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10 Best Calendar Apps for Better and Efficient Time Management in 2020

To those who see time as an opportunity, the world around constantly reminds them of how much less time they might have and how much more they need to accomplish within it.

Thus, planning every second of their time becomes integral in helping such people allocate the proper amount of time as well as the right moment in time to perform their tasks.

In other words, the preliminary objective on which the accomplishment of all other objectives depends is based on how effective our time management skills are.

The moment you start to become more and more time conscious and realize about the limited time you have as against the ton of things you plan to do, you become stressful about how to manage your to-do list on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

So in order to not compromise our priorities for one another or overlap our plans with time mismanagement, we attempt to find ways which can help us keep our plans and their respective time slots aligned.

Using calendars is one such tool to help us keep our plans organized.

Beginning in the form of physically calendar journals or diaries, which some people still use, we now have access to virtual tools known as calendar apps installed on our smart phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers or available online on the web.

Difference between using calendar diaries and journals vs calendar apps

While our discussion in this article is to recommend the 10 best calendar apps for better and efficient time management in 2020, we do believe to give our readers a bonus of knowing why they should switch over to use calendar apps instead of using physical calendar journals and diaries.

1. Cost factor

Depending on their quality and number of sections to appropriately note down each and every detail of your events and plans, physical paperback calendar diaries and journals can be expensive.

On the other hand, calendar apps are available in both free and paid versions.

2. Limited life

Paperback calendar journals and diaries have printed dates for the current year. While you can overwrite the dates yourself, but professionally speaking they tend to be more accurate and useful if used within the year for which they have been printed.

There is nothing as such in calendar apps. You can use them for any number of recurring years as you want.

3. Portability

Not all paperback calendars are portable and carried everywhere. While smaller ones do offer ease of carriage, they have limited and not enough space for recording everything.

Devices having your calendar app are not only portable, but they can also be shared and accessed online as well as synced with other devices.

4. Auto-reminders

While you have to skim through the pages of your paperback calendar journals and diaries to learn and remind yourself of what is coming next and in which case you might also miss something, this is not the case with calendar apps.

With calendar apps, you can set auto-reminders and alerts to keep in track of everything and do not miss any important appointments and commitments.

5. Reduced paper use

Preferring calendar apps instead of using paperback calendar journals and diaries is a great way to promote reduced paper usage and save trees initiatives.

10 best calendar apps for better and efficient time management in 2020

When it comes to selecting the right calendar app, there are many options to choose from. Each and every app offers a set of different interface with multiple options to suit your likes and dislikes but which may or may not be free.

So in order to help our readers select the right calendar app that can cater their needs in the most suitable and fulfilling manner, we have narrowed down the 10 best calendar apps to help you keep track of your busy schedule.

1. Google calendar

Google calendar

Much like any other awesome app from Google Inc., Google calendar is a highly recommended app for keeping track of your day-to-day activities and plans. Although it is pre-installed on Android devices as the default calendar, Google also offers it for other OS platforms like iOS and Windows.


  • Add images and locations to your schedules.
  • Events received through email, add automatically to your list of schedules on Google calendar.
  • It is super easy to create events from suggestions you get from Google Assists.


  • Requires an active internet connection to access.
  • Requires you to sign up for a Google account.
  • Can be difficult to manage in case it adds to many event to its schedule.


  • Free-to-use.


2. TimeTree


TimeTree is a super calendar app that allows you to create different calendars to serve different purposes and for sharing with different persons.

For example, you can create an office calendar to share it with your team or you can create a personal events calendar to share it with your wife and family.

TimeTree app is available for both Android and iOS platforms as well as for online web use.


  • Flexible to customize options to suit specific purpose
  • Keeps tracks of who made what changes and when
  • Each event created has its own chat room where ideas, images and other memories can be shared for future reference or a casual stroll down memory lane.


  • Event integration between two calendars is not possible. It neither automatically nor manually updates the events in relevant calendars. This means same events need to be recorded from scratch in every calendar.
  • Pop-up alerts about latest updates and options appear frequently keeping the users distracted.


  • Free-to-use.


3. Cozi


With Cozi calendar, you can create one centralized calendar to organize activities, schedules and appointments and share it with the relevant persons to keep them in loop. Each person on the calendar is marked by a different color so that they know if there is some update for them or not.

Cozi calendar app is available for Andoird, iOS and online web use.


  • Sends multiple notification reminders to each person.
  • Possibility to create as many to-do lists as you want.
  • Aside from family calendar, add shopping lists, recipes and family journals and access from of your connected devices.


