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Top 10 Best Free Image Hosting Websites in 2021

Sometimes you may wish to share a gallery or a photo with a message board, family, friends, or the entire internet.

In such a case, using a reliable image hosting site can be the best method to share, store, and upload your files.

Nevertheless, the internet features numerous image hosting suites that come with different options. You must be vigilant enough to choose the most effective platform for your specific requirements.

It will depend on why you would like to upload the images, how much time you may be willing to spend uploading the files, and how many photos you want to upload.

These platforms can help professional photographers to establish their online portfolio at a lower cost.

They can save you from the expenses of creating a new website. Here are some top image hosting sites that you can consider:

10 Best Free Image Hosting Websites in 2021

1. Google Photos

Google Photos

This platform describes one of the top image hosting websites for uploading and sharing high-quality images in bulk.

The site offers an automatic backup option to ensure that you will never lose any of your precious photos.

The platform will enable you to organize and edit all your images. You will also be able to search and view older photos using the visual search option. It also features AI algorithms for efficiency.

Over time, the platform will assess your sharing habits and work automatically to help you sort your images. This strategy will allow you to reduce the time you spend on organizing photos in the gallery.

The best part is that you can complete all these tasks online or download the Google Photos App for efficiency. The app features the automatic option to sync and upload all images into the account.

The procedure to set up the account with the platform is simple since most users already have google accounts. It will give you unlimited storage for a point-and-shoot camera and smartphone photos for free.


  • The platform will allow you to upload photos from your DSLR camera to your Google account.
  • It will enable you to upload videos that feature the 1080p format.
  • The software can work with various file formats, including GIF, JPG, and PNG.


  • It only works well with videos that feature the 1080p format.


  • Free


2. Dropbox


The Dropbox platform will let you store all your files featuring various file formats such as photos. The website is a free cloud storage media that offers links to share individual folders and files.

The platform is much like Google Photos. It will provide you with an automatic backup that is crucial for keeping your files safe. The forum will not change, resize, or edit the images you upload.

Dropbox will ensure that it keeps the original unaltered photo. Another useful feature is that the platform will allow you to sync the containing folder to your desktop.

It will also allow you to create sub-galleries and folders. This feature is vital for you to manage your photos easily on your smartphone or desktop. The program will enable you to share images easily.

It will allow you to import your list of contacts and send a direct email of the entire gallery’s link. The best part of it is that you can permit users to access and download your albums or photos.


  • The program features a 3GB storage space.
  • It features a simple user interface.
  • The platform offers a reliable and easy way to share and store photos.
  • It is suitable for uploading and storing unedited and original photos.


  • It does not offer any editing tools.


  • Free
  • Plus – $9.99
  • Professional – $16.58
  • Standard – $12.50
  • Advanced – $20


3. imgbox


This program features a bulk upload option that will enable you to upload more than 100 images simultaneously. Use can be the best option for people who would like to upload large image files.

The image files you upload to the platform will be available forever. The best part is that the forum does not feature any limitations on the bandwidth, file size, and storage.

The app will enable you to upload images without having to sign up. It will also allow you to set your uploads to either private or public, depending on your preferences.


  • The platform offers an image re-sizer and a photo editor.
  • It will enable you to organize your image files into albums.
  • The platform will allow you to post and share images through social media sites.
  • It works with TIF, PNG, JPG, GIF, and BMP files.


  • It does not offer a direct link to your uploads.


  • Free


4. Flickr


This platform is among the most popular sites for sharing images on the internet. The program belongs to Yahoo, and the company is improving its features. Thus, it is popular among photographers.

Apart from free hosting, the platform will provide you with editing tools that will enable you to organize your image files into albums. The forum will allow you to interact with the Flickr community.

There are various groups for different topics and interests in the community, such as fashion, photography, and nature. You can learn skills from photographers and also leave comments on their photos.

The platform offers the privacy setting option to allow you to edit your privacy options to share images with the individuals you select.

The program will enable you to upload image files with photo applications such as email and photos.


  • It features a mobile app that is very helpful and easy to use.
  • The software offers an uploader tool.
  • It will enable you to back up your image files from other locations, including iPhoto, Dropbox, and computer.
  • The software will host up to 100 image files for free.


  • It features frequent updates that are somewhat annoying.


  • Free


5. PostImage


This platform works easily without creating an account and also enables one to store photos permanently.

You can upload images of up to 8MB to the platform using the desktop software or via the website.


  • It allows the creation of a gallery that offers a particular link to share with people.
  • The website can give you the ability to resize photos when uploading.
  • It also helps one to upload images from others URLs.


  • The site can only upload images up to 8MB.


  • Free


6. ImageVenue


This platform will enable you to upload your images that feature the JPEG format. Besides, it will enable you to resize the larger pictures to match its logistics while maintaining quality.

The program will offer a limit on your storage for up to 3GB per month. Hence, you can upload image files featuring up to 3MB in size.

The website is apt for users who would like to sort, upload, and share large image files with others. This platform is a popular option for eBay sellers, message or forum board users, and bloggers.


  • It is ideal for sharing large image files.
  • You can access 3GB of space for storage per month.
  • It offers editing tools to resize your images.


  • It only works for JPENG files.
  • The platform will allow you only to upload 3MB in size.


  • Free


How to Choose the Best Image Hosting Platform

If you are a photographer, you probably understand how important it is to back up your image files.

Nevertheless, it would be best to make sure that you choose a storage system or backup platform that is reliable and cost-effective. Here are the crucial factors that you must check:

  • Right Fit for Specific Requirements

The best image hosting platform can vary depending on the users’ preference. Therefore, the first crucial step you must take is to evaluate the features you would like to access from the platform.

Some photographers might prefer a simple sharing system that will enable them to make outputs available to new customers. Others may need a platform that will allow them to develop their portfolio.

  • File-Sharing Security and Ease

The website you choose must enable you to share your image files through social media platforms.

It must allow you to save the images to your computer. Above all, it must allow you to share the photos in emails.

Most importantly, the procedure to share the images must be secure and straightforward. A top-notch image share platform can generate links to the image files. This option promotes efficiency and flexibility.

  • Storage Preferences

The platform you choose must enable you to upload and share all your image files efficiently. Thus, it must offer you enough storage to complete this requirement.

Some platforms might limit the size and features of the files you can share. In such a case, it would be best to check on these features and choose a platform that works best for your needs.

  • Photo Quality

Some image hosting platforms offer editing tools that might impede the quality of your photos. Others come with features that can complete this option automatically.

Therefore, it would be best to make sure that you choose a platform that will keep high-quality image files for a long time.

Also, check how long the file will be available in the storage media before the platform deletes it.

  • Ease to Use

The platform you choose for image hosting must feature an interface that is simple to understand and use.

It must offer viable options that can make it simple to use it. It must not feature ads that make it inconvenient.



The procedure to choose the right image hosting platform can be somewhat complicated.

However, if you check on the factors we discussed in this article, you will choose the most reliable website that is on the market.

You must ensure that you choose a tool that saves on cash but still suits your requirement. Above all, you must select a platform that will enable you to develop your portfolio if you are a professional photographer.

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