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30 Best Ideas of New and Interesting Try at Home Hobbies

What kind of hobbies do you usually prefer to do in your free time?

How do you spend the few minutes of spare time that you get each day at the office or at home?

While most people do not consider doing anything at all in their free time, it is always highly recommended to not let any piece of time pass away being useless.

After all, these few moments of spare time can be a great way to divert your attention from the worries and chaos of your hectic work routine.

And one easy, convenient and affordable way of doing it is to engage yourself in any kind of hobby during this free time.

Benefits of engaging in a hobby

Aside from this, hobbies aren’t just a great way to divert your attention and make your mind relax and calm. They also offer a few other advantages such as –

  1. Hobbies can also be used as a sort of mental and physical therapy for your body. They can help relieve chronic stress as well.
  2. They are mostly super cheap and do not require any kind of external support. They can be as simple as just an idea that pops into your mind to do something different in your spare time.
  3. There are tons of hobbies that can be performed. So you do not need to stick with just one and repeat it every time. Go on and try as many as you want.
  4. They can be a great experiment to discover your hidden talents and skills.
  5. They can actually teach you a lot of weird and unconventional stuff.
  6. They can be a great way to find your passion and perhaps profession as well.
  7. Doing them makes you happy. Unable to do them any particular day or for some time won’t have any adverse effects on your happiness.

Difference between a hobby and your passion

Before we move forward, let us clearly explain the slight difference that separates a hobby from a passion.

Most people often confuse these two things and end up wasting their time in seeking the wrong thing at the expense of the other.

What is a hobby?

A hobby is any activity performed by you that might be related or unrelated to your profession. The main purpose of engaging in a hobby is to relax and gain peace of mind.

A hobby is something that you do in your free time to become more comfortable but not doing which doesn’t make you uncomfortable either.

What is a passion?

A passion is something that you do because you love doing it. Passions are rarely changed although you might have more than one passion.

Passions are pursued to gain satisfaction and keep you motivated. They can be hard work, consistent efforts to become better at something and therefore aren’t relaxing and comforting.

30 Best ideas list to pick a new and interesting hobby for yourself

As we already mentioned above, there are tons of hobbies that you or any person can choose from to do in their free time.

So whether you get free time at home or at the office, you can use our list of 30 best ideas of cheap and inexpensive hobbies to try for fun by yourself.

And based on the length of this list of hobbies, we are sure to help you engage in a new hobby every time.

1. Clean the mess around

Clean the mess around

If you have unimportant photos or files and folders lying in your mobile phone or your computer desktop screen, sort out these in relevant folders and delete the stuff that you no longer need.

The same can be done with your email inbox.

Keeping your stuff up-to-date and in proper condition can be a nice hobby to pursue once a week or after every few days.

2. DIY projects

Watch an online video or read a blog, book or article magazine about DIY (do-it-yourself) projects.

There are many things lying around you that need your attention and a DIY project can help you solve it easily on your own.

Read our article on 14 Creative and cool how to DIY project ideas to try at home

3. Paint

Who doesn’t love to play with colors? Of course everyone does.

So take out a piece of paper, card sheet or canvas and express your ideas and creativity by making different color brush strokes on it.

4. Draw

The easiest and simplest hobby can be to start drawing. You just need a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil for it.

Draw anything you have in mind and try to copy some nice pattern or shape you have in your sight.

5. Color

A nice and cheap hobby can be to practically experience different things in different colors.

Buy any children or adult coloring book with easy and simple line drawings or complex patterns like floral designs; and a pack of different color pencils, markers or even pointers.

Fill the drawings with your own unique sense of colors and see how beautiful they look.

6. Write your goals, New Year or mid-year resolutions

Everyone has some goals, so why not document them at some place which can keep on reminding you of their unfinished status till the time they are achieved.

And if a New Year is approaching or perhaps you need to alter your New Year resolution during mid-year, why not do it now.

Read our article on 16 Best ideas on how to write your New Year resolution goals

7. Pottery

You can also make some pottery out of clay. If you are new, watch a video or join a class to learn the basics first.

Start with making simple objects such as bowls or any type of ordinary containers. A bit more practice can help you learn how to mold complex shapes as well.

8. Do gardening

Gardening can be a great way to spend your spare time engaging with nature.

Plant new seeds, collect any grown vegetables and fruits that you might have planted in your home garden, remove any weeds and unwanted shrubs, water and add fertilizer if needed.

