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32 Fun Things You Can Do On Your Weekends

Weekends in most countries around the world consist of Saturdays and Sundays. And while a few businesses and organizations in many underdeveloped countries remain open on Saturdays as well for limited working hours only, Saturday still counts as a weekend.

Aside from business and organizations remaining open on Saturdays, many individuals also spend their Saturdays like any other normal day.

But when it comes to Sundays, everyone agrees that it is a completely non-working day. Perhaps this is the main reason why a good number of people on Sundays like to sleep for more hours than usual.

To these people, Sunday means an escape from all the tension and stress that they otherwise go through during weekdays.

According to sleep experts and psychologists, sleeping for more hours on Sunday does not impede any person’s normal performance levels and is okay.

But these sleep experts and psychologists also recommend following a fixed and scheduled sleeping pattern throughout the entire week.

This means that rather than sleeping more on Sunday’s to compensate for the sleep lost during other days should be discouraged.

So what to do during all those extra hours on weekend Sundays which in your case should now mean no sleep at all.

While we are no experts to guide our readers on their sleeping schedules, we can still help them.

Therefore in order to make their weekend Sunday more rewarding, we have gathered a list of some 32 productive things. Anything in this list can be done during all the active hours on weekend Sunday rather than just during the extra hours.

So let’s start with these 32 fun things that you can do on your weekends to help you get the most out of it.

32 Fun things to do for a much better and super productive weekend

For a much better and super productive weekend, this Sunday you should definitely try the following list of 32 fun things for a fun filled weekend Sunday.

1. Plan an activity with your friends and family

Plan an activity with your friends and family

People often tend to get very less or no time at all during their weekdays to spend with their friends and family members.

If you also happen to be busy and are unable to catch up on important things going in the lives of people that you love, perhaps this is the time.

Either plan a fun trip outside or just stay at home and do a round table conference type of a thing. In simple words, talk with them to make them believe that no matter how busy you are, you still care for them.

2. Read some book or magazine

You can also read your favorite books or finish any magazine subscriptions received during the week that have been lying around for some time now.

3. Plan a list of to-do things for the coming week

While this actually is work, weekends can be a great time to plan a list of to-do things for the coming week.

This is because you have a relaxed mind and body which can serve better to understand and resolve any complicated issues related to your office.

4. Watch a movie

You can also watch videos or movies pending on your watch later lists.

5. Go for a walk

You can go to a nearby park for a walk in the morning or in the evening.

6. Go fishing

If you have a pond or lake nearby where you can drive, planning a fishing trip can be much fun.

7. Watch old photo albums

Watching your old photo albums can be the best way to revive past memories.

8. Check online for any cool events happening today

Most people aren’t aware of what is happening around in their towns or cities. Check websites of your town or city hall to learn about any events scheduled to take place today.

While most of the events offer free entry, those charging any fees are also very nominally priced as they happen to generate contributions for the hall fund.

9. Volunteer

You can also spend a few hours of your day volunteering at any event organized by a welfare society.

10. Making repairs

Making repairs

We all have a few things at home that need simple repair work, so why not do it on weekends.

To add some fun to it, you can watch a do-it-yourself (DIY) video to better understand the repair process.

11. Feed birds and stray cats and dogs

You might probably be aware of some locality in your city or place nearby your home, where you can find a good number of stray cats and dogs or where birds like to flock a lot.

Take some tiny treats for these poor animals and feed them.

12. Giveaway your old stuff and clothes to those in need

You can also plan a search in some area of your city where you can find needy or homeless people.

Take some of your old stuff such as clothes or basic life necessities and giveaway to these people.

You can also prepare food and meals to curb their hunger.

13. Teach at some welfare school

If you happen to be an expert in your profession or have a passion worth sharing, you can spend a few hours of your weekend at some school or shelter home classes. These places offer free education to the under-privileged children in your city.

Sharing your knowledge can be both fun and help as it can bring a change in someone’s life.

14. Take a bubble bath or shower

For a fun and soothing experience, you can also spend some time standing under a running shower and feel the water travelling through your body from your head to the feet.

You can also spend some quality fun time soaking in a bubble bath. Bubble baths can be more fun if you can add reading a book or listening to any meditation podcast during this time.

15. Learn some new skill

You can watch videos or read blogs and books to learn some new skills on your weekend.

16 Practice any previously learned skill

If you haven’t had the time to practice any old skill set, consider doing it now.

