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20 Goals in Life that Lead to Achieving Personal Success

The idea that being successful in professional or academic career and being personally successful, are two relatable but completely different things; is a very valid argument.

But not everyone in life is able to distinguish between the two.

Because of this thing, for most people the primary and the secondary objective, or the only objective in life is to be successful at everything that is external to them.

Then there are also people who are high achievers but they still lack in many things.

This is because these people haven’t realized that the success they hold is actually based on external things and do not relate to something within themselves.

How come being successful personally and being successful as a high achiever are different?

Even though these two arguments might not be completely different, for most part of them they do differ.

For instance, to prove this argument consider the following two real life cases – 

You often hear in news about celebrities and public figures that despite being very famous and highly respected, having achieved success, fame, money and almost everything big, still lack in dealing with people in a way that can be considered as morally and ethically acceptable.

Due to this lacking, they often get into unintentional and otherwise avoidable discussions on trivial issues which often go on towards becoming a scandal, the end of which sometimes is only by way of public apologies and embarrassing moments.

Another example could be of students who are excellent in their academics but lack in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.

These students despite scoring and maintaining a full 4.0 or 5.0 GPA (Grade Point Average) in each and every term and semester, many times lack social skills needed to interact with people.

Due to this reason, they are usually confined to limited spaces in their own contemporary world and do not gain or strive for any exposure beyond their academic career.

This thing also becomes an obstacle during the hiring process when they are otherwise all set to enter their professional career.

This is because many multinational companies and big organizations today prefer people who have good interpersonal skills and have shown outstanding performance in activities besides their education.

Organizations today want people who can represent them to the outside world and not just stay in their offices during fixed timing schedules, working relentlessly and being totally unaware of what is happening in their surrounding environment.

And while this is their side of the story, to other people such people seem like a challenge to deal with.

Others often perceive them as arrogant, selfish and as someone who does not want to share their success and its secrets with everyone.

Even though this isn’t true in most of the cases, the downside is that this attitude often begets a similar or even worse response from the other people.

They become reluctant to talk to them, often bully them, or simply try to stay away from them as much as possible.

20 Life goals to pursue for personal success

While both of the above arguments shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, it should still be a real surprise and an eye opener if you have something similar going on in your life at the moment.

But do not worry because in this article, we are going to look at some examples of life goals that lead to achieving personal success.

1. Belief in learning as a whole

Consider learning as an art in itself that has many different aspects, skills, levels and much more.

Make it your objective to learn more things particularly those which you have been ignoring till now.

Stop and look for places where the stream of knowledge is flowing freely and in which you can take a deep dive and explore any new avenues of information.

2. Look and learn beyond your normal subjects

An important skill to begin a conversation with new and unknown people is to talk about what interests them, rather than making them talk about your own likes and dislikes.

And this is only possible when you learn something about them.

So no matter what your passions or profession are, do not limit yourself to the knowledge related to them only.

Look and learn beyond your normal subjects and try to explore new things and develop new interests.

3. Take out some time for your inner self

Sometimes your physical voice of the words that you speak is so loud, that you are unable to hear the sounds that occur in your surroundings or within yourself.

This is something that stops you from acting as a sound minded person at all times.

So take out time, if not daily than once in a while, to hear the sounds within you and around you that your own voice has obscured in some manner.

To do this, sit silently in a quiet place in your home, your eyes closed and your mind focusing and imagining your surroundings.

Focus on what you hear and what you visualize.

4. Focus on paying attention to details

Many times in a hurry, you forget to pay attention to details, thus neglecting or hurting other people.

So keep an open eye and a more wider approach to paying attention to details, even when they aren’t meant to be.

This will show that you care and have the passion to notice not so important things as well.

Aside from making others feel important, this also tells them to be alert and present themselves to you in a well prepared way because you know what details to focus and when to focus more on.

5. Learn to avoid

Remember that many things in life do not need your urgent reaction or any response at all.

They happen for a reason, sometimes for your good, sometimes for your bad.

When it is good, embrace them. When it is bad, avoid them.

6. Do not see everything as a challenge

You are not supposed to win everything, nor are you meant to overcome every obstacle in your way.

So do not put your energy and effort into each and every thing that you come across or that crosses your path.

Somethings get adjusted and sorted out with time and do not need your intervention at all.

7. Overcome your fears

One of the greatest obstacles in life and which will stop you from gaining personal success is your fear of anything different that either you haven’t tried till now or even if you have tried it, it turned out to be a total failure.

So try to overcome your fears.

One way of doing it is to face them yourself without waiting for any circumstances to develop that call for your action.

Sometimes fears approach in a surprising and most unexpected manner, when you aren’t prepared at all.

So why not prepare for it in advance and with an insight of the probable outcomes or failures that might happen, and challenge them yourself.

8. Be grateful and stop wanting more

Be grateful for what you already have and stop your desires for wanting more especially the things which aren’t necessary for you at all.

One way of doing this is to spend time or at least empathize the sufferings of people that have been blessed with less than what you have been bestowed with.

This way you will realize the value of what little or more you already have while discarding the need for more.

