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Top 10 Best DVD Burning Software in 2021

One of the top benefits of storing your information in DVDs instead of magnetic drives such as an SSD & hard disk is that DVDs are safer in data integrity. They can serve you much longer than most other methods. You can keep one DVD in a closet to store your data until 2050.

As long as you do not expose your DVDs to physical destruction, they will store your data clear and in real-time for a long period. But how do you choose the best software to burn your DVDs? In this post, we will cover the best DVD Burning Software 2021.

10 Best DVD Burning Software



This software is full-featured, and it is most suitable for fashion-conscious DVD users. The software is beneficial since it features several top options that come free of charge. Suppose you feel that the free version is not the best, you might consider trying out the premium version. It comes with additional features.

In simple terms, the software is appropriate for professionals and home users. It is suitable for burning tasks such as audio track extraction, copying, erasing, disc burning, backup, and image creation. They also offer a video tutorial on how to use the software.


  • It works with Windows.
  • The DVD burning software can burn multisession and bootable discs.
  • It is reasonably first.
  • The software is easy to use.
  • It comes in three versions.
  • The software can serve you daily.
  • It works well with almost all optical disks.


  • It comes with a dull interface.
  • This software does offer a disc-to-disc copying option.


  • Premium – $19.95
  • Professional – $29.95




This software is one of the earliest disc burning software that has been available for a long time. It is the number-one and world’s most popular software for burning DVDs. The latest versions of the software are reliable and most likely among the best DVD burning software.

The app offers amazingly advanced features, and it is not free. It features an intuitive interface and also supports an array of disc types. Besides, it comes with several other features, such as many options to help you complete the burning process efficiently.

You will perform the file selection through drag-and-drop. It would be best to mention that the software will allow you to burn several complications simultaneously. Its insightful interface can make it easy to use. The software features the protection option, which will enable you to set a password.


  • It is suitable for copying DVDs and CDS.
  • The software supports all disc types.
  • It can be an excellent option for professional application.
  • The software is fully customizable.
  • It is powerful and effective.
  • The software offers a familiar interface that is very fast.


  • It will take some time to learn all its tools and features.
  • The software is pricey.


  • 1-year license $42.95
  • Lifetime license$79.95




This software is the best DVD author for Windows. It is compatible with ISO, MOV, FLV, VOB, AVI, MKV, and MP4 formats. The software offers an array of helpful features that can transform your data into valuable DVD files.

In simple words, the software is the one of the top options for users who needs a comfortable home fix to their DVD burning needs. Although some additional features are worthless, the software is still an excellent DVD burning solution.


  • It can support DVD5 and DVD9.
  • The software comes with a fast built-in encoder and a friendly user interface.
  • It allows YouTube video downloading.
  • The software can work well with PAL and NTSC.


  • It features minimal functionality.


  • Free




This software is another excellent option that performs and gives quality results. The software will enable you to pillage, rip, and copy into DVDs in a hassle-free procedure. Some of the crucial features that make it suitable include its ease to use, feature-rich design, and high dependence.

It can perform various functions such as burning movies, copying files, burning MP4s, creating audio discs, burning existing movies on DVDs, and ripping music. Generally, it offers an array of features that make it one of the top options.


  • It is ad-free, and it can support disc spanning.
  • The software allows users to copy data to micro cards, CDs, and DVDs.
  • It features a more excellent user experience, and it will allow you to create a password for protection.
  • The software comes with a slick, simple, and clean interface.


  • It does not offer the disc compression feature.


  • Free
  • Premium – $29.95


5. CDBurnerXPCDBurnerXP
It is one of the best free software for burning DVDs. The software is strict, and each of its aspects seeks to facilitate the burning of DVDs. The DVD works well on HD-DVDs and can allow you to create ISOs. The good feature about the software is that it is easy to use.

It features one of the most helpful software interfaces and offers commercial features for free. It would be best to mention that this software is not feature-rich, but it can be a great option because it is free of charge.


  • It is compatible with Windows.
  • The software can create or burn ISO files quickly.
  • It offers a multi-language interface.
  • The software allows bootable-disc creation.
  • It can be an ideal option for manual data-backup.
  • The software supports disc spanning.
  • It can support all crucial discs and formats. ‘
  • The software offers a comprehensive guideline on how to use it.
  • It offers enough features that can complete your job.
  • The software is free and suitable for both companies and home use.


  • It comes with a picky user database.


  • Free




This software comes with an easy to use and powerful DVD toolbox to mitigate all your DVD burning related requirements. The software offers the free-download version via their official website. The best part of it all is the creator provides a unique DVD toolbox to boost productivity.

Another good thing about the DVD creator is that it can work with more than 150 different formats. The available list of configurations will enable you to complete tasks such as AVI to DVD, MKV to DVD, and MP4 to DVD. It supports an array of DVD types, including DVD-R/RW, DVD-5, and DVD-9.

It features a presentable interface design that is highly intuitive. The software will enable you to burn all your DVDs with one click. Besides, it comes with a built-in type of video editor that will also allow you to edit photos, create slide shows, and make DVD menus.


  • It is suitable for home video projects and offers decent customer service.
  • The software is simple to exploit, feature-rich, and supports all disc types.
  • It comes with the free version and offers a built-in video editor that is productive.


  • It is slower.


  • 1 Quarter License – $29.99
  • Lifetime License – $59.95
  • Multi-User License – $90.95




It offers up to seven different reliable generations. This software is an all-in-one DVD burning and HD disc authoring software. Nevertheless, it charges for its extra-productive features and options.

