activity of reading in your children as well, try reading out loud in front of them as well.

Additionally, you can also organize small weekly reading skill competitions at home and reward them to keep them motivated and stay learned.

Bottom line

We are sure that by reading the above 25 benefits of reading a book daily, you will pretty much learn the importance of adopting the habit of reading every day.

And while you might not be able to experience all of the 25 benefits of book reading mentioned in this article, still whatever you experience will be worth your effort and time.

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