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14 Amazing Things That Couples Playing Video Games Together Would Understand

For any loving and caring couple to prosper and thrive in their relationship, it is important that they share things between them that are common and happen more often in more ways than one.

And by things we do not mean the way they think or agree on certain matters, it also includes things that make them spend time together.

One such activity is indulging in the fun and science of playing video games as a couple.

Even though many would argue that generally video games are an interest which lures men more than the women but this actually is not true.

When couples share activities, it gives more meaning to their relationship.

It also gives them more reasons to stay together as well.

Are couples indulging in playing video games a new trend?

Well the answer to this question is both a ‘Yes’ and also a ‘No’.

The reason for this is highly dependent on how you perceive it as such.

Technically, the answer to this question is actually ‘Yes’.

This is because although playing video games has been in existence for a few decades now, over the last few years it has now become a major attraction between modern day couples.

Partly this is because of the reason to break the traditional stereotyping concepts such as aligning boys with video games and more physical activities.

While on the other hand, girls were more over often associated with acquiring soft skills such as becoming beauty experts or playing indoor games, etc.

But despite these reasons, technology has become a major element in shaping our lives and the way we allocate our limited time to different priorities we have.

Today in many societies around the world, owning a gaming console is a must thing for many households, especially the young generation and the newlyweds.

Now, let us see the implications that answers our basic question with a ‘No’, with the statement being that ‘No, playing video games is not completely a new trend at all’.

It is a ‘No’ because couples earlier as well and from very old times, have indulged in major hobbies together as well and this happens almost in every profession and passion.

For instance, you often come across couples where both of the members in the relationship belong to the same profession or follow the same passion such as they both are doctors, engineers, etc.

Similarly, as per the traits prevailing in today’s technology driven world, many individuals form a perfect couple when they are a blogger, YouTuber, entrepreneur, play the same sports, etc.

14 Amazing and incredible things that only couples who love playing video games will fully understand and feel for each other in their relationship

As evident from the question and its answer presented above, couples indulging in common activities on a personal level and not just for the fulfillment of a relationship goal, is nothing new.

It is just that with the modern times, it has reshaped into another activity that is prevailing more at the moment.

But have you ever considered what benefits it brings to their relationship other than being a mere common interest on an overall basis.

Just like the way each profession and passion has something unique and different to offer to the couples who participate in it together, playing video games also offer things beyond the obvious.

In this article, we explain some of the incredible and amazing things that only couples who enjoy playing video games together are fully aware of its happening in their relationship.

So let’s begin exploring these.

1. Perfect for a stay at home date

If you and your significant other often find it difficult to spend your free time together at home but also take much time to think of which place you could go out to, then perhaps an evening or a weekend night playing video games and having snacks and partying at home is all you want.

Planning to spend some quality time together or your date at home while playing video games can be one of the coolest experiences you could have as a couple.

2. It ignites a sense of passion sharing

While as a couple you might be fond of watching television, it is possible that both you and your significant other have different priorities on what to watch on the television.

For example, if you like horror, your wife might be into watching seasons or reality shows.

But when it comes to playing a video game, it can act as a common passion where you can easily agree on playing a common game together.

3. It is total fun from the beginning and in many ways

Suppose that either you or your significant other have more developed skills at handling the controls of the gaming console than the other person.

This means that one person might need the other to teach them some basic functions.

While it won’t matter while playing a team based game, this thing can be more fun when playing against one another.

The person who knows more can deliberately, just for the sake of fun, not teach everything to the other person and keep it a mystery to win over the other person.

This can especially become more fun when in the beginning you let the other person gain advantage over you but just as the game is about to end and they are sure about their victory, you use your competitive advantage and boom.

Just imagine the look on their face as they get into tears and a funny argument begins, sometimes even igniting moments beyond just playing the video game.

4. It inhabits patience as well

Aside from keeping a few controls and shortcut keys as mysteries to unfold during the moments beyond playing the video game, teaching itself also requires great patience.

This is because different types of games have different functions set on the controller keys in a different way by default, so learning this could take time.

This means that well before the other person becomes well-versed in fully adopting the different functions of the gaming controller and knows when and where to deploy them, it will certainly take time.

So until all this happens and during the trial and error and repeated teaching sessions, the person who has the edge will have to show much patience towards the whole thing.

5. It lets you test your role playing skills in the virtual world as well

The virtual world of playing video games is a totally new and different world.

And while the general perception about playing video games is that it brings in fun and enjoyment, many times video games especially those that involve role playing can be very intense and challenging.