9. Run for sometime

You can go out of your home and run for a few minutes to breathe some fresh air or you can also use the treadmill for this purpose if it’s available in your office or at home.

10. Learn about your travel destinations

Learn about your travel destinations

If you have any travel destination in mind that you would like to visit during the next holiday season or in your vacations, search online for it and start learning some basic facts about the place, its people and its culture.

11. Make your shopping list

Check your pantry, fridge and kitchen cabinets for things that you need to buy during your next visit to a supermarket and add these to your grocery list.

12. Sort out your clothes

If you have a bunch of clothes piling up in your bedroom, sort them up between tidy and untidy. Throw them in the laundry basket for washing; or hang and fold them and put them at their right place.

13. Make your budgets

Start keeping a track of your income and expenditures. Make a list of all your revenue streams against the expenses that you pay for out of them.

See how you can increase your income and cut unnecessary expenses. You can also create a fund to start saving money for something big or a better hobby.

14. Learn and start investing

Money loses its purchasing power if kept unattended or unused over a certain period of time. So why not start investing it.

You can always learn about ways to invest in different things such as capital stock markets. Play online free tutorials to test your business acumen before investing in real life.

15. Start blogging

Start a blog and write short articles to share your experiences or knowledge about anything that interests you.

16. Warm up yourself

Do a quick and small workout session, make some moves and stretch your muscles to warm up yourself. This will boost your mental and physical health.

Many offices offer a gym area with basic gym equipment within their premises, so why not make it a hobby to occasionally use this facility.

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17. Follow a healthy morning routine

If the only free time you have during a day is in the morning, then use it in a hobby that amounts to a healthy morning routine and a super productive day.

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18. Groom your kids

Spend your spare time to groom your kids a bit more than you already do. Engage in some kind of activity that develops their mental and physical strengths.

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19. Watch an inspirational movie

As a human, you will always need some more inspiration to overcome your hurdles and beat the odds that you are facing.

Watching an inspirational movie in your free time can be the best way of doing it.

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20. Meditate


A few minutes of meditation can totally bring back your lost peace of mind and soothe your body especially if done just before going to sleep.

Read our article on 15 Best guided meditations for a better sleep and relieve insomnia

21. Learn ways to self-improve yourself

You can be one of the best but can never be perfect. Thus, the quest to self-improve yourself will stay as long as you live.

Read our article on 25 Best ways to self-improve and develop yourself to grow better at anything

22. Give importance to your own self

Many people confuse it with giving self-importance which is wrong. Spend some time alone to realize that you too are as important as anyone else.

Read our article on 30 Best ways and tips to practice self-love and be good to yourself

23. Reconnect with your friends and family

There is always some person among your friends and family members in your contact list that you often forget to keep-in-touch with.

Call any such person in your spare time or simply send a text or instant message to quickly catch-up and schedule a call at some later time.

24. Wish others on their special days

This can work in two ways.

First, if you have been busy lately and missed on some important person’s birthday or anniversary etc. send them a belated wish message and apologize.

Second, if you think that you will miss out on someone’s special day because you have a busy few days coming up next, set an automated text message, email; or hire some service that can send a card, flowers or gift to that special someone on their special day on your behalf.

25. Scrapbooking

Who doesn’t like to capture photos to recall their past memories? Surely, everyone does.

So in your spare time, why not get these photos printed and document and decorate them in a scrapbook.

26. Read a book

Reading a book in your spare time can be the best way to enrich yourself with many treasures and experiences from the lives of other people.

27. Learn to cook healthy food

While many people rely on eating outside, especially junk food such as fast food to save their time, they are actually compromising on their health safety.

If you happen to be one such person, we advise you to learn to cook a few quick recipes on healthy food.

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28. Volunteer

Volunteering and helping those in need can be a great way to show how much you owe your community and people that live in it.

Spend your spare time making things better for other people.

29. Litter picking

You can also walk around your neighborhood and make a small effort in making it clean and green.

30. Get to know the people in your neighborhood

Get to know the people in your neighborhood

Perhaps your daily routine consists of taking off in your car for work in the morning and then landing back at your gate at day end. During this, you remain unaware of the neighborhood and its people that you pass by.

So why not in your spare time, take a stroll around the neighborhood houses and meet some new people.

Bottom line

We believe some of you might be getting excited to try as many of these hobbies as possible.

So for these quirky minds, we suggest that select a few hobbies from our list that suit you most and make a weekly, fortnightly or monthly list of doing all these.

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