The software can be your solution to transforming all your home photos and videos into AVCHD and DVD professional-quality files. It will offer you the cutting edges feature as well as the fantastic Hollywood design options.

The description of this software may make it appear a bit costly, but it worth giving a shot. The truth is that it is the ultimate DVD burning software that is simple to use and worthy to purchase. The free trial program option is also accessible for you to study it practically.


  • It can enable you to perform pro-quality DVD production.
  • The software features a top-level art of technology.
  • It has a feature that allows it to burn any disc type.
  • The software will enable you to import HD video from camcorders, AVCHD, and HDVs.
  • It has features that enable it to create slideshows and movie creation.
  • The software comes with common effects in this category.
  • It is one of the top authoring and best DVD burning software that is available on the market.


  • The software is expensive and difficult to use.


  • Pro – $39.99
  • Ultimate – $49.99
  • Bundle Ultimate – $99.99
  • Bundle Pro $12 – $31.99




This software is appropriate for marketing and branding. It is a lightweight, free-solution for all your CD and DVD burning requirements. Apart from the fact that it is free of charge and light in resources, the software has a lot more to offer. They include its professional features that may be costly on others.

The software can perform various functions such as view drive or disc data with one click, convert image files, create image files from folders, copy a disc, clean a rewritable disc, create image files from disc, and burn image files on discs.


  • The software is light on resources.
  • It works correctly and fast.
  • The software can support all disc formats and types.
  • It comes with an intuitive user interface.
  • The DVD burning software is simple to utilize and fully-featured.


  • The freeware option is not usually the best.


  • Free




This software is a popular DVD burning software that offers cross-platform DVD authoring options. It is suitable for video fans who would like to make professional DVDs from their movie collection. The best part of it all is that the software is free of charge.

Another great feature is that it is a product from the General Public License board (GNU), which means it is open-source. In other words, if you are strict about your data security and privacy factor, this could be the best software option for you.


  • The software is light on resources and very fast.
  • It comes with several customization options for DVDs.
  • The software is compatible with most software formats.
  • It offers the drag-and-drop option.
  • This DVD burning software will make it simple for you to create custom DVDs.
  • It is open-source and safe.


  • It is not suitable for the non-tech savvy.
  • The software offers limited features.


  • Free




This software comes with the most beautiful and most uncomplicated interface. It is one of the easy to use software for burning DVDs, and it will enable you to complete any burning task that you would like to do. The DVD burning software can work well with all Windows versions.

It can work well on all image formats, including NRG, PDI, MDS, IMG, ISO, GI, DI, DVD, CUE, CCD, CDI, and BIN. The software will allow you to burn audio CDs from files such as WMA, WV, WAV, OGG, PCM, MPC, MP3, MP4, M4A, APE, FLAC, and AAC.


  • It can support Unicode folders and filenames.
  • The software can support all disc formats.
  • It can burn everything instantly.


  • The freeware is limited in its features.


  • Free


How to Burn DVDs

Once you choose the most appropriate software to use and the DVD burner, it would be best to learn how it works. In this section of the article, we will focus on how the DVD burner works. Generally, once you press the Burn button, you will kick-start a procedure that involves four crucial steps.

The first vital step will be to convert the existing files into a format that the DVD can read. This first step is the trans-coding stage, and it might take some time to complete based on the type of file. The size of the file also performs a vital function in determining the time.

The next stage of the burning process will focus on the building step, where the DVD maker constructs the disc. At this stage, the burner will set up navigation, links, and the menu to ensure that the disc can work well.

The third stage of the burning process is one of the most vital stages for the burner to write the disc information. In other words, it is the stage where the burner physically transfers data from the hard drive and tends to place it to the disc. The speed at which the burner completes this step may vary.

Well, it varies based on an array of factors, such as the software burn-speed. Lastly, the lead out stage will mark the completion of the process. This step is crucial for the DVD burner to ensure that it creates a compatible disc that works well with other devices. Thus, it performs several checks.

Generally speaking, a CD (compact disc) describes a device that is sufficient with an available space of about 650 megabytes to serve the purpose of information storage. Nevertheless, sometimes this space might be smaller, and you may need more space.

Therefore, you can consider storing up to 9.4 gigabytes on a double-sided disc, 8.4 gigabytes on a double layer, or 4.7 gigabytes on a DVD. You must consider two main factors when you want to burn a DVD. They include:

  • Ensure that you check the format (PAL or NTSC) that your DVD player can play before deciding what form of DVDs you can burn. It would help if you acknowledged that not all DVD players can support all types of DVDs.
  • You must check on the speed rating. Most times, you will find this information on the cover of the DVD. It refers to the time that the DVD will take to burn data. It would be best to ensure that you always buy discs that feature a higher speed than your drive’s speed.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the DVD burning software you want to use.
  • Next, choose the DVD burner feature you want to use.
  • Choose and upload the type of files you want to burn.
  • Next, choose the specific files you want to burn.
  • You must provide in the name of the new disc.
  • Click on the Burn button.
  • Make sure that you inserted the blank disc that you would like to use.


It would be best to invest in DVD burning software that gives you the best results and good time. Therefore, you must check for the software that has a record of providing the best products. You can consider most of the software that this post suggests. The list presents software that features the best combination of features and helpful options.

Alternatively, you can consider conducting extensive research to find the software that matches your job requirements. In this case, you can check on previous client’s reviews. All in all, you must make sure that you choose easy to use, light, and offers a presentable interface. Besides, it would be best to check on the prices of acquiring the software.

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