17. Write a letter or an email

Much thanks to the instant messaging apps on our smartphones that allow audio video calls and quick group and personal chats today.

Because of this, the need to send handwritten letters and emails to our loved ones has almost vanished.

But if you think that handwritten letters and emails still invoke something unique and special, why not send a letter or an email to some loved one this weekend.

You can also make this activity as a must to do thing every weekend.

18. Practice origami

Origami is the art of folding paper in different ways to form objects like a bird, flower, etc.

You can learn to make some new objects with different color paper sheets to add fun to your weekend.

19. Call a friend or family member

While it is quite hard to lose contact with your friends and family members due to the availability of instant messaging apps and social media, some people still get ignored.

So think of the people among your friends and family members that you haven’t been able to speak with in a while and make a surprise call.

20. Plan a sale of old stuff

Plan a sale of old stuff

You can also plan a yard sale or put your old stuff for sale online on some classified website.

Posting online classified ads can be a great way to get rid of old stuff and make some quick cash.

To finalize any deals, you might want to call in a meeting to allow any prospective buyers to inspect the items you have on sale.

21. Plant seeds

You can plant seeds as well to grow new trees or just everyday use vegetables and fruits that you can consume in home cooked meals.

Planting also helps you experience nature from a closer and different perspective.

Home grown fresh cherry tomatoes can be a great item for selling at your yard sale.

22. Take photos and share online

Whether you own a camera or not, you can still take some best quality photos with the help of your smartphone camera.

Then simply upload them to your accounts on photo sharing websites like Instagram or social media like Facebook.

To add a touch of special effects, you can also use some photo enhancing apps to make your photos more vivid and glowing.

23. Remove trash from your neighborhood

If you know a place in your neighborhood where people have a careless attitude of not disposing of their trash properly, take a walk to that place on your weekend.

Carry a trash bag and start collecting in it whatever waste you find on your way.

But do not forget to adopt safety measures like wearing face masks and hand gloves to stay safe from any toxic smells or dangerous waste materials, before beginning the activity.

24. Plan a romantic getaway outside or a candlelit dinner at home

Whether it is some special celebration like a birthday or an anniversary or none of these, some relationships need regular supplements to make them stay fresh.

For this, you can either plan to go on a romantic getaway outside or make some special dinner arrangements at home like a surprise candlelit dinner for your spouse.

25. Make puzzles

Puzzles come in both 2D and 3D forms. So if you happen to own a set of some cool puzzles, break it again into pieces and try rebuilding it.

Aside from fun, the ability to make connections and arrange pieces of the puzzle can be good to boost your brain power as well.

26. Solve crosswords

You can also solve crosswords or other mini games and challenges that are published in the Sunday newspaper.

27. Plan a dream wedding and honeymoon destination

In reality, dream weddings and honeymoon destinations can be as expensive as costing a fortune.

But planning it does not even require spending a dime.

Therefore, you can make plans and take notes of what you would like to have on your big day. You can then turn these ideas into a blog or video to share it online with other people and know their opinions.

28. Learn a foreign language or take an online course

Learning a new language can be a great way to overcome any language barriers between people of different origin.

It also increases the vocabulary of your own language as you learn new words and expressions and their related meanings in both languages.

Other than this, you can also take an online course of a few minutes or an hour or two and learn something new or become advanced at some old skill.

29. Go window shopping

Go window shopping

You can also go window shopping to make a list of any items that you wish to buy in the upcoming sales season.

30. Search for used stuff online

If you need to replace any old stuff in your home with something better or simply add some new item to your list of possessions, go online.

Online you can either order something new, or if you are budget constrained then perhaps any online free classified publishing platform is all you need. Such as going on Craigslist website and exploring its directory for the relevant items that suit your budget.

31. Bake and cook

Baking is considered as the most difficult form of all cooking methods, so why not give a try to test your skills at it.

Or you can also cook any of your favorite recipes and experiment with it, to create something different.

32. Read a comic book

Comic book series offer a great way to read stories in dialogue form. Finish reading some of your famous comics books based on any of your favorite childhood characters or cartoon series.


As always, our list comprises just a few of the many fun things that you can do this weekend Sunday to make it most rewarding and ultra-productive.

And as we already said above that we are no experts to instruct you on your sleeping routines. But we still feel confident in following expert opinions like the one mentioned in the beginning of this article.

So why not follow their opinion for a few weekends just for the sake of experimenting with the weekend activities in this list to see what benefits it brings.

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