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14 Practical and Possible Ways on How to Live Life to the Fullest

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

Most people take half of their lives and some even reach its end to realize that life was a do it yourself (DIY) project.

Almost all the people in this world can be divided into two basic and broad categories.

First are those that have been relying on other people’s opinions, choices, suggestions and judgements and have never taken control of their own thoughts or preferred their own likes and dislikes.

Second are those that prefer living in the auto-pilot mode i.e. relying solely on what life or faith holds for them.

They are least concerned about whether the direction that this auto-pilot mode is taking them in is right or wrong.

Their reliance on luck or auto-pilot mode has overshadowed their own natural capability to take any decisions on their own and act according to them.

So before moving further, let us ask you a few simple questions –

Do you often end up trying to impress others and no matter how hard you try, there is always a complaint or a disapproval of your acts?

Or do you often remain uncertain of what would happen next or what things you are about to encounter? In simple words, are you living a totally unplanned and non-routine life?

If your answer to any of the above questions is in “Yes”, then you belong to the categories described above.

In simple words, you aren’t living your life to the fullest.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 14 ways that can help you live your life to the fullest.

But before we move any forward, let us briefly explain to you about what actually is the meaning of this concept of living your life to the fullest?

What does ‘living your life to the fullest’ means?

To live your life to the fullest means to reach your full potential both mentally and physically and strive for only the best.

Striving for only the best means that not giving up even though you don’t succeed after the first few trials in your life and not accepting your failures as your faith.

But even if you win little rewards but still believe that you didn’t perform as per your full potential and you deserve to get more, there is a willing and can-do attitude in you to accomplish more.

14 Practical and possible ways on how to live your life to the fullest

People falling in any of the above categories actually happen to have the worst and most disadvantageous form of life that any human being should never ever have to live.

This is because while most people tend to be unaware of what destination they would reach at the end of the path that they are walking on, there happens to be something worse than this.

And it is about not knowing the reason for walking on the path that they are walking on or have been told to walk on.

So if you are one such person that hasn’t been given the opportunity to think for himself and up till now someone else has been controlling you or pulling your strings to act according to their will, it is time that you make full use of the following guidelines and start living your life to the fullest.

1. Realize your own importance to yourself

Before we move any further, realize your own importance in your own eyes.

To do this, recall any of the prior embarrassing moments when you were held accountable for your own failures.

You will notice that irrespective of the fact that all your actions were based on someone else’s decisions, the decision makers weren’t held responsible.

In fact, all the burden of mismanaging the plan and letting things get out of control was put on you, which certainly was unfair, but you were told not to think otherwise.

So understand that when you are to be held responsible for what you do, then why does anything based on other people’s choices.

Why not take your own decisions and then either they turn out to deliver good or bad results, you are at least aware of it and know what mistakes to avoid the next time in your life.

2. Stop giving others the undue advantage or credit

Similar to the case of not being able to deliver as per the other people’s intentions, failing and making yourself embarrassed, stop giving others the undue credit as well.

This mostly happens when the plans that others cast for you somehow work in your favor and the final results turn out to be amazing and superb.

Even though no one is sure about how it happened, again you aren’t allowed to take the credit of putting in the hard work and effort.

Everything good that happens to you is seen as someone else’s accomplishment or because another person guided you to pass through it.

So stop this now, and give credit to the extent that other people deserve it. Do not let anyone take extra or undue advantage of your hard work.

3. You will never learn by letting others decide for you

If you have carefully read and fully understood the meanings of the first and second points in this list, you will surely understand the reason why you won’t learn anything by letting others decide for you or take decisions on your behalf.

This is because when you let other people decide for you, they are sometimes trying to experiment their plans and strategies on you.

Without risking themselves and losing their dignity, they make you perform as a puppet in their own hands. And for this purpose, they won’t even reveal you the complete plan details as well.

So if you fail, you would never know about what went wrong since you only had a limited number of steps to perform.

And if you win, then also you might never understand what things acted in your favor and made it possible to succeed.

4. Decide on your own the path you want to follow

This does not mean deciding between the right and the wrong path.

Remember that if someone has been holding you from walking on the wrong path which you are completely aware of, they have been doing you a favor. And this case does not fall within the scope of this article.

So this means that among the good decisions, select the ones that you think you need to pursue or those that will benefit you most.

When you make your own decisions and select the path to follow on your own, you are probably aware of your own potential.

Even if you aren’t fully aware at the beginning, you get to discover yourself more once you jump across the hurdles as they come in your way.

Contrary to this, when others decide for you they either sometimes underestimate you or set the bar so high that it is literally impossible for you to cross it.

