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25 Best Ways to Self-Improve and Develop Yourself to Grow Better at Anything

‘I am not in competition with anyone but myself. My goal is to improve myself continuously.’ – Bill Gates

In a world of constant competition, if you desire to become better than other people or you see others as your competitors, your desire to beat them will never be fulfilled.

This is because of a universal fact that applies to every human being no matter how good or bad they are.

Finding your real competitor

The fact that there will always be someone performing at an advanced level than you can even think of invalidates the whole idea of seeing others as competitors.

There will always be a person who you will remain unable to beat.

Someone another person’s beginner level game play will be much better than your peak performance.

This fact also entails the idea that the more people you try to defeat, the more people will rise against you in competition.

So as a conclusion, the whole concept of trying to become better than others is pointless and will prove nothing beneficial in the end.

But putting an end to this human desire is also not possible.

In such a case two questions arise.

First, what should be the purpose of your motivation?

Second, if having an external competitor is useless, then who should you compete with to prove yourself better?

The simple and single answer to both the questions is that the biggest and the only competition you really have is with yourself and your own past performance.

25 Best ways to self-improve and grow a better version of yourself at anything

Once you realize and start believing in the above explanation of who you need to remain in constant competition with, you become more purposeful in life.

Your attention diverts from becoming better than others to striving to become better than your own self.

Thus when we talk about becoming better this way, the concept of self-improvement emerges.

In this article, we plan to introduce you to just a few of the many ways in which you can learn on how to self-improve and develop yourself to become better.

So let’s start learning the list of 25 ways to self-improve.

1. Take good quality sleep

Take good quality sleep

Sleep and mind experts often emphasize on the importance of having good quality sleep rather than the quantity of sleep.

A good night’s sleep will help your body in making necessary reforms and repair itself mentally and physically from all the injuries it suffered during the day.

2. Wake up early

Waking up early means starting your day way before others will begin theirs. This way you get more time to sort and plan the day ahead of you.

Especially waking up while it is still dark outside is a common personality trait that you will find in almost all high achievers.

3. Work according to routines and proper schedules

Instead of waiting for the deadlines of important things in your life to near their end and wasting time on unimportant matters, make plans and work accordingly.

Make plans for all the important things that you need to do on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

4. Prioritize everything

Prioritize between each and everything that you need to do. Sort out your to-do list on a priority level.

Keep the most important things on top, followed by the lesser important things and then by the not-so important or avoidable things that you can discard off the list.

Remember that you only have a limited amount of time whether it be in a day, week, month, year and even your entire life.

So plan accordingly and try to invest your time in things with the most productive outcomes.

5. Read a book

Read a book

Reading books or reading in general is one of the highly recommended hobbies that successful people will tell you to do.

When you read the written text of other people, you increase your wisdom and get a chance to learn from their experience and mistakes.

6. Try to be mindful

Try to increase your concentration levels or achieve mindfulness. This way you get more involved in the actions that you are currently performing and suffer from minimum distractions.

7. Make consistent routines

Similar to planning your every move, the things that you need to do every day like going for a morning walk, meditation or reading a book should be done consistently according to fixed routines.

For example, if your daily time slot between 4 am to 4.30 am in the early morning is fixed for meditation, then use it for this thing only.

8. Have a fixed starting and ending point for everything you do

Always begin and end things within a fixed time frame.

Whether it is beginning your day by waking up and ending it by going to bed, or it is with regards to any other task in between, always have a fixed beginning and an end.

Aside from saving your time and discouraging its wastage, it helps you to keep a check on how well you are actually performing.

It also helps you analyze your potential and the ability to achieve goals when you are time bound.

9. Analyze your performance

Self-analysis plays an important role in self-improvement.

Since the main idea of this article is to understand the ways in which you can become a better version of yourself, self-analysis is the only way to do it.

With self-analysis, you get to realize the areas where you lack and also calculate the difference of much you have improved and grown from your previous performance.

10. Always remain a student

Always remain a student

The moment you start considering yourself as the most learned person of all the other people, is the time when your wisdom and your knowledge level starts to decline.

For self-improvement, try to always remain a keen learner and a student willing to gain more knowledge from other people.

Remember that self-improvement relies upon having an insight on the latest developments in your field of interest which will keep on happening every now and then.

Therefore, no amount of existing knowledge will ever be enough for you.

11. Be humble

Just like trying to remain a student who is keen to learn something new, try to also remain humble.

