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37 Inspirational Wallpapers Handpicked For Your Desktop!

Days at work might get gloomy and monotonous. But do you know inspiration is just around the corner? An inspirational wallpaper is an easy way to keep yourself cheered up.

It will serve as your very own cheerleader. This small yet effective technique can help turn those dark shades into happy light ones.

Simply make a collection of some of these inspirational wallpapers we have picked from all over the internet. Set one of them as your desktop wallpaper.

And whenever you feel dull, just hit the minimize button and let these wallpapers inspire you! They will serve as a cheery reminder of your awesomeness!

So, let’s begin!

50 Inspirational Wallpapers to Uplift Your Mood

1. You Are Amazing!

You Are Amazing!

Source: CoolDigitalPhotography

This colorful yet simple wallpaper is easily one of the best inspiring backgrounds.

Not in a great mood? Turn to your wallpaper screen, and hey, your dear cheerleader friend, is here waiting to lighten you up. So believe in yourself and Keep Rocking!

2. Aim For The Sky

Aim For The Sky

Source: WallpaperAccess

This cute wallpaper will make an adorable inspirational wallpaper. This quote by Les Brown reminds us to always aim high. Whatever you aspire to, strive to be the best. Who knows, you may achieve it. And even if you miss the moon, you will anyway land amongst the stars.

3. Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Source: WallPaperAccess

Be Yourself. This quote will always inspire you to be brave and be original. You are a gem, and nobody can rock your life better than yourself. So, do not waste time imitating others; find your purpose, your way, and write your destiny.

4. Be Daring About Your Goals

Be Daring About Your Goals

Source: CoolDigitalPhotography

This inspiring wallpaper is a lively reminder to be daring about your goals. Push yourself to test your limits. The quote asks us to enjoy the rugged journey of pursuing our goals.

5. You Can Be Everything!

You Can Be Everything!

Source: DesktopNexus

This one is the ultimate motivational wallpaper for desktop. The wallpaper says you can be everything. Honest, wise, creative, helpful, hard-working, anything. You got it all in you!

So, what are you waiting for? Charge on your dreams!

6. Recipe To Being A Champion!

Recipe To Being A Champion!

Source: DesignYourWay

Muhammad Ali is a true champion. Amongst his many amazing quotes is this one. The quote emphasizes the need to be motivated from the inside before conquering the outside world.

If you got a desire and a vision, you are unstoppable. This quote is perfect for every one of us: especially budding entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists.

7. Patience Is The Key

Patience Is The Key

Source: CoolDigitalPhotography

Don’t Give Up! We guess this is what we need to say to ourselves every time we get a setback. Keep moving on; Patience is the key! As one day, the world will see.

This inspirational wallpaper will hit the heart of so many of the great-stuff-aspirants.

8. When Life Gives You Lemons!

When Life Gives You Lemons!

Source: Alphacoders

There can be sour days. But you need to remember to laugh them away.

The wallpaper is great for all those of us who actively get lemons and love lemonade! 😉

9. Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward

Source: DesignYourWay

This inspirational desktop background reads a quote from Zayn Malik. And we agree that as the waves thrash against stones, criticism thrashed on your face, must be dealt with like a rock. Don’t move but prove them wrong by your capability and actions.

10. Try Adventure!

Try Adventure!

Source: CoolDigitalPhotography

This is picture-perfect inspirational wallpaper for those of us who want to do or learn something new every day. So, for all those adventurous souls, get this wallpaper, and never let your spirit die. You are rare!

11. Your Strengths Lie In Your Weaknesses

Your Strengths Lie In Your Weaknesses

Source: Alphacoders

Every one of us has his/her weaknesses. God made us perfect, but we do have our shortcomings. And those of us who understand their flaws are the ones who win the feat.

You know how to tackle your weak points, and thus they are no more your weakness, but your strength. So, c’mon, let’s, take on the world!

12. Believing That You Can Is Half The Battle

Believing That You Can Is Half The Battle

Source: DesktopNexus

Your battle may seem as endless as the Sea. But believe us, our friend, if you believe you can do it, half the battle is fought.

You win first in your mind and then on the battlefield. So, remember, if you can feel victory, you can win as well!

13. Love & Live

Love & Live

Source: DesignYourWay

It is a critical work-life balance quotation. Love and live like there’s no tomorrow. Give your family time. After all, you are earning for them only. And do not keep travel plans for retirement. Live your life now. Who knows if there will be a tomorrow.

14. Positivity Foremost, Positivity All-Around

Positivity Foremost, Positivity All-Around

Source: CoolDigitalPhotography

This really simply designed wallpaper talks about a very simple point. Just be positive in your mind. Positive about every aspect of your day. This positivity will lead to positive vibes and much more positivity in life.

We get to live once. Why not make it beautiful?

15. 14 Rules To A Healthy Life

14 Rules To A Healthy Life

Source: alphacoders

Indeed an inspirational wallpaper. It speaks volumes about how to live healthily with 14 simple rules. If you feel as if your life is getting messy, set this as your wallpaper and remind yourself of these 14 rules continually, for these are the building blocks of a happy, peaceful life.

16. Light Can Be Found in the Darkest Of Times

Light Can Be Found in the Darkest Of Times

Source: DesignYourWay

This quote is something no Harry Potter fan can forget. Everybody of us goes through tough times when the light seems a distant thought.

But take Dumbledore’s advice, turn on the lights and the dark hours will soon be off!

Set this inspiring wallpaper on your desktop. And remind yourself that light is there, but you only need to turn it on.

