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25 Best Creative, Fun and Romantic Date Ideas for Couples

Dating does not only mean going out for a romantic night dinner at some fancy restaurant or place. And while its typically perceived definition still remains the same, its practicality can be extended much beyond.

So if you have a date planned for soon, aside from being excited and overwhelmed what are your plans to actually make your date night really exciting and fun?

For couples, not knowing what to do on a date is the next big challenge to overcome after setting a date.

Perhaps this is what holds many couples from taking their relationship further and on to the next level. This even makes the individuals in a couple get bored of each other.

Surely, how many things about each other do you think you can discuss on a dinner night while still trying to enjoy the serenity of the environment?

This is the point where the couples need to indulge in other fun, creative and out of the box things.

By doing so, you practically get to know each other more and learn more about each other’s choices and interests.

Whether your relationship is new or old, there are always a ton of things that individuals in a couple don’t know about each other. So why not take this opportunity to give an insight about each other.

Thus it turns out that planning your date in an unconventional manner can be an exciting and best thing to do.

Such as you having the chance to know how much your spouse values his/her words and opinions in real life situations.

Remember that for any couple to have a perfect date night, their main focus should be to spend some quality and explorable ‘We’ time together rather than just ‘Me’ time.

After all, if your date isn’t intended to be a mutually enjoyable experience, then what’s the whole point of having it in the first place?

Hence to spice things up and make the most out of your next date, we bring to you a list of 25 best creative, fun and romantic date ideas for couples that you shouldn’t miss doing.

25 Best fun, creative and romantic dating ideas for couple to must try

So worry no more. Our list of 25 best romantic, moderate and fun date ideas for couples to try on your next date will help you create some unforgettable memories with your spouse.

1. Explore your own city

Explore your own city

If you live in a metropolis or a cosmopolitan city, there are many old and new things to explore and that too not far away from you.

Visit sights and places built and gathered by people of different communities and ethnicities. Learn about their customs and traditions.

You can also visit some historical site or landmark in your city as a tourist and discover its history. Try to know what kind of people and civilizations in the past used to live in the same place as you now do.

As a couple, try imagining going back in time and being part of that society or civilization.

2. Exhibitions and art galleries

You can also check out for any art exhibitions going around in your city or any famous art galleries and visit them.

As a couple, you can see what kind of art and how much other artist’s artwork and creativity inspire you and whether you appreciate it or not.

3. Learn something new together

Engaging your date time in learning something new can also be a great date idea to pursue. You can enroll in any one day workshop, for example any art or cooking class that takes only a few hours from beginning till end.

You can also learn to play any new game or skill by helping each other with the manual or DIY instructions booklet.

4. Learn from each other

Definitely there are things in which either one of you is super good while the other is bad or completely unaware of.

So why not plan a date to teach your better half something that you are good at and in return learn something from them that they are good at.

5. Plan a picnic

Plan a picnic

You can also plan an outdoor picnic together at some park or a beach on a weekend afternoon with some snacks and drinks on your side.

On the other hand, you can also plan an indoor picnic in your living room. Lay down the picnic blanket and serve any home cook dish, freshly made juices and drinks.

For an ultimate fun experience, a dinner date in the attic of your house can be a perfect getaway for any couple.

The best thing about an indoor date at home is that you get to spend more time together like while preparing the food or doing the dishes afterwards.

6. Cook together

To add some more fun and spend some more quality time before an indoor date at home, you can also plan to cook for it together.

Make each other a dish that you are good at or which your spouse would love you to cook for them.

7. Do stargazing

If you would like to uncover the mysteries and secrets of the night sky, you can book a constellation or visit a planetarium as well.

If your house is situated at some place where the sky is clear at night, you can also stargaze from the attic of your home with a telescope after an indoor picnic date.

8. Three course meal, three restaurants

Each restaurant or eatery has some specialty which they are famous for. So if budget and commute is not an issue, add a twist to the traditional way of dating.

Begin with a place where you can have one of the best starter dishes. After this, move on to a restaurant that is known for serving one of the best main course meals. In the end, visit a restaurant which offers a unique and wide variety of desserts.

This way, fulfill your three course meal cravings from three different places.

9. Plan a random movie night

You can also plan a movie night on your date. Blindly select or ask a third person, probably a mutual friend, for a recommendation or make chits with the name of movies in your list and pick a random one.

Then whatever gets selected, stick to it and watch completely.

10. Introduce your family and friends

Introduce your family and friends

You can also plan to introduce each other with your families and friends on your date night.