Never consider yourself as superior to other people or as the most accomplished person.

Keep in mind that there is always more that you can do and achieve.

12. Respect other people

In order to get respect, you need to respect other people as well.

But even if someone doesn’t respect you, do not react to such people in a likewise manner.

Always try to shine with a good side of yours both internally and externally and avoid reflecting any kind of negativity.

13. Pick new interests

You can never be short of finding new things to do, explore and discover. Thus pick new interests and indulge in new experiments and hobbies.

14. Live for a cause and a purpose

Do not let other people’s decisions or your life take you for granted. Think for a cause and a purpose in your life to live for.

And your purpose should be bigger and free from selfishness or self-satisfaction. Work and live for the betterment of the people around you and think of ways in which you can create an impact.

15. Show gratitude

Show gratitude

Always be thankful for the things and the loved ones that you have been blessed with in your life.

Remember that there are still people that are working very hard to make their ends meet and accomplish their goals but are unable to do it.

When you show gratitude for what you have been given, your chances of being rewarded with a better and bigger version of your current blessings increases.

16. Start writing your own experiences

You can also start writing your own life experiences that you have had faced till now.

This way you know what mistakes you made and how you corrected them.

It also includes the hurdles, obstacles and challenges that came in your way and how did you overcome them.

These written texts will serve as a reminder of past events and also as a manual for future reference should any event from your past seems to happen again.

17. Leave your comfort zone

No successful person has ever been able to achieve anything by living in their comfort zone.

While it seems nice and easy to live in your comfort zone, the truth is that your comfort zone is the biggest enemy in your quest to self-improve yourself.

In short, keep it in your mind that success lies outside of your comfort zone.

18. Set goals and standards

Set goals and targets to achieve over short and long time periods and keep a set of standards to maintain in your life.

The maximum amount of your time and energy should then be spent in accomplishing your goals and targets and trying to maintain and raise your life standards.

The key point here is to understand that there is no fixed or top line of standards in life to reach and maintain.

Therefore, strive to reach a better and a higher level of standard with every goal you fulfill.

19. Workout and exercise

Workout and exercise in the form of any physical activity whether it is going to a gym or playing any sports. This will boost the enzymes in your brain related with physical and mental growth.

When you work out in the morning, you are more likely to have a much more productive day than the other days when you do not exercise.

20. Face your fears

Face your fears

Everyone has some kind of fears that stop them from progressing and moving further.

The only effective way to overcome your fears is to openly challenge them and do the things that you are scared off.

Try to overcome your fears in a step-by-step method and by defeating one at a time only.

21. Upgrade your skills

Whenever you hear about any new developments related to your field of interest, try to learn them as soon as possible and discard the old information.

By upgrading your skills on a timely basis, you remain up-to-date and are aware of the latest happenings and advancements.

22. Always keep a look for your flaws

No one is perfect, nor you or anyone else. As you progress further and move forward in your personal and professional life, you will find more flaws in yourself.

So whenever you find your defects and shortcomings, never ignore them and take timely measures to fill these gaps.

Remember that any unattended flaws in their early stages now could in future become high risk bearing attributes of your personality and shred you into pieces.

23. Always welcome feedback from other people

Sometimes you are unable to identify your own blind spots.

This may be because you are too overwhelmed or excited due to your successful winning streak or major breakthrough.

Even if this is not the case, always ask for and welcome the feedback of other people related to you.

And instead of reacting to their opinions, try to understand the reason and any valid points lying hidden in them.

Sometimes the things that you cannot stand hearing about yourself turn out to be your real strengths that you weren’t yourself aware of until someone else pointed them out for you.

24. Accept your mistakes

In addition to welcoming other people’s opinions, have an open heart to accept your mistakes and flaws that other people point out in you.

Everyone makes mistakes and there is no doubt that it is always easy to point out the mistakes of other people.

But when this happens to you, instead of starting a blame game or making counter remarks, simply accept and try to focus on ways to resolve them.

25. Surround yourself with like-minded people

It is often said that surround yourself with people that you would want to become like.

Therefore do not only surround yourself with successful and like-minded people, but also try to remain among people who only pursue positivity and discourage being negative at all.

End note

While the list that you can practice for self-improvement can have numerous other things, start now by selecting a few items from our list and try making some progress.

Move one step at a time and once you are done with this list, you can probably move on to another one as there is always a room and need for constant improvement.

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