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23 Important and Vital Lessons to Learn in Life As Early As Possible

Life is full of lessons. From the time that you are born till the time you will die, each moment and every step that you come across has its own unique lesson to teach you.

However this doesn’t mean in any way that you have to learn the same things again and again or you can delay any particular life lessons to experience at a later time in life.

This is because your life is much more limited than you can actually imagine and long before you realize how short it was, it might be too late then.

So as humans and as the most responsible species that would ever exist on the surface of this planet, you always divide your life into different stages.

Each stage has its own trials and lessons to teach you so that you are well equipped for the next stage in life.

Aside from these lessons divided into stages for which you require a certain level of life experience and wisdom to learn from the previous stage, there are some other life lessons that will help you all along your lives.

In some way, these life lessons are the foundation on which you learn other lessons.

But since the most important thing in the construction of anything depends on its foundation and the principles that it governs, it is your duty and key responsibility to learn these set of life lessons as soon as possible.

The sooner you learn these basic set of life lessons, the more mature you become and the more quick you can cross each stage of life.

This means that age is actually a number and nothing more.

Thus your learning capability or in order to experience something at a greater level in life does not require for you to reach a certain age.

All you need to be is to have a stable state of mind that can digest whatever it is being fed.

In this article, we look at some 23 important and vital lessons to learn in life as early as possible in order to achieve this kind of maturity and stable mindset.

23 Important and vital lessons to learn in life as early as possible

23 Important and vital lessons to learn in life as early as possible

No matter what your current age is, there are always certain events and resulting life lessons that make you realize how you have missed to learn something important at an earlier stage in life.

Of course everything in life cannot be learned like this otherwise your life will just be surrounded by regrets.

Feeling regret to make you move forward and avoid making the same mistake by having a more mature outlook in future is a good thing.

But too much regret can bring your current state of mind to a complete halt and hinder your future performance as well.

In order to prevent this from happening, we have compiled a list of 23 important and vital lessons for you to learn in life at an early stage in order to prevent any further regrets in your life.

1. Remember you are the best

Irrespective of what others tell you, what other people compare you with and what more or less you mentally or physically have, you are the best.

Always remember that you are the best of the best form of creation that is unique in every manner.

When someone compares you with someone, the actual focus is not on you but on the doer of such person itself.

People often try to hide their own faults by blaming others for how incomplete they are.

But in actuality, it has nothing to do with you, your body or your personality.

2. Realize your self-importance for yourself

Lending others a helping hand and caring for the people around you in the form of your family members and friends show how kind hearted you are.

But this act should not supersede your own self-importance.

Self-importance does not mean being selfish or always putting yourself first even if it means harm or loss to other people.

It simply means that you become self-sufficient and independent so as to survive on your own even if you yourself have no helping hand during the most painful times of your life.

3. What goes around, comes around

‘What goes around, comes around’ or ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ are the things that will always remain a universal fact in each and every way all along your life.

The simplest meaning of these terms is that how you treat others, you will eventually be treated in the same manner.

What you pass forward, whether good or bad, will come back to you in the same package, may be now or later.

So always think of the consequences in the long term, especially if you are about to engage in any wrong activity.

4. Others will judge you by your words

Think a thousand times or for as many times as possible before opening up your mouth on any matter.

Remember that what you speak represents what you think, and what you think is what you actually are.

So it is always a wise decision to listen more and speak less. Avoid speaking whenever possible and try to hold your grudges.

Simple and easy tip to follow this principle is to remember that you have two ears to hear and one mouth to speak.

This means that as a natural fact, your inclination should be more towards listening first and then towards speaking.

5. A journey of thousand miles, begins with a single step

It is natural to have big goals and ambitions in life but these big life time achievements do not happen all at once.

Every long journey begins with a single step. So have courage and start walking towards your goals.

6. You are accountable for your own actions

While this life lesson applies to you only, its implications are wider than you imagine.

This lesson means that you are accountable for all of the actions that you do.

Actions that you do intentionally or unintentionally and in a vague manner are all your liabilities.

In addition to this, whether your actions are based on your own decisions or you follow someone else’s guidelines, it doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is that you acted so you shall be answerable.

This eventually means that you need to take control of your decisions in life as soon as possible.

When others are not going to be there to share the pain of an action that results from their ill-fated advice, then why act upon their advice in the first place.

7. Reputation is more important than money

As mentioned in the earlier two life lessons, that you are accountable for your every action that you do and to think a thousand times before speaking, therefore understand that these are the things that make up your reputation in front of other people.

Often people prefer money over their reputation for which they mostly regret afterwards.

Money won’t remain with you but your reputation will help you always.

A good reputation can help you earn and even make money, but money cannot buy a good reputation or clean your bad reputation.

8. Money isn’t everything

Similar to not being an equivalent in any way to your reputation, the money you now have will not help you in everything.

Think beyond having a materialistic approach in life as everything in life does not have a monetary value.

In simple words, don’t become a cynic.

