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12 Easy Things on How to Change Your Life Forever

You often hear about change being the only constant thing that exists today or is consistent in its motion.

And this is quite true as well as it applies to everything.

Either you believe it or not, see it with your eyes or not, change is happening all the time.

Perhaps the simplest and most truthful example of change taking place all the time is the passing of time itself or shifting of day into night and vice versa.

Observe your clock for instance. Notice how the second hand ticks every second to shift its pointer to a bigger digit. Does it return? No it does not.

Every rotation that it completes changes shifts the minute hand which subsequently changes the hour hand and so on.

So doesn’t this make you realize how each passing or changing second will never return?

Thus technically change is happening all the time.

But aside from this, you also bring some deliberate changes in your routines, in the things you use, and sometimes but most important of all in your life.

There are instances or events which change people’s life forever.

Making life changing decisions or coming across events that make you take such bold steps can be the most daring and toughest of all the life experiences that anyone would ever want.

While many people realize the need to change their life on their own in a timely manner, many few are actually able to do it.

For most people, finding the right way to do it can be very hard.

Sometimes it is so hard that the wait to change or the inability to change at the right time results in a disaster.

Hence, the happening of major changes in life is not always deliberate, nor it is welcoming.

How does change happen?

How does change happen?

The happening of change in any person’s life can be divided into three main categories.

Change happens through choice, chance or crisis.

1. Choice

This is the most favorable condition of embracing change.

It only happens in the case of people who practice a proactive approach in everything.

Such people and even organizations, always remain alert for conditions that may require them to change.

Due to this, these people can easily turn the odds in their favor as they decide about how the change will occur and are therefore well prepared for it.

Change in such cases is mostly a success story.

2. Chance

Some people aren’t pro-active but are fortunate enough to get indications or warnings about the possible existence of the need to change.

While many people would take things for granted and ignore, these fortunate people understand the signals and take quick steps in order to prevent any setbacks or unfavorable results.

Change in the case of these people is also a success story, at least for most part of it.

So if you miss any opportunity in changing by choice, always keep an outlook for any chance to change yourself.

3. Crisis

This is the worst case of embracing change. It happens when people resist change.

In fact it is not embracing change. Instead, it is a natural imposition or self-imposition to prevent any further casualties.

This means that the process of change has already begun since you waited too long and now you had no option except to accept it.

Such change occurs in the case of people who do not change as a matter of choice or chance.

Whether a change for such people brings success or not, it sure brings harsh experiences.

12 Easy things you too can do to change your life forever

12 Easy things you too can do to change your life forever

If you have been wanting to change your life but didn’t know where to or how to begin the change process, this article will help you in this pursuit.

By following this list of 12 easy things on how to change your life forever, you can fully take timely control of bringing major changes to your life as a matter of choice or chance.

1. Accept and believe in the need to change

One of the primary factors that lead to the forceful implementation of change on people through crisis is because of the people not accepting and believing in the need to change.

To change, you need to have a firm believe that there is always room for improvement and things that currently seem as perfect will become outdated in the long run.

Even if it is not about changing anything completely or finding alternatives, there is always room to become better than what you currently are.

No attributes and no state that reflect your physical or mental personality is perfect enough to last always.

2. Have a purpose in life

Have a purpose in your life that affects your life and the life of the people belonging to you on a larger magnitude.

Finding your own true purpose or passion in life can take some time.

It can even take many years and you might discover it through a series of trial and error.

Purpose includes any goals, objectives or dreams that you want to turn into a reality.

But once you find your purpose in life, divert all your energy and resources towards accomplishing it.

Make it happen no matter what it costs.

Just like the golden words of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the person who founded the country Pakistan said that –

‘Think a hundred times before you take a decision, but once that decision is taken, stand by it as one’.

Remember that if even after finding your purpose and passion in life you do not work for it, the theory of change by crisis might make you choose a path that you will regret forever.

3. Remind yourself daily of your purpose in life

Once you find your purpose in life and start working for it, slowly and gradually you will meet success.

While being successful is a good thing, this type of in-transit success has a slight disadvantage as well.

People often get carried away once they start becoming successful and when they see things happening in their favor.

And this usually happens when they have just started and have practically achieved nothing meaningful.

Aside from the external hurdles and obstacles that you will come across during the change process, not being humble can itself hinder your journey towards being ultimately successful.

To overcome this issue, keep reminding yourself of your goals and objectives that you have set.

You may also write your purpose or goal at some place as a reminder.

You can get it printed as a poster, a t-shirt, computer desktop screen wallpaper, etc.

Keep reminding yourself that your goals are much bigger than what little you have achieved so far to avoid such distractions.