  • Free version offers very limited options.
  • No restrictions for administrative rights which mean anyone can edit your calendar.


  • Available in free-to-use and paid versions both.


4. Any.do Calendar

Any.do Calendar

With its convenient and simplified mode of display, Any.do calendar is an award-winning app with great and easy option for any type of user to create events with various functions like automatically adding contact and location details.

Any.do calendar is available on Android, iOS and Windows with the specific option to add it as an extension to your browser or other devices like smart watch, etc.


  • Provides all-in-one solution to remain productive.
  • Its simple interface allows easiness to add events as well as track them later.


  • Sometimes data does not sync between different device versions.
  • Some users report frequent app crashing issues.


  • Available in free-to-use and paid versions both.


5. Todoist


With over 25 million users, Todoist helps you organize, plan and collaborate on projects by offering  the ease to capture and organize tasks, remember deadlines, set task priorities, assign priority levels to different tasks, etc.

Todoist is available for use on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.


  • It helps set recurring events to add as a habit to your daily routine.
  • Best for both personal and professional use.
  • Allows for sync with default calendar app.


  • Unfriendly user interface.
  • Does not offer the option to print details of any event from within the app.
  • Free version allows users to add up to 80 projects and maximum 5 participants per project only.


  • Available in free-to-use and paid versions both.


6. Microsoft Outlook calendar

Microsoft Outlook calendar

One of the oldest and by default available calendar app on every laptop and personal computer running Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Outlook calendar is still able to charm many users due to its simple interface and common availability.

The app is available for use on Android and iOS as well as for web use.


  • Outlook calendar comes with the feature to manage emails, files and other Microsoft office tools.
  • Outlook calendar can easily integrate with Hotmail, Gmail iCloud, Yahoo Mail and Office 365 etc.


  • Asks to sign-in again even though it is signed in.
  • Might add events based on junk emails thereby polluting the important reminders.


  • Only available in paid version although free complimentary versions might be available with purchase of other Microsoft products.


7. Woven


Woven is more oriented towards professionals and suits their busy needs more rather than cater personal scheduling and event needs. Its smart templates option can be a great way to save time for recurring events. And if you frequently schedule online meetings, it also offers the option to integrate it with zoom.

Its available for use on Android, iOS, Windows and web online.


  • Sync all your work and sync availability between different teams.
  • Send links to others for schedule appointments with you.
  • Integrated Google Meet and Zoom video conferencing


  • Can sometimes be mess up with too many events and reminders and look crowded.
  • Some users find its interface as complicated and not easy to use.


  • Free-to-use.


8. Meetingbird


Scheduling meeting can be a nightmare for some people especially for students and professionals. With the option to sync with your Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Meetingbird helps you sort out your meetings and check on dates and time when you are available.


  • You can provide a list of links to the other person to select the most convenient date and time to schedule a meeting.
  • The agreed upon meeting time is synced to each participants calendar.


  • Only available for web use.
  • Not available on Android and iOS platforms.


  • Free-to-use.


9. Calendar


Calendar has the vision to offer its users to save time from irrelevant and avoidable chaos to become productive and spend time in better ways with people that are important.

It is available for use on Android, iOS and Windows.


  • Calendar app can work with your Apple, Outlook and Google calendars.
  • Brings all events from different calendars in a timeline or list view.
  • Easy to add new events.
  • New events created get synced with every connected calendar.


  • Might become lengthy for some users to fetch event details.
  • Sometimes requires explicit permissions to sync with other apps from the same developer.
  • Requires an existing social media account to sign-in.


  • Free-to-use.


10. DigiCal Calendar

DigiCal Calendar

DigiCal Calendar is much similar to Calendar app in a way that it also offers the options to work other calendars from Apple, Outlook and Google.

With a clean design and the option to view multiple agendas, DigiCal calendar makes scheduling any event and task with a quick and easy to-do approach.


  • Shows weather forecasts for event days.
  • Schedule appointments with seven powerful and clean agenda views for your daily, weekly, monthly yearly requirements.
  • Add and organize your schedules with beautiful and easy to customize calendar widgets


  • App interface lacks user friendliness.
  • Pop-up alerts and step-by-step guide approach makes it a time consuming rather than time saving app.


  • The app is only available in a paid version. Although the developer also offers a trial version as well.

Bottom line

While paperback calendars have their natural flair and appeal, the current times require us to plan events and meetings with ease of collaboration in real time where is updated and has the ability to update as well.

This is only possible by the use of modern day calendar apps that are available on our palm and can be carried anywhere.

We hope that our selection of calendar apps help you plan every second of your time in the most amazing and beneficial manner as possible.

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