9. Embrace the present

Another important thing that stops personal success is when people instead of embracing the present, either recall their past more and more, or overthink about their future, what it holds for them and become worried.

So embrace and try to live in the present as much as you can.

Limit the importance of your past in making sure that the mistakes you’ve made shouldn’t get repeated again at all, not now, nor in the future.

Beyond learning from the past, try forgetting what happened in it as it doesn’t matter now since you cannot go back and change it.

For the future, the only way out is to stay prepared with what you are capable of doing right now, based on what you have learned from your past.

Therefore, stay positive and hope for the best to happen.

10. Travel for a change in your routine

Getting used to the same environment, surrounding or even the same gathering of people and things around you, can impair or stop you from attaining personal success.

This issue can easily be overcome by travelling to some new and different place.

Travelling for change can bring in many new experiences, getting to know a completely different side of many things that you have never imagined at all.

11. Eat to live and not live to eat

Well this is something that many foodies might not like or agree to but it actually is very important.

Many people regardless of what their body requires, indulge in the habit of eating non-stop and whenever they can.

Remember that burdening your stomach with more than it requires or can accommodate will only have adverse effects on your mind, body and overall health than any health benefits.

So eat only as much as is required to live, not according to your desire.

12. Focus on good quality sleep

Many people and even health and sleep experts will tell you about a minimum number of hours to sleep each day.

While they may possibly be right to some extent, it is not correct in each and every case.

The amount of sleep is something that varies according to age and also for each person according to their individual mind and body needs.

It also depends on how tired you might be on certain times.

So do not rely on what you usually hear or are told.

Try to figure out what works for you best in most cases and during which your sleep can be termed as good quality.

The performance during your waking hours is dependent on how relaxed you are and being relaxed is dependent upon good quality sleep, not on its quantity.

This means that less hours of sleep can be enough for some person whereas more hours may not be.

13. Write down your thoughts

Human brain is an excellent device to think of ideas and come up with solutions to most complex and mysterious issues.

So make it a habit to write down your ideas whenever anything new comes across your imagination.

Remember that all success stories are based on simple ideas that came out of nowhere.

Therefore, do not underestimate the power of your thoughts or imagination and do not let them pass away without noting them for a second round of thoughts at some later time.

14. Accept your mistakes

Recall how we mentioned that the people who lack social skills are sometimes coined as arrogant by other people.

Well, another thing which leads to being called arrogant is when you do not accept your mistakes or find apologizing to other people as belittling yourself.

Remember that every action has a consequence to deal with, whether it be good or bad.

So try to accept your mistakes and learn that there is no harm in saying sorry or apologizing for your misbehavior.

15. Reconnect with people you haven’t been able to connect for long

A healthy step towards personal success is when you try to reconnect with the people whom you haven’t talked with for quite long now.

These might be your friends, family members living in distant places, ex-colleagues who left the place where you work or who worked with you in your previous jobs, etc.

Try to catch up with them on what they are doing now and what changes they have gone through in their career and personal life.

16. Give unconditionally, with no intention of any kind of return

Another good thing is to give to other people unconditionally and without any want of return at all.

When you do not expect anything at all from other people, you are putting your faith in something good.

When you expect something in return and do not get an equivalent of it, you may feel demotivated.

17. Respect other people’s opinion

Respect and value other people’s opinion for what they are.

Remember that each person’s mindset, thoughts and assumptions are based on what they have been through or what they are going through at the present in their life.

Thus, when you have no knowledge about the events that happened or are currently happening that caused them to develop such an opinion and attitude, you have no right to judge them based on your own mindset and very limited knowledge.

18. Take pride in doing little things on your own

While you can always hire someone or ask someone for a favor to do your stuff, it is good to do it on your own as well, in fact more good when you can also take pride in doing it.

For example, starting your day by making your bed, cleaning the bathroom after you take a bath, doing dishes and laundry, watering plants, washing your car, etc.

19. Controlling your expenses

While many people do and you can also use bank credit lines to purchase objects, it is never a good idea.

This is because eventually you will have to pay them, if not today then tomorrow, if not now then later, but most certainly you will have to.

Financial issues can be really challenging but could make your life miserable especially when it is borrowed money and that too with markup that you are relying on.

So either start off your life by saving something from anything you make, investing it little by little, and then letting it grow until you eventually are capable of withdrawing it to pay for your expenses.

In simple words, never let your expenses be more than your earning potential, so focus more on increasing your income first.

20. Workout

Exercise and physical workout are important ingredients to living a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically.

So make it a habit to take out time to do something physical every day.

For example, walk for some time in the morning or evening time, becoming regular at your gym, etc. are some of the easy to adopt physical activities.

Bottom line

No matter how far you have come, how successful you are and how many years of your life you have lived, if you still believe that you could have been better than what you are now, then why not start setting some life goals for personal success now.

Pick a few, not many in the beginning, just 2 or 3, or even one, but do take the first step to embrace life as a whole.

Do not wait anymore for things to happen on their own. Grab the time you now have, consider it as your opportunity and start to make the right move.

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