4. Keep adding goals to your list

If you think that after achieving a few goals you have become lazy and feel like resting, then start adding more goals to your list.

It’s similar to increasing your liabilities. The moment your liabilities increase, you get worried about paying them off.

Think of it as the classical tale of the race between a turtle and a rabbit.

While the rabbit has a good pace over the turtle from the beginning of the race but just because he takes a nap makes him lose the challenge.

And it has nothing to do with your speed only.

When you keep on reminding yourself about the goals that lie ahead of you and understand that there are other races in life to win, it will be hard to stop and enjoy.

It will also make you realize that as you progress further, your next opponents will be much stronger than you so need to keep on changing yourself for the better.

5. Breakdown your goals

To change your life forever, you need to set big goals and big goals cannot be achieved overnight or all at once.

For example, your goal might be to change your bad habits such as quitting smoking or no more procrastination.

It can also be to change your financial status with a desire to become a millionaire or a billionaire.

While believing in the fact that nothing is impossible is an excellent thing to do, you should also understand that there is no single way of achieving big goals in life.

Big goals need to be broken down into smaller achievable goals which can be worked out quickly and separately, and whose feasibility can be ascertained without exhausting your resources.

This also means making flexible plans to achieve your goals.

A common way to do this is to break down your goals into short range, medium range and long term goals.

6. Do not regret

One thing that gives rise to the desire to change life forever is because people have regrets from their past which they want to overcome.

Again, realizing your mistakes and regretting them is good but too much overthinking about it can hold you back as well.

Most people even after realizing their mistakes and regretting them are unable to make any timely changes in their life because they are too much occupied with the past memories.

They keep on wishing that how good it would have been hadn’t they made those mistakes.

Remember that what has gone behind cannot be corrected by returning to your past. It is only the present that you have.

So take hold of it, do not regret and work to correct things and make them better and never repeat.

7. Leave your comfort zone

People often say that success lies out of your comfort zone. And this is entirely true.

Changing your life forever means that you will have to come out of your comfort zone or in simple words, you will have to leave the old you to embrace the new one.

This includes doing things that you haven’t done before in your life and which may scare you.

So keep an open mind and be prepared to learn new things and see this as an opportunity to bring out the more daring inner self.

8. Overcome your fears

Getting scared of new things and having fears are two different things, so do not confuse them in any way.

A feel of horror or being scared is a common first reaction when you are about to experience something new.

Fear is something that has been lying inside of you and has always stopped you from doing some particular thing.

Perhaps it is actually your fear of something that is stopping you from changing yourself.

So try to overcome your fears yourself before you are forced to overcome them in a more fearful manner.

An effective way of overcoming your fears is to intentionally make yourself go through such situations that you have always feared.

9. Change also means balance

Sometimes excessive worrying about one thing results in compromising others. This especially happens in relation to things that affect you mentally and physically.

For example, working too much to achieve your goals and depriving yourself of having proper mealtime and sleep could have adverse consequences.

Similarly, being emotional about certain matters in life can make you lose your rational behavior.

So try to keep a balance in everything as much as possible.

Make proper timetables, follow routines and keep a flexible attitude and positive outlook on everything.

10. Stop worrying about how other people would react

Remember that it is about changing yourself and your life forever, so decide for yourself how you want to do it and what suits you better.

Stop taking into account what people think, what advice they give you, what opinion they form and how they react.

This is because it is only you who understands yourself better and no other person. Every person is liable for their own actions and consequences.

Following someone’s ill advice won’t make them accountable for your actions and will only make you suffer more.

11. Take full control of your present

We already discussed this in the context of not letting your past regrets ruin your present.

Much similar to past memories, unnecessarily worrying about the future can also slow down or in worst cases completely bring your current progress to a halt.

Remember that you have no direct control over your future but it greatly depends on what steps you take today.

So it is upon you to spend your present worrying about the future and letting it take control of you, or taking actions now which can help you navigate through it the way you want.

12. Be a student

No form of knowledge or skill that you currently have will last forever. Nor would it be applicable in every situation.

Every challenge and circumstance will require you to act differently and apply different tactics in resolving it.

So keep upgrading and updating yourself of the latest trends and skill set.

Learn as much as you can and through whatever means that are available at the moment. Do not let go off any opportunity to learn something new.

Do not underestimate the importance of learning new things and do not overvalue what you currently know.

Bottom line

Remember that change in life is inevitable. Whether you change on your own, welcome it or resist it, it is bound to happen.

By making use of the 12 easy things on how to change your life forever, you can control any change process and make it end with the most favorable outcome.

Apply the concept of ‘failing to plan, is planning to fail’ here and you will understand how failure in not changing at the right time can be the most discomforting thing in anyone’s life.

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