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18 Incredible Educational Website with Best Free Online Courses

Irrespective of your age, either you want to again learn the concept behind 2+2, or learn some cooking skills, or learn how to fix simple and even complex stuff at your home, or even pursue a full time course with a valid and recognized certification program, the resources on the internet available today will never disappoint you in any case.

So whether it be a do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorial on any art, craft and skill you wish to learn, college and university tests, case studies and research papers, or any other thing that you have been longing to get your hands on, there are a ton of free and premium based websites offering almost everything that you are looking for and even beyond your imagination.

In this article, we look at some of the most widely famous websites offering both free and premium based resources to desperate learners like you.

18 Incredible educational websites for free online education courses

The following list of education websites offering free online courses can help you not only make the right career choice but also help you progress further and become a pro in whatever interests you.

1. Academic Earth

Academic Earth

With its initial purpose to become a provider of top quality and highly reputable education to the masses that roam the internet, Academic Earth was launched in the year 2009.

Beginning with a limited range of online courses selected from the best available from some top universities, today the library of Academic Earth is widely extensive.

At Academic Earth, its staff works diligently to make sure that there is a course to suit the needs for everyone in one or the other.

2. Udemy


Udemy is one of the most widely used websites when it comes to getting free knowledge and that too in abundance.

The website has some 13 main categories of interest, which are further sub-categorized into numerous other subjects.

All-in-all, Udemy claims to have around 130,000 courses, for which we slightly have any doubts, and all of which are offered online with expert instructions and lifetime of access.

The website offers both free and premium based courses.

In addition to this, the website is super generous to offer really flattering discount based courses for new learners willing to join the platform, as well as occasional discounts for regular students.

3. Open Culture

Open Culture

At Open Culture, the website is all about promoting the best free culture and educational media on the internet.

The website offers loads of different types of media for the purpose of educating its audience.

The website has audio books, online courses, podcasts, movies, free educational resources for students belonging to kindergarten through high school i.e. level 12, eBooks and a wide number of massive open online courses (MOOC).

The good thing is that much of this is completely free, with some massive open online courses also offering certificates and statements of completion to the online participants.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is yet another widely popular and highly credible source of online learning.

The website from the beginning until now, has been repeatedly praised for its massive contribution in evading and curbing the illiteracy rate of the world through online means.

The website is a non-profit organization, with the objective of offering a world class level of education for everyone around the world and that too at no cost at all.

The website offers personalized learning experience so that the students can remain stress free, has content created by the experts of that field, and tools that can empower both the students and the teachers and bring them at a matching level of understanding.

5. Coursera

Another highly popular and much preferred website for free online and high quality educational resources is from the organization known as Coursera.

The mission of this website is to help its audience members develop skills through courses and certification programs, all of which is offered online from world class universities and companies.

The resources and learning programs offered on the website are capable of accommodating both the individual learners, as well as organizations seeking to upgrade the skill set and knowledge level of their employees.

6. iTune U

iTune U

Basically, iTune U is not a website, rather it is an app for the users of Apple Inc. built devices.

The app offers a wide range of collection of some top rated free content for educational purposes from leading schools, colleges, universities and other institutions and organizations working in the field of education and its promotion to make it available to everyone around the world.

7. Alison


Alison believes in the power of good and has a mission to empower the knowledge thirsty learners and bring a change that ensures positivity, prosperity, equality and opportunity through free online courses from the leading experts around the world.

The website is home to 18 million learners, has successfully helped 3 million students graduate, offers over 2000 courses in various fields and subjects and is a popular choice in 195 countries around the world.

8. edX


edX is again a widely popular website platform offering free online education courses to the masses of the world.

The website has helped bridge the gap between experts that want to reach, teach and equip the world with the latest knowledge and information, and the students who think likewise.

The learning experience offered at edX is highly curated to provide the audience members with an engagement opportunity to great quality interactive and visualized content, the ability to demonstrate and practice their learning experience via different testing and assessment techniques, and apply their skills immediately in the practical world.

9. Stanford Online

Stanford Online

Brought to you from the experts at the Stanford University campus, Stanford Online is an initiative of the Stanford Center for Professional Development.

The website offers courses in various fields, some ordinary while some very technical and distinguished.

Among these courses, learners can choose to enroll between graduate and professional level certificate programs, advanced degrees, global and executive level education learning programs, and free content.

The website also offers an opportunity to engage with the faculty teaching these courses and content material, industry experts that have hands-on experience of practical application of the courses being offered and other learners that share the same passion of fulfilling their intellectual curiosity needs.

10. Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative

Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative

The basic objective of the Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative is to help with additional guidance to those students whose teachers and tutors are already using the course material prepared and published through the Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative program.