17. Don’t Be Same; Be Better

Don't Be Same; Be Better

Source: CoolDigitalPhotography

This minimalistic yet inspirational wallpaper is made for those who want to exceed expectations every time. They don’t want to be just the same. They aspire to be better and dream of being the best!

18. Breathe


Source: teahub

Hey! Just a casual reminder that you got to breathe! Many of us forget everything once we are at work. We work tirelessly, even on weekends.

So, set this refreshing wallpaper on your desktop and let yourself breathe. You will definitely feel better.

19. Change Is The Only Constant

Change Is The Only Constant

Source: WallpaperSafari

Change is the law of nature. Change is the only constant.

Thus, changing and adapting is essential for succeeding. The world nowadays is changing faster than ever. To keep yourself afloat, change is the new age mantra!

20. Will Power Is The Key

Will Power Is The Key

Source: WallpaperBoat

Here is a question. What is the single most crucial factor in winning a feat? It’s willpower. A person with strong willpower will never lose faith, will stand upright, and face the storm like a rock.

21. You Can Do Whatever You Want

You Can Do Whatever You Want

Source: itl.cat

No mountain is so high. No valley is so deep.

You can do what you want to do. You can be what you want to be.

22. Passion Is All It Takes

Passion Is All It Takes

Source: HelloLovelyLiving

This floral wallpaper is refreshing and reminds you that passion is the answer to every obstacle. Charge on your problems like a bull; passion will be your force!

23. Bloom Where You Are Planted

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Source: HelloLovelyLiving

This cute inspirational wallpaper says a simple thing—Bloom where you are planted. There is no point in complaining about circumstances. That is not going to help. Find what is advantageous in your situation and grow.

It is a sweet reminder for all of us who do not like our current circumstances that we can brave these situations.

24. Everybody Has His Own Unique Gift

Everybody Has His Own Unique Gift

Source: DesignYourWay

This motivational Desktop Wallpaper is a famous quote by Albert Einstein. It prods us to keep faith in our unique abilities and not compare an artist to a scientist. We should remember that we were all made smart and geniuses!

25. An Entrepreneur’s Mindset

An Entrepreneur's Mindset

Source: DesignYourWay

The quote is for all those entrepreneurs who are currently striving hard for success. Indeed, an entrepreneur’s life is different from all the rest. Entrepreneurs risk, work hard, and win.

26. It’s In Difficult Times That We Learn

It's In Difficult Times That We Learn

Source: WallpaperCave

It is true; Rough times make us learn a lot. They make us more experienced and tough.

Everybody goes through storms. But most do not like it during the storm. But all of us thank the learnings later.

27. Discoveries Are Fascinating

Discoveries Are Fascinating

Source: Imgur

Learning and Discoveries can never stop. They have no end. This inspiring desktop background shows a fascinating side of learning. It is an excellent thought to start your day with. Just remember something somewhere will uncover itself today!

28. Never Give Up

Never Give Up

Source: alphacoders

However difficult the climb to your destination is, never give up as the pain and hardships you made on the journey will be your most cherished belongings. After all, it is such hardships that give life meaning.

29. Pain Is Your Privilege

Pain Is Your Privilege

Source: alphacoders

This indeed is the ultimate inspirational wallpaper. Most of us sulk away the pain. But indeed, pain is your privilege; own it. For those who endure it, succeed!

After all, no pain; no gain.

This is perfect for all of us who are going through some pain or difficulties in life. Trust us, when the sun will shine, it will all make sense.

30. Optimism Is A Choice

Optimism Is A Choice

Source: alphacoders

This cute wallpaper is perfect for sci-fi fans. It is clear, to be an optimist or to be a negatron is a choice we make every day, every moment.

Like the two sides of a coin, there are two ways to view the situation. So, when you do have a choice, be an optimist prime and not a negatron!

31. Cling On To Hope

Cling On To Hope

Source: alphacoders

This inspiring desktop background emphasizes that there is always hope, whatever be the circumstances. If you are surrounded by darkness, calm down, have faith, for where there’s life, there is hope.

32. Be An Opportunist

Be An Opportunist

Source: avante.biz

If you are waiting for opportunities to come to you, you may succeed. But if you CREATE opportunities, you WILL succeed. All great leaders never wait for things to happen to them. They take control and create their own destiny.

33. Destiny Is Out There

Destiny Is Out There

Source: teahub.io

If you have a dream, there is no point waiting for it to come and knock at your house. You have to go out and take the pains, for the destiny is out there waiting for you to make it happen.

34. Creativity Takes Courage

Creativity Takes Courage

Source: itl.cat

Are the circumstances trying? Is your hope dying? Set this motivational wallpaper on your desktop, and remember the best is yet to come. Trust us; if it is not right, it is not the end.

35. I Am What I Choose To Become

I Am What I Choose To Become

Source: quotefancy

This beautiful, inspiring wallpaper reminds us that situations may be trying. They might try to mold us. But stay strong and choose what you become and not a testimony of what happened to you.

36. To Act Is The Key

To Act Is The Key

Source: quotefancy

Bruce Lee is one of my all-time favorite influencers. His sayings are always on point. And even this one emphasizes that you cannot learn without applying and cannot achieve without doing.

37. Try, Try Till You Succeed

Try, Try Till You Succeed

Source: quotefancy

This quote emphasizes the power of trying, even failed trials. Edison failed so many times before he could actually light a bulb. So, this quote is indeed accurate. This quote also underlines the power of persistence and will surely motivate you in your hard times.


So, folks, this was all in our collection of inspirational wallpapers. We have tried to cover the whole spectrum of inspirational wallpapers in our collection. We hope you liked it. 

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