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14 Creative and Cool how to DIY Project Ideas to Try at Home

DIY or do-it-yourself projects can be a great way to redefine your living space with your own ideas and creativity.

They are the most natural and fun filled way of exploring the creativity and innovation bugs that live inside of you.

After all, every person is unique in terms of having a different taste, style, choice and preference in choosing the elements that build their surroundings.

In this article, we bring you some very different, unique, creative and cool DIY project ideas that you can try at your home right now or on weekends with kids.

But before we bounce on to our DIY creativity list, let us first briefly look at the benefits and objectives that can be achieved with DIY projects.

Benefits of spending your time in DIY projects at home

Doing DIY projects at home serve a number of awesome reasons which until now you might have not known existed.

So to ignite your creativity flame to do something different and cool today at your home either alone or with your family, read the benefits that DIY projects offer.

1. Overall satisfaction

Even if the idea that you conceived about a DIY project at home didn’t turn out to be exactly the way you wanted it to be, you still achieve overall satisfaction.

You remain happy with the end results and if possible, you go for a few additional reruns to every time get more close to your imagination.

2. Learning a new skill

Sometimes a DIY project involves fixing a piece of something broken at home. For this, you might read some manuals or watch DIY videos to equip yourself with the basic skill set.

This way a DIY project can be a great way to learn a new skill while also having the opportunity to apply it simultaneously.

Aside from getting your hands on to fixing something technical, normal DIY projects related to art and craft are also a great way to learn many new things.

For example learning different ways in which a single item can be used like card sheet boxes.

3. Great way to divert your attention

If you have been facing some kind of stress or anxiety, a DIY project can be an effective way to divert your attention from it.

This is because all DIY projects have something new, different and experimental to offer to its doer. This requires maximum involvement on your part which can help you to forget your worries.

4. Allows the opportunity to do team work and spend time together

DIY projects at home also offer the opportunity to play team player roles and spend some quality time together with your family.

You break the overall DIY project into smaller sections and assign each person a duty to carry out certain tasks.

You can also ask for opinions which is another way of enhancing the cognitive skills of you and your family members especially the kids.

5. Teaches you the importance of working by using hands

DIY projects also teach you about the importance of using hands to do many jobs done by ordinary labor.

This way you also realize how hard they work and why they should be paid with high and appropriate compensations and incentives.

6. Helps you save money

DIY projects at home also help you save money in many ways.

You learn to save money by not calling the paid labor for resolving some basic household chores.

You also learn to save money by making use of the otherwise disposable and useless considered items that you mostly throw away.

14 Creative and awesome DIY project ideas to try now at home with your family

Below is a DIY project list with 14 easy and awesome DIY project ideas to try at home today with your family and explore the creativity inside of you.

So read further, select a few items from our list of DIY things and follow instructions to try making them now.

1. Card sheet dollhouse

Make a dollhouse with card sheets available from the boxes of breakfast cereals. Draw rooms and staircase, and cut from outlines and fold.

Stick the joint areas together to make different rooms and floor areas.

Fold a strip of card sheet in zigzag form to make stairs.

You may also draw some windows and cut from the center and fold the sides to make them open and close as you play.

When the final structure is ready, use colors to paint it from the inside and outside and place objects in it.

Things you will need are:

  • Empty boxes of breakfast cereal
  • Pen, pencil and ruler
  • Color pencils, crayons or water colors for painting
  • Pair of scissors or paper knife cutter

2. Ice cream stick stationary holder

Build a stationery holder from the ice cream sticks you have in your home. Use long ones for this project.

Many people usually have a pack of spare ice cream sticks mainly used in cooking. Others keep the washed sticks they get from eating ice cream bars and lollipops.

Form a square or rectangular shape by keeping the four or six to eight sticks and sticking their corners while keeping them one over another.

Continue keeping one stick over the other in a sequence until the walls are high enough to hold the stationery in standing position.

When the final product is in shape and all the glue has dried up, paint it to make it look more attractive.

Things you will need are:

  • Long size ice cream sticks (probably 4 to 6 inches long)
  • Quick sticking adhesive or glue
  • Water or oil liquid colors to paint the end product

3. Woolen ball

Many women like to crochet and have rolls of wool in their home.

Try making a woolen ball from different color wools and use it for hanging or put a key chain ring and keep your keys in it.

To know how to make a woolen ball, try searching for a quick tutorial of it on the internet. Making woolen balls is super easy and fun and would hardly take an hour to make 4 or 6 balls.

If you don’t have different color woolen rolls, it is okay. You can dye the woolen ball if you know how to color dye.

Things you will need are:

  • Different color woolen rolls
  • Card sheet to cut into hollowed circle shapes
  • Pair of scissors
  • A few key rings

4. Bill and receipt magnetic holder

You often get small card sheet boxes such as with 4 to 6 inches of length and an equal height and with an inch or 2 of width space with food spices and ready to cook recipes.

Use these empty boxes to make bills and important receipts magnetic holders for use on your fridge doors and sides.

These boxes will also have enough room to hold a pen as well for noting important things such as grocery items to buy.

For decorating the surface, cover the empty boxes with used colorful wrapping papers that come with gifts you have received and stick a used magnetic sheet at the back.

You can also make small flowers out of crepe paper sheets and stick them on the front side of these holders for decoration purposes.

