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23 Best Fun Things To Do With Your Friends At Home And Outside

Friendship is such a unique and beautiful form of relationship which can even combine with any other relationship and make it even stronger.

In other words, it has the ability to remain standalone as just a mere form of friendship or reveal its potential to transform itself into other relationships as well.

At its peak, it can even supersede any other relationship.

For example, the best kind of friends that any child could possibly find in is the form of its parents. While there is also a blood relationship between you and your parents, there are still some things you are unwilling to share with them. But if you become friends with them, you feel more confident and close in opening up about everything and anything.

Similarly, you can classify your friends as ordinary and best. While ordinary are good enough to pass time with, best friends can be so close that you regard them as your brother and/or sister.

The above examples of parents as friends and best friends becoming as important as your siblings are the classical cases of a friendship transformation.

To develop true friends and friendships, you do not need to spend even a dime. The primary condition for having true friends and establishing friendships require investment of time only.

Taking out your time to be there for them in moments of happiness and grief and giving them priority above other important things is the key in this relationship.

Other than for any specific reason, meeting friends for the sole purpose of strengthening your bond is also vital.

In this article, we bring you some of the best fun and budget friendly activities to do with your friends the next time you plan a meetup or a get-together with them.

Pro Tip

Before you begin making plans to indulge in any activity from our list of 23 fun things to do with your friends, do learn to become careful about certain triggers.

Even though you might be very close to your friends, remember that there is always a thin line present in between all relationships.

Crossing this thin line means entering someone’s private space.

So while the following 23 activities are there to make your friendship be an extreme and rare example, you should still know when and where to stop.

The aim here is to have an extreme level of friendship rather than playing at extreme levels of fun which may spoil or ruin it.

23 Best fun and budget friendly things to do with your friends when the next time you meet them

1. Audio conference calls

Audio conference calls

Fun can be extracted from even the simplest of things around you.

For example, you or any of your friends might have free talk time. What better can you do then adding as many friends as possible on board a conference call.

If you do not have free minutes, you can still do conference calls via any internet voice call app on your smartphone.

Talking or even arguing, pulling each other’s leg and making fun of each other can be great without seeing each other’s faces.

Additionally, this can also be done while doing any other activity like playing video games, taking shower or doing dishes, etc.

2. Video conference calls

Although it is a lot better than audio conference calls, it requires complete presence and devotion to live in the moment.

If you and your friends have time, it might be better to indulge in a brief or short video call session. This way you can get to see each other’s reactions as well.

3. One dish surprise party

Plan a dinner at any friend’s place and ask every member of your group to bring one surprise homemade recipe.

You might want to categorize between who will bring things for eating or drinking, but do not let anyone reveal the exact name.

4. Movie marathon

Everyone has some famous movies that they wish to watch in a group.

So plan a movie night at some friend’s place and start watching your best movies.

To make it more fun and to decide which movie to watch first and which ones will follow, do something like a lucky draw.

5. School or college re-enactment

School or college re-enactment

This can be planned with your school or college friends to celebrate your re-union or the day when you finished your school or college.

Each one of you can wear your school or college uniform in the same manner you used to wear back then. This can help recall any famous incidents which made you famous or looked like an idiot.

You can also respectfully, mimic any of your teachers or professors you had in your school and college.

A hard to do but rarely occurring thing to mesmerize the whole evening can be to invite or video call with any of your famous teachers or professors.

6. Make prank calls

If you are confident to remain within your limits, you can do some prank calls. But remember that while you do it to make your day, do not let it ruin someone else’s.

7. Ice bucket challenge

You can also try the famous ice bucket challenge that went viral on the internet a couple of years back.

8. Plan a game or any sport

You can also plan a video game night or visit any park or playground to indulge in any physical sport.

For playing video games, you either plan a sleepover at some friend’s house or stay at home and connect online with each other.

For playing any physical sport, just grab the basics such as a bat and a ball for playing baseball or cricket. If each of your friends tend to like a different sport, it can be more fun to try something different every time you meet.

You can also plan a day out at the beach and enjoy sports like beach volleyball, etc.

9. Spa night

If any of your friends has a hot tub, planning a spa night can be quite a stress relieving activity.