This means that the content and course material on this website is more intended to serve those students and learners who have been referred to this website by such teachers and tutors.

However, the website is still open to those students and independent learners who haven’t been referred but would still want to benefit from their course material independently and without any guidance or supervision from a tutor or instructor.

Although the courses available on the Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative program website are limited, it still presents an in-depth view and course material to help them prosper in their independent academic career.

The website is not completely free to use as it offers some premium charged resources as well.

11. Codecademy


For those who have interest in one of the hottest and highly rewarding fields of the current era and which undoubtedly will rule in the future as well, Codecademy is one of the best options to start their learning career from.

This is because Codecademy offers courses on coding from the basic level to the intermediate level and that too for various programming languages all used for different purposes.

The website offers both and premium charged membership plans for students, business individuals and teams.


With financial backing in the form of donations and support from some of the top giant companies like Microsoft, Amazon, the Infosys Foundation, Google Facebook, etc., is playing an effective role in introducing the power of computer science to the young women and students around the world.

The initiatives taken by the is not only helping the students to learn more about the field of computer science, but is also helping prepare teachers and instructors to carry forward their mission of computer science literacy.

13. University of Oxford Podcasts

University of Oxford Podcasts

The University of Oxford podcasts is a platform that offers access to podcasts from various departments and faculties at the University of Oxford.

These podcasts cover a wide range of topics from various subjects concerning not just the academic areas, but much more.

For example, some of these podcasts are from international seminars, political tensions, relationship between various nations, wars, climatic changes, computability and intelligence, biology, student life at Oxford, regional studies, etc.

14. BBC News The Forum Podcast

BBC News The Forum Podcast

The BBC News The Forum Podcasts is another platform for those who love listening to podcasts.

These podcasts are a collection of episodes on various subjects both covering discussions on diversified areas and subjects both from the historical times to the present era.

The podcasts can also be downloaded from this platform as well.

15. TedEx


TedEx platform is known to bring forward speakers from around the world that have varied interests, passions and professions but all of whom have one thing in common.

They are the common objective of empowering each other through ideas and knowledge which is worth sharing with everyone.

TedEx videos hold some very rare discussions on topics that aren’t generally shared or talked about with the public at large.

The videos feature global speakers from diversified backgrounds that are keen to share their knowledge and research with other people.

16. Lesson Paths

Lesson Paths

If you love reading blogs that cover a variety of topics and subjects, then Lesson Paths is the website that you are looking for.

The website is home to high quality content written with the passion to encourage knowledge sharing among the online users.

17. Memrise


Learning a new language can be very fun and offers numerous advantages much beyond the mere benefit of holding the ability to speak a new language.

But learning a new language can be quite difficult and comes with its own set of challenges.

With Memrise, the art of learning a new language has been totally redefined.

Memrise is actually a language learning app.

Initially founded in the year 2010, Memrise today has a user base of 50 million people that are spread over 189 countries globally.

Together with such a vast number of users, Memrise offers a platform where users can learn new languages, get connected with people from around the world and become a better version of them.

18. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a website dedicated to the sole purpose of encouraging the learning behavior in kids and helping them know the world around them in an interactive and fun-filled manner.

The website holds a ton of different fact based content to make the kids get curious, excited and develops in them the habit of learning more.

Benefits of online learning

With the advancement in technology, today we have more ways than before to obtain knowledge and that too on any subject of our interest.

While in some societies around the world, classroom learning and live in-person lectures are still considered as an essential way to teach and learn, many developed countries are bringing a change to this traditional learning approach.

More and more countries are adopting ways to encourage online learning so that the maximum number of their population can become literate.

This is because online learning offers some benefits that traditional learning cannot offer at all. Some of these are – 

  • A more flexible and convenient method to learn with totally customized methods of learning.
  • Students get to learn at their own pace as and when possible. This offers more time to understand difficult concepts and subjects, while the easy ones can be covered quickly as well.
  • No classroom pressure of any sort is present.
  • Live and recorded lectures both are available. This means that even if any student misses a live lecture, they can still watch it in recorded form. Moreover, recorded lectures can be viewed again and again for better clarity on any topic.
  • Ease of time. Learn whenever you are free. No need to follow any time schedules.
  • Opportunity to interact and learn from people from around the world.
  • Opportunity to learn new subjects and stay updated with latest knowledge and trends.


Whether you have fun learning new stuff, want to change your profession and field of expertise or simply gain insight into some new field of interest or suspicious, clear your doubts on any topic, upgrade and become well acquainted in subjects related to your academics, passion or professional career, the free online education websites mentioned in this article offer free courses that have got you covered in every manner.

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