Things you will need are:

  • Used card sheets boxes as mentioned above
  • Old flat magnetic sheet
  • Used or new gift wrapping sheets or colored sheets used in printers
  • Quick sticking adhesive or a glue stick
  • Pair of scissors
  • Contrast color crepe paper sheets

5. Cat or dog bed

Turn an old suitcase, box or basket into a bed for your cat or dog. Use your own creativity to make something similar to just like your own bed.

Things you will need are:

  • Old vintage suitcase, box or basket big enough the size of your cat or dog
  • Some small old pillows, cushions or even thick winter clothing that can be turned into a nice little mattress and sheet to lie in between.

6. String or thread lanterns for outdoor parties and evening dinners

Sphere shaped lanterns made out of string and colorful threads can be a perfect thing to hang as decorations in outdoor parties and evening dinners.

Things you will need are:

  • Balloons
  • Spray or liquid oil paints
  • Colorful rolls of strings and threads
  • Glue or sticking adhesive
  • Corn starch to stiff the thread and strings

7. Camping stove

If you love going for outdoor trips such as camping, why not make a camping stove out of the preserved food containers in tin cans. You can also use paint and oil buckets for this purpose.

Things you will need are:

  • An average or big sized tin can or a metal bucket
  • Drill machine or hammer and nails to make holes in the tin can
  • Metal tent pegs

8. Painted stones

Collect some small or big sized stones and paint them with different permanent paints. Use a stencil to write names on them.

You can use small stones for keeping in your aquarium or around the plants as boundaries in your garden.

You can also keep them as markings or dividers to separate your home grown grocery item sections in your backyard.

For example, make a border between the regions of your garden where cherry tomatoes and green chilli plants are growing.

Use your imagination to paint and become creative with them. Remember to use permanent paints to avoid normal erosion and wear and tear from the outdoor environment.

Things you will need are:

  • Round shaped flat surface stones of various sizes
  • Permanent paints
  • Extra-large size alphabet stencil (not necessary if you are good at writing clearly with a paint brush)

9. Giving your keys an identification

Often time’s similar keys without proper keychains are hard to identify for which lock they belong to.

To make it easy to remember and save your time, why not paint the top or grip side of your keys with different color permanent paints or even nail polish.

And to make a perfect pair, why not put a clear and visible sized dot on their lock with the same color paint or nail polish.

Things you will need are:

  • Gather all the keys and put them in their respective lock holes
  • Different color nail polish and paints to categorize easily
  • Visit each lock with a different color and one by one paint them

10. Kitchen item labels

Many people, especially beginners and men, get confused in identifying food items in the kitchen.

For example not able to identify between salt and sugar when making tea or coffee.

Use some sticker sheets and cut them into circle, square or rectangle shapes for sticking them onto the jar lids or sides.

Use different color markers to write the name of the items inside the bottles and jars.

Things you will need are:

  • Plain blank sticker sheets
  • Different color thick marker pens
  • Pair of scissors or different shape punch cutters

11. Coloring your wall and floor with table cover stencil patterns

Old dining table covers made up of plastic with stencil cut designs can be a perfect way to draw and paint some nice floral patterns on your floor and walls.

Instead of throwing them away directly, lay them on a flat surface and use spray paint or wet paint sponge to fill the design holes and pattern cuts.

Once the paint is dry, remove the table cover and see how beautiful it looks. Use colors that contrast perfectly with the color of your floor, wall and furniture kept in that room or area.

Things you will need are:

  • Old plastic made table covers with floral pattern stencil cuts
  • Some spray or liquid oil paints
  • Sponge or paint brush
  • Sticky tapes preferably masking tapes or the ones that are easy to remove and do not leave any traces of their adhesive behind

12. Charcoal powder teeth whitener

Active charcoal powder can be a perfect way to whiten your teeth. Just take some solid pieces of active charcoal and crush them into a not-so-fine powder form.

Use it to clean your teeth once every day. But try not to swallow any charcoal particles, be very careful and do not let your children use it unless you are sure they will be careful.

Things you will need are:

  • Active charcoal pieces
  • Grinder or traditional crushing tools

13. Mop rifles

If you have some old towels or thick winter clothes especially those made of wool, cut and sew them into dry mop rifles.

Things you will need are:

  • Old pieces of hand or bath sized towels or cold weather thick clothes
  • Thread and a needle for sewing
  • Clothe cutting pair of scissors

14. Make scented candles

Making different color scented candles for a candlelit dinner or for having a perfect mood during a spa bath treatment at home can be fun and exciting.

Melt solid pieces of wax and pour them into different shaped containers with a cotton string placed in the center. The string will serve the burning purpose.

Add some liquid scent or perfume during the process into the liquid wax.

Things you will need are:

  • Raw wax solids from any art and craft shop
  • Piece of cotton string
  • A piece of tape for sticking the string at the bottom center of the container and a small stick for hanging it in the center of the container
  • Empty tin can or glass bottles for using as containers
  • A pan and stove for melting the wax solids
  • Some candle perfume or scents


So guys what is stopping you now after learning so many things about DIY home projects?

Start now by looking around your house for the most commonly available stuff, gather it together in one place and get into action.

Build the next most amazing wonder on this planet located somewhere inside your house.

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