Follow the advice of Oscar Wilde who defined cynic as a person who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

9. Don’t get disheartened by your failures

Remember that failures are bound to happen. No matter how well you perform, there will be times when you will fail by narrow margins.

So do not lose hope, and keep on trying until you eventually become a success.

10. Lose but don’t lose the lesson

Lose but don’t lose the lesson

While failing is a natural way to become successful, never take failure as something to be proud of.

Getting failed is not an accomplishment. Getting failed is not showing courage.

So correct your thoughts and beliefs with regard to getting failed.

Meeting your failure with courage and standing back is the real thing.

Having the courage to hit back for as many number of times until you finally become successful is courage.

In simple words, lose but don’t lose the lesson you learn when you fail.

Do not repeat your mistakes.

11. Giving something is a bigger act than taking something

Always try to be in the position to give something and help someone.

Be generous and do not hesitate to give away something that you have and which may help the other person in a more beneficial manner.

Giving away will make you happy. Taking from others will make you feel like you owe something.

This will only burden and stress your body and mind.

12. Do not always seek return

Practice the policy of giving away as much as possible and whenever possible but do not expect anything in return.

Just believe in the fact that nature has its own way of rewarding the people who share their own blessings and rewards with the needy and helpless people.

Seeking any sort of return from other people will always disappoint you.

13. Keep a control over your mind

Human mind is a very powerful object. It has the potential to do wonders and always keep on challenging its own achievements.

Similar to doing wonders, a human mind can also be the most disastrous weapon.

So keeping a control over your mind is very important to help it function properly and within certain limitations.

Remember that there is always one of two situations that will prevail.

Either you control your mind or your mind controls you.

14. Stay humble

Always remain humble and do not overestimate your accomplishments and potential.

Praising your own self is actually the beginning of a downfall.

Let others do this while you keep working towards becoming better.

15. No amount of knowledge is enough

The moment you start to think that you have learned everything, is the moment when you start to really decline.

Remember that in order to survive and remain better in your field of expertise, you will always have to learn the latest and most recent trends.

So no amount of knowledge is actually enough for you or will last forever.

16. Prefer smart work over hard work

Hard work is what you will have to rely on in the initial stages of life.

But once you start learning more and make progress, it is smart work that you will need.

The main difference between the two is that hard work is all about repeating the same rules and procedures again and again.

While smart work is about learning the better ways of doing your tasks in order to be more effective and efficient in using your limited available resources.

17. Don’t hold grudge for long

In order to move forward, do not hold a grudge against other people for very long.

Forgive them and move on. Forget about what bad you faced and how much wrong you have been done.

Holding grudges in the long run will always affect your own performance and may or may not affect the wrongdoer.

18. Admit your mistakes

One way of moving forward and to learn from your mistakes is to admit them.

Do not feel ashamed of making mistakes as long as you are willing to admit them. But this again does not mean making the same mistakes again and again.

When you admit your mistakes, it is much easier for you to see what went wrong and sort corrective measures.

19. Nothing is impossible

Nothing in life is impossible or something out of bounds.

With consistency, hard and smart work both, and clear focus on your goals, anything that you set your mind to is achievable.

In fact, the best way to read ‘impossible’ is by reading it as ‘I Am (m) Possible’.

20. Seeing impossible as ‘I Am Possible’

Seeing impossible as ‘I Am Possible’

While many people don’t exactly see this approach, you need to learn this right now.

Breaking impossible into ‘I Am Possible’ is a very natural and realistic way of understanding that big goals in life need to be broken down into smaller segments.

Sometimes seeing the whole bigger wall seems hard to build. But when you divide it into laying one brick at a time, everything seems easy and possible.

By breaking the word impossible, you not only have three individual parts, but it also becomes easier to read, understand and gives the whole term a completely new meaning.

21. Set goals in life

Always have goals in life to pursue and to work for.

Having goals means having a purpose in life to accomplish and which differentiates you from other people.

Remember that whatever time you have is the most important blessing of yours so utilize it in achieving something that benefits you or others around you.

22. Do not seek external competition

If you are on a quest to beat other people and win from them, you will never succeed.

This is because the more people you beat, the more you will find rising in competition with you.

True competition lies in challenging your own past performance and working towards staying ahead of it.

23. Always be prepared for the worst

While having a positive outlook towards life is important, still you should always remain prepared for the worst outcomes and unfavorable circumstances.

This does not mean that you perceive a negative outcome. Instead, your perception should be towards seeing and welcoming a favorable result.

Being prepared for the worst simply means that even if something goes wrong and doesn’t work out as per your plans, you are able to survive it and try again.

Bottom line

What you have just read above are merely just a few of the many life lessons that you need to learn right away.

Some people learn these lessons by experience and some learn by seeing others as an example.

Given the limited amount of time that all of us have in our lives, it is always a wise decision to learn from other people’s experience as much as possible and avoid making the same mistakes.

Life is full of good and bad experiences.

Use it to experience new things that others haven’t experienced till now and set examples for other people.

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