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14 Best Inspirational Movies to Watch on Netflix to Boost your Motivation

Ever since it started offering its premium online movie streaming service for global audiences from multiple territories, Netflix today offers a ton of movies and TV shows from various genres.

Our discussion today within the scope of this article revolves around the best inspirational movies to watch on Netflix to boost your motivation.

These Netflix movies in our list have been selected on the bases of real life stories, fiction, novels, incidents and experiences.

They show how perseverance, courage, resilience and adaptability do not only enable great minds but anyone else to conquer everything and anything they set their mind towards.

And with the holiday season about to start soon, you might want to prepare a list of movies to watch with your friends and family.

But as it is also the time when this year is counting its last days, a few of you might have other plans as well. Like the plan of deciding your New Year resolution.

And what better source of inspiration could you get for setting next year goals other than our collection of movies.

So no matter if it is one of the above reasons or just another ordinary weekend night, our list of inspirational movies will help you greatly.

Especially if have had a tiring week and want some inspiration to start afresh next week with super charged Monday motivation.

So without any further due, let’s begin rolling.

14 Best inspirational movies to watch on Netflix to boost your motivation

1. The Founder

The Founder

Release year: 2016

Duration: 1 hour 55 minutes

‘The Founder’ is a biopic on the life of an innovative but unsuccessful businessman Ray Kroc, who happens to meet the McDonald brothers by chance.

McDonald brothers have placed an unusually large sales order for one of Ray Kroc’s product that barely makes a sale.

As it is hard to believe and he is absolutely surprised, he travels to their fast food restaurant to get to know the actual story.

And this is the place where he is introduced to the highly efficient working mechanism of their restaurant.

Though one aspect of the film clearly shows deceit and fraud on the part of Ray Kroc, the rest of the story is truly inspiring.

This biographical drama film explains how one 50 something year old person’s way of thinking differently made him such a phenomenon.

The will to always look for out-of-box techniques allowed Ray Kroc to build one of the greatest American corporations with international presence.

This biopic is a clear example that while finding like-minded people can be hard, your devotion, persistence and enthusiasm can convince others to adopt your mindset.

2. Inside Bill’s Brain

Inside Bill’s Brain

Release year: 2019

Duration: Limited series (3 Parts of 52, 50 and 55 minutes each)

In this documentary series cum movie, we stroll down into the mind of one of the greatest intellectual persons of our time, Bill Gates.

From the idea to develop an operating system­ with the co-founder of his company, to drop out of college and build a company, this movie will cover everything.

His passion and hard work did not only make him famous but also the richest person in the world, a title which he held for many years.

The products and solutions he created in the field of computers have made his operating system ‘Windows’ as one of the widely used products of all time.

From the age of seventeen when he co-founded Microsoft till the time he retired, Bill Gates has a lot to inspire to eager and willing minds.

Now that he is full-time retired, he and his wife Melinda Gates have devoted their time and wealth to their social work organization. Their main aim now is to curb issues related to health and food for people in the less developed countries and under-privileged societies.

3. Dangal


Release year: 2016

Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes

This Bollywood movie on Netflix is the real story of an Indian wrestler who throughout his career is unable to win a single gold medal.

The wish to win a gold medal for his country brings up his desire to have a son who can fulfill his dream.

But unfortunately for him, he only has daughters which he thinks are not built for the tough sport of wrestling.

Then one incident invokes in him the idea that it does not matter whether it is a girl or a boy and any gender can make his dream come true.

‘Dangal’ is a story of a father and his two elder daughters whom he decides to personally train and coach as professional wrestlers and become laureate in different wrestling competitions.

4. The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

Release year: 2006

Duration: 1 hour 57 minutes

The movie ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ is a story based on the life of Chris Gardener, an American businessman and motivational speaker. The lead roles in the movie are played by the famous Will Smith and his real life son Jaden Smith, who plays the role of his on-screen son.

Being a homeless salesman, Chris Gardener struggles with selling a failed product in which he has invested his life-time savings. But his life changes when he joins a stock brokerage firm.

The movie dialogues depict this real life story in a way that will inspire you to overcome the odds in your life no matter how worse they are.

5. Sanju


Release year: 2018

Duration: 2 hours 38 minutes

‘Sanju’ again is a marvelous creation of Bollywood, the Indian film industry. The film is based on the real life story of the very famous and quite controversial Indian movie actor Sanjay Dutt.

Sanjay’s journey to become one of the highly respected stars of Bollywood is filled with pitfalls and challenges.

Sanjay’s acts have posed a threat to his parent’s showbiz reputation. He has had drug addiction. He has also been a target of religious hate speech.

And his notorious association with the Indian underworld which lends him in behind the bars on multiple times have all been discussed in the movie.

But his courage and will kept him alive and helped him pass through each and every storm.