Light some candles, pour in some relaxing scents and soaps and soak in the bubbles. Instead of listening to music, you can indulge in deep talk and discuss your issues while enjoying each other’s company.

10. Cooking challenge

Cooking challenge

Invite all of your friends to a cooking challenge at your home.

You can either ask each participant to cook their best recipes or select some random recipe for each person.

You can also play a recording of some cooking show and try to replicate the whole recipe and see how well it goes.

After the cooking, you can taste each other’s recipe and give honest but funny opinions.

11. Treasure hunt

Perhaps the host tonight can organize a treasure hunt challenge and prepare clues and riddles to help the participants navigate through the puzzling route.

12. React on social media comments

If any of your friends has a public profile on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube where they also receive public comments, then this activity is for you.

Read the comments from the general public and react to them. See whether your friends stand in favor of you or against you.

13. Mess with social media accounts

You can also try messing around a bit with each other’s social media accounts.

You can either ask each one to put in some funny quote or any random but weird picture as their status, story or profile picture.

14. Playing board games

Perhaps getting together at one place to play any of your favorite board or table top games can be an epic getaway moment.

For better participation levels and fun activity, select role playing games such as ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ where each participant of the group adopts a unique character.

15. Casual or random meetup plan

Casual or random meetup plan

Sometimes you do not get to meet each other for longer than usual periods of time even when you live in the same city.

If this is your case then instead of wondering when will any other friend of yours make a plan, initiate the move yourself.

On any random holiday or weekend, ask everyone what plans they have and if everyone can meet at some place after some time like an hour or two.

16. Host a tea party

You can also plan to host an afternoon tea party and invite everyone at your place.

Make tea and serve bakery items. You can also ask everyone to bring themselves some light tea time snacks such as chips, pastries, cakes or biscuits. These can be either purchased from outside or home baked.

17. Plan a sleepover

Maybe if any of your friends is returning to town for a short trip after a very long gap, why not plan a sleepover at someone’s house.

Catch up on things that you guys have been missing and select any other activity from our list to add more fun and excitement.

18. Personal quiz about each other

Do you claim to know your friends’ way better than they know themselves and vice versa?

Well you can find out this thing by playing a short quiz to check how much each friend in the group really knows each other.

Make some weird questions and options and try to spill the beans wherever possible.

19. Funny confessions

In the beginning of every friendship journey, there are things about each other that you do not understand related to certain aspects of their personality and their habits.

Speak up about these, how you perceived them in the past and when and how you got to know the real thing.

See how the concerned friend and others react to it. A many things that you guys disclose might make you look stupid or even clear any other misconceptions that were pending clarity to this very day.

20. General rapid fire quiz

General rapid fire quiz

You can also play a round of a general rapid fire quiz. In this each participant has to answer as many questions as possible within a set frame of time.

Questions can be based on general and everyday things such as asking the logo colors of any famous brands, spell commonly misspelled words, or questioning about your city and culture, on its past and present.

You can make these questions on your own or download them from the internet.

21. Go window shopping

Since we agreed to list down only budget friendly things for having fun with your friends, shopping here might seem out of context. But actually it is not.

Go for a window shopping trip with your friends to find out what is trending and what is not. This way you can make a list of all the items that you might want to buy during the next sale season.

22. Plan or prepare for a wedding

Now this sounds interesting and the most exciting of all the other items in our list.

If any of your friends is getting married soon or in the near future, you can team up to plan for their big day and help them prepare for it.

23. Giving free salon treatments to each other

For ladies out there, you can plan a morning, afternoon or evening session to give each other some free salon treatments that you think you are too good at doing.

And to explain what service you can offer to each other, we would have to add another separate list of treatments.

But in our opinion, giving a quick scalp, neck or back massage, manicure and pedicure, doing nail polish or shampooing with some homemade remedy to work as a shampoo and conditioner both, can be enough for a single session.


Based on the level of fun you have had after experiencing the activities in the above list, you and your friends can decide which activities should continue and when.

You can then also decide to make any fun thing associated with any special occasion, just like any ritual. Or you can also plan on to repeat any activity after a specified period of time. For example, you can set a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual plan to revisit past moments and create more lifelong memories.

And while doing these, do not forget our pro tip mentioned in the very beginning of this list. Because it is okay to press but not to the extent that pleasure turns into pain.

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