So no matter how good or bad you are at playing your role and fulfilling your duties in the real and practical world, playing video games lets you test your skills in the virtual world as well.

6. It can disclose and help identify your certain personality traits which you otherwise deny

It is not uncommon for individuals in a couple to feel insecure or avoid facing, realizing and accepting the harsh realities of life.

The usual reaction of such people in these situations is to use the strategy of plain denial as if nothing of this sort exists at all.

Playing a video game can also help overcome such issues by identifying them easily and with more virtual evidence due to the quick positive or negative outcome in the virtual world.

And it is not something new or special.

Video games have been used for teaching people some real life professional skills in the form simulation games as well.

So playing some video game where you pose as a couple or a video game whose object is quite close to your real life events, can be a great help even just as a game.

In simple words, playing video games can also help mend your relationship with your significant other.

7. It invokes the sense of playing as a team

Playing multiplayer video games either offline or online can be a great way to promote the sense of team playing between a couple.

Some games by default require more than one player to play, while some others are more fun when played as a team.

Playing as a team has in itself many advantages.

It lets each person sync their mind together. It lets them know that they have each other’s back in times of need.

It also tells them they can rely on the other person without the need of reminding them of their responsibilities again and again.

This helps them stay focused on their own role in life without worrying or having any doubts about the participation or level of dedication and commitment from the other person.

8. It promotes a sense of losing individually for the sake of mutual win

For a couple playing video games, their true passion should lie in the purpose of winning as a team and enjoying each other’s victory, even when playing against each other.

This means that there will be times when intentionally and for the sake of making the other person happy and feel comfortable and victorious, the other person despite having an edge, will have to give up.

Aside from this happening while playing a video game, this behavior is quite helpful in real life as well.

It makes you realize, understand and deeply grasp the importance of losing on an individual level because at the end of the day, you know that the winning person means so much more to you than your own temporary victory.

In simple words, when you know that returning with a victory trophy to your home is not more important than who brings it with them, you learn on how to compromise and make the other person feel special.

9. You learn how to encourage each other as well

Repeated failures despite carefully planned attempts can be quite distressing and a source of great demotivation for many.

This can easily cause the failing person to think about quitting and stop from feeling further embarrassed.

Imagine the same situation where one person in a couple is going through the learning phase or is experiencing an extraordinary level of difficulty even in learning the basics.

Even though in most cases of couples playing video games, the intention is totally beyond any win or lose, it can still be a great way to learn how to encourage your significant other in difficult situations.

Encouraging and motivating your significant other, even when they temporarily lack at understanding the fundamentals of anything whether in game or real world is very important.

It makes them realize the fact that something which means a lot to them, also means a lot to you as well and that you are willing to stand by them in making it possible.

10. It helps you bring the better within you when playing together

No matter how well experienced and pro kind of a player you are, sometimes there are levels and challenges in video games that turn out to be harder than you expected.

Even if your significant other is not much into playing video games, sharing a situation that seems a dead end to you could turn out to be their piece of cake.

While their simple helpful advice might come as a total surprise to you, it helps you both realize the fact that sometimes relying only on skill and experience as an individual isn’t enough.

11. It can act as your go to resolution place

No couple lives a perfect life that is free from all kinds of mis-happenings or shocking behavior and reactions or misunderstandings.

So playing video games can also be used as a deal-breaker to resolve issues and place bets as well, provided that each member of the couple agrees to abide by the outcome of it.

12. You realize it is for fun only

No matter how seriously you pursue your gaming skills and career, you realize that while playing as a couple and between you, it is just a fun-based activity and nothing more.

13. It begets the importance of moving forward together

Again this feature of playing a video game together as a couple is very relatable to the real life situations that arise out of nowhere and that too at unexpected times.

A couple playing video games knows how important it is for them to keep on supporting each other despite their differences, in order to together move forward in life as a couple.

14. It helps realize how incomplete they are if and when alone

Couples that love playing video games together have much better understanding at knowing their role and involvement in completing and complimenting each other by staying together in critical and complex situations.

Bottom line

Couples who play video games together, either as a team or against each other, have often found it to help in getting to know each other better, especially at the most uncertain moments.

They understand each other’s needs and can highly anticipate the outcomes of many situations, thus knowing when to react or ignore to keep a control on everything.

So maybe if you are a couple who is having some difficulty at levelling up in life with each other, you can perhaps use video gaming as a tool to easily overcome many issues.

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