5. Discovering your true potential means taking risks

Discovering your true potential means taking risks

Nothing in life is more rewarding than taking risks.

Taking risks also becomes necessary in order to discover your own true potential and the maximum strength that you actually possess but till now it was unknown to you.

There is a famous saying that –

‘Higher the risk, higher the reward. Lower the risk, lower the reward.’

6. Take risks but only calculated ones

But again the idea of taking risks or aligning them with the reward system in every case does not mean that you start taking unnecessary risks or extra hard risks.

Take risks but only calculated ones.

Or in other words, take risks for which you can easily calculate the outcomes. So if it seems that adding a little bit of courage could increase the reward, go for it.

But if you aren’t sure yourself, avoid taking such risks at all, at least for the time being.

Remember that in order to swim in the ocean, you must first begin learning to swim in the pool.

7. Stop paying less attention to other people’s opinion

Remember that you do not have any control over what other people think of you or talk about in the front and behind your back.

So avoid keeping yourself bothered with what other people think or talk about you and discard any useless thing that comes into your notice.

Just know that no matter how good you are or try to be, there will always be someone who will consider you bad and hold an unnecessary grudge against you.

8. Take maximum advantage of the present day

What you have now, is the most important and the most precious thing you will ever have. But a downside of it is that it will soon pass and won’t return again, never.

So take full advantage of your present day and make every moment count.

Don’t get busy in discussing or regretting the mistakes you made in the past. And do not overthink about your future as well as it will only make you get worried after a certain point.

So devise the time you now have wisely between learning from your past mistakes, making appropriate plans for the future and by starting working for them now.

9. Take small and gradual steps, one at a time towards future

While it is okay to have big plans for the future, understand that you won’t achieve everything at once or in one big move.

So start taking small and gradual steps towards it and see how things start to change and progress for good in your favor.

10. Praise and compliment others when necessary

Praise and compliment others when necessary

Just like we discussed about not giving others the chance to take unfair advantage of your success or take undue credit, also make sure to give it when necessary.

On your way to live your life to the fullest, you will come across some very nice and honest people that will help you without seeking any return from you.

So while they do not want any material rewards from you, make sure to at least praise and compliment them as a nice and friendly gesture.

11. Do not expect too much or make commitments you cannot fulfill

Sometimes instead of doing things on your own, you expect others to do it for you. But when they don’t, you have a grudge against them which can ruin your relationship with them.

So to avoid getting into any such uncomfortable situation, do not expect too much favor from the other people.

Even when they offer help to you themselves, always keep ready a backup plan in case if they couldn’t fulfill their commitment, things remain under control.

Similarly when making commitments, do not promise for something that you won’t be able to do or fulfill.

This is because then they might also treat you in the same manner that you would have treated them with had they been unable to fulfill their commitments as against your expectations.

12. Simple advice: do not make commitments when happy and do not make big decisions when sad

This simple advice will save you from much trouble in your life.

Whenever you are happy, avoid making any commitments or promises.

This is because the happy mood could make you ignore any realities or limitations that in future may hinder the fulfilment of promise that you are now willing to honor.

Similarly when in a bad or sad mood, do not make any significant decisions that you might regret in the long run.

Again this is because when you aren’t feeling good, your ability to make a wise and appropriate decision may be temporarily impaired.

13. Keep your acts aligned with moral values and standards

It might happen that you may be asked to cross a line, thus meaning in you compromising on the moral values and standards that you normally adhere to.

When such circumstances arise, do not in any case allow yourself or others to bypass or cross a line, whether the consequences are going to be big or small.

Remember that wrong is wrong and that right is right.

When you do good there are a lot more people that get benefitted from it, even when you don’t have any knowledge of it.

In the same manner when you do bad, whether you are aware of it or not, there is someone who has to pay for its cost irrespective of the fact that he wasn’t involved in doing it.

14. Make your own plans but when possible involve others as well

While we emphasize on the importance of taking full control of your life’s decision and making your own plans and choosing your own path, do not forget others in doing so.

The reason for this is that not everyone around you has been bad to you.

Some people have been real honest in their opinions and have always wanted the best for you.

So whether or not you act upon what others tell you, at least you can involve them in the thinking process and make them feel special.


So now that you have completed reading the 14 ways to live your life to the fullest, you might have realized that it was a bunch of few simple steps to be taken in the right direction.

But do not regret what you have missed so far as you cannot go back and change your past.

Instead, believe in your strengths and promise that from now onwards you will fully take the responsibility and show courage in navigating your way in your own way into a bright future that awaits you in the life ahead.

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