Call them via audio or video and see how they react and what they have to say about you as a couple.

11. Try an exotic cuisine

You can also try an exotic cuisine, something that you have heard of but never got the chance to try it before.

12. Go to a cinema or a theatre

You can also buy tickets to watch a movie that you haven’t seen before or an old favorite which is again showing in the cinemas.

But if recorded performance is not your thing, you can visit a theatre to see some live performance of any drama.

13. Long drive to an unplanned destination

On a nice sunny morning, check your car for mechanical fitness, fill your fuel tank full, pack some necessary stuff like quick snacks, food, drinks and water and head out.

Go on a long drive to an unplanned destination, wherever the roads take you. After a few hours of driving when you reach any place which seems nice enough to take some rest, stop by and then drive further or drive back.

14. Go on a double date

Plan a double date with any of your favorite couples in your friends or family whom you would like to spend some time with.

Call and invite them over for a double date.

15. Drive-in cinema

Drive-in cinema

If you don’t like the reclining sofa seats of a cinema and that confined theatre place seems to suffocate you, go for an open to sky drive-in cinema movie night.

16. Attend a concert

If you know any of your favorite artists or bands performing in your city tonight, buy the tickets and attend their concert.

17. Read a book together

You can find many books that you as a couple could read together.

You can plan a reading session during the day in some book club or at the dining table. You can also read an e-book from your device while lying in the bed just before going to sleep at night.

Try to read between the lines and help each other understand the complex meanings. You can also share your point-of-view to see whose opinion seems more appropriate.

18. Visit a stadium, watch a match

You can also visit any sporting event in a stadium happening in your city and cheer the players. Wear the t-shirts of your favorite team to show more support.

19. Go hiking

To know how much you and your spouse are physically fit and how long your stamina lasts, go hiking on some nice and easy trails.

Search on the internet for any hiking trails near you and read reviews first before making a decision.

20. Go for window shopping

Go for window shopping

You certainly do not need to buy anything every time you go out to a mall or the supermarket.

Sometimes you just need to visit these places to check on the latest trends and add a few things in your bucket list to buy in the next sale season.

For a couple, window shopping can be a great way to know your spouse’s wishes and desires and then buy them that thing as a surprise gift on their birthday or your anniversary, etc.

21. Movie marathon

If it’s the weekend and you plan to devote the entire night to yourself, why not engage in a movie marathon?

Keep on taking turns to select a movie of your choice and then watch it till the end.

A fun thing to do would be to select a movie which your spouse hates and then make them watch it completely.

22. Volunteer and do some social work

If you know any social or welfare event going on around the city, you and your spouse could spend a few hours there to volunteer for the cause you care about.

Social events are always in need of volunteers, so helping them out would be a great way to pay back to your society together while on a date.

23. Short quiz

You can also find a bunch of funny and quick questions to ask to play a couple’s quiz.

Give each other points for the correct answers or promise to do a favor to your spouse for being correct.

On the other hand, a nice punishment or fine such as going out for shopping could make them remember their wrong answers for a couple of years.

24. Recreate a past and memorable date

This can be an awesome way to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Think of the place you first met and then went on for your first date. What were you wearing? What did you eat? What did you do afterwards?

Just think of the many aspects of any past and memorable date that can be recreated and relived to show how grateful you are for having each other.

25. Do something that you are afraid of

Do something that you are afraid of

If you are afraid of anything such as doing extreme sports, why not do it with your spouse.

Sports like bungee jumping, skydiving, rafting or rock climbing can be a great way to overcome your fears related to going up or coming down from heights or even facing water.

Three not-to-forget tips when trying our suggested unique dating plans and couple fun things to do

1. Keep it low and simple

This just does not have to do with your dating budget and expenses. Try to keep your dating plans and ideas low and simple.

Do not overthink or create a hype to do something very rare and special. Do what you as a couple agree to do and can survive doing it.

2. Do not expect too much

Since this is your first time trying something new and different on your date, keep your expectations low.

Think of it as an experiment and a way to try out something you haven’t done before. It is also something that you will either consider doing it again in the future or completely dump this time.

3. Add some of your own glitter

And do not forget to add your own glitter touch and something special of your own to your date night. You do not have to entirely play by the rules in our list.

Take our ideas as ignitors and as something to begin with. But once you start, add something of your own in between or end it as such.

Bottom line

So whether you have just started or have spent many years of your life together as a couple, dating still could literally be a fun and creative thing to do.

It is an opportunity for couples to experience and embrace each other’s company in more than one way.

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