6. Ali


Release year: 2001

Duration: 2 hours 36 minutes

This biographical sports drama film ‘Ali’, is the story of a young boxer Cassius Clay. Cassius is successful at winning his debut championship and reverts to Islam with the name Muhammad Ali.

This brings him new heights of fame and makes him one of the most inspiring persons and legendary boxers of all time.

Muhammad Ali’s courage, quotes and the attitude to never bow down in front of anything wrong, unethical and immoral has inspired many others and will inspire you as well.

7. Marriage Story

Marriage Story

Release year: 2019

Duration: 2 hours 16 minutes

‘Marriage Story’ is a film by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Noah Baumbach.

The film includes anger, grieve and denial as the relationship of one couple meets uncertain situation. While the husband is a stage director and the wife is an actor, both had to decide about the status of their relationship.

The decision is between keeping their priorities and ambitions and whether they should continue living together as a couple or should they separate and follow their own paths.

8. The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything

Release year: 2014

Duration: 2 hours 3 minutes

The film ‘The Theory of Everything’ won the Best Actor Academy Award.

The film portrays the life of one of the most genius persons known to have lived in recent times, Stephen Hawking.

Its story revolves around the incident when Stephen Hawking is diagnosed with the non-curable motor neuron disease (ALS). Even though he is only 27 years old, the doctors tell him that it is only now a matter of two years till his death.

Contrary to this, Stephen Hawking lives for another 55 years, something which rarely happens for ALS patients. During this time, he and his colleague Jane Wilde are able to make some groundbreaking discoveries in the field of science and medicine.

9. The Notebook

The Notebook

Release year: 2004

Duration: 2 hours 3 minutes

This adaptation is from the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks. This epic melodrama follows a story of two young lovers, a poor boy from the countryside and a rich girl who lives in a city.

The movie covers their love story which is separated in between war, society and class differences in the 1940s and that spans decades and goes through endless difficulty and misfortune.

10. Hugo


Release year: 2011

Duration: 2 hours 7 minutes

Resembling the period of 1930s in Paris, ‘Hugo’ is the story of an orphan who loves to wander around a train station. There he messes around with the station clocks and escapes from the stationmaster.

Being captured between the mystery of robots, family issues and his meeting with a famous movie maker, he finds the key to unlock his true passion and purpose in life.

11. Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook

Release year: 2012

Duration: 2 hours 2 minutes

The movie is based on the story of two people who fall for each other during their recovery phase from a severe trauma. It will teach you several lessons to help find and maintain your true inspiration.

For instance lessons like there is never a certain or specified place to fall in love with someone. Or like accepting help from other people is not a big deal. Or that every person has a bunch of unresolved issues. And to not hold a grudge with someone for too long. Instead move and let others move forward as well, are just a few of the things you will learn from watching this movie.

12. Moneyball


Release year: 2011

Duration: 2 hours 13 minutes

Billy Beane is a general manager of a baseball team called Oakland A, which is never able to perform well because it cannot afford big money players.

But instead of giving up and whining about their inabilities and shortcomings, Billy Beane frames a new game changing strategy. By using statistical data and exploiting inefficiencies in the baseball game market, he builds a low budget team that can overthrow its biggest competitors.

13. Apollo 13

Apollo 13

Release year: 1995

Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

The movie ‘Apollo 13’ has some good and important leadership lessons.

Lessons like asking the right and expert oriented questions. Empowering your team to work independent of your assistance. Communicating instructions in a clear way to resolve any issues. Having confidence in expert opinions and always keeping the energy of a positive mindset flow throughout the entire team.

So aside from inspiring you alone, this space based adventurous drama film will help you to also become an inspiration for others and your team.

14. Same Kind of Different as Me

Same Kind of Different as Me

Release year: 2017

Duration: 1 hour 59 minutes

This movie’s story is based on the lives of a wealthy and prosperous married couple, who re-discover their purpose in life. This happens when they serve as volunteers on a mission and become friends with a homeless person.

This movie will help you understand ways on how to find your hidden courage and potential.

Such as accept challenges that fear you most. Try to look beyond the physical appearance of other people to find their real personality and charm. And never lie about anything to the people around you.

End thoughts

Humans have this need to look for things that inspire them in order to help them find their real and true purpose in life.

While a few inspirations are there to remain for lifetime, some inspirations are needed to motivate you in times of distress and sorrow. You might have as well heard of people talking about ways to get their daily dose of inspiration.

So inspiration for any person can come through any source and in any manner. Watching movies is just one of the many forms of taking inspiration. We hope our list serves you well in this regard.

*Please note that while much care has been taken in compiling the list above, few of the movies in this list still might not be available to you. This is because of your Netflix version’s regional restrictions and difference in its own release dates.

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