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18 Best and Ultimate Morning Routines to Keep You Insanely Productive All Day

No matter how good or bad your previous day ended, the next morning you still want to totally start afresh and from ground zero.

Looking forward to a beautiful and highly productive next day depends on how well you started off in the morning.

You see, that to get the most desired outcomes from your daytime obligations and to end things each day on a positive outlook, you need to supercharge and equip yourself with the best things in the morning.

Things that will accompany and keep you charged throughout your entire day to help you deal with your daily chores and difficult situations both at your home and office.

In this article, we look at some of the morning routines that will support and act as life aids for the rest of your day.

But before we do this, let us first highlight the importance of having a perfect or a near-to-perfect morning routine.

Highly effective benefits that you can derive by being a morning person

Highly effective benefits that you can derive by being a morning person

You often see most people categorize themselves as either a morning person or not.

Despite the fact that the most well accomplished and highly effective people will associate their success by beginning their day with a tough morning routine, there are still few exceptions.

We believe that to be an exception, you need to develop the exceptional traits.

But till the time that you are able to do this, it is the right choice to follow the method that has proven to be beneficial in the majority of cases for average human beings and made them exceptionally successful.

This is because while we are happy to see a few people still being able to make it to the top without following a morning routine, we still disagree.

Based on the experience and the lives of ultra-rich people, the benefits of following a morning ritual cannot be denied.

Hence, the people who are still able to make it big without a morning routine would certainly have been way more accomplished had they adopted an ultimate morning ritual as well.

And in order to validate our point, we have compiled a list of some of the benefits that you get to yield by being a morning person.

The ultimate benefits of following a morning ritual

The ultimate benefits of following a morning ritual

Being a morning person isn’t going to be easy especially if you have lived many years of your life without ever trying to be one.

But we are sure that after reading the benefits of being a morning person given herein, you will get some motivation to start early in the morning.

1. More time

When you start early in the morning, you sure get a few extra hours to be active during your day.

You can capitalize on these extra hours and plan even the smallest of things for your day in a calm and easy manner.

2. Stay ahead

Think of it as the time when most other people are sleeping while you are busy in planning your day.

Realize the importance of doing something a few hours or minutes earlier than many others which they are still about to do.

3. Its peaceful

Starting early means that you get to experience the peace both internally and externally. A few minutes or hours of peace will nourish your mind and body in many ways.

4. Low stress

Getting up early also means that your stress levels are low because you have no one rushing you through any kind of chaos.

5. Time to analyze and plan in advance

Beginning early in the morning will give you time to analyze and plan your day in advance and much before things become actionable.

This way you know how to prioritize or delay the tasks and projects on hand.

6. More productivity

Definitely the core reason behind waking up early is to become more productive. It is the ultimate and combined output of all the other benefits of waking up early in the morning.

7. You end your day early and happily

Starting way before others also means that you get to take off early while others are still trying to make the ends meet.

It also means that you end your day being more satisfied and happy as you have achieved more of what you planned in the early hours of your day.

8. It enhances your overall wellbeing

To get up early, you will definitely need to go to bed at the right time at night so that you do not deprive yourself of the essential hours of good quality sleep.

A good quality sleep at night has numerous benefits than you can even count.

And it is not just about relaxing your mind and body but actually plays a significant role in how you and your body functions throughout your day.

The best and ultimate morning routine and practices to adopt for making your day highly productive

The best and ultimate morning routine and practices to adopt for making your day highly productive

Now let’s talk about what things you could do as part of your getting up early morning ritual to make your day insanely productive and accomplish more than other people.

The list of things that we have compiled here as part of your morning routine will address your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

1. Set objectives the night before

Aside from going to bed early, set some objectives and goals that you would want to do as first things in the morning right after you wake up.

You see, planning for the next day should begin before you even go to sleep the night before.

2. Wake up early

Of course this is the point where it all begins. Set alarms to wake up early in the morning. In fact, it would be nice if you wake up while it still is dark.

The day you start waking up way before the sun rises, you will get to know what it really means to have total peace both inside and outside of you.

3. Do not hit snooze

Hitting snooze on your alarm is the biggest and the first obstacle you will come across. Do not let it beat you with the promise of some more sweet dreams.

As soon as your alarm rings for the very first time, know that your bedtime is over and another important day of your life has started.

Remind yourself of things that are more important in life than lying around in your bed.

4. Make your bed

While this sounds crazy and is something that your spouse or maid would do, the moment you take off from your bed, assemble it properly.

This will remind you that your bedtime is over and you cannot spoil your bed now before its bed time again.

5. Drink water and coffee

Once you are out of bed, go drink some water that is enough to hydrate your body and if coffee works for you, have one cup of it as well.

This will boost your energy levels and hormones that you require to ignite yourself for now.

6. Meditate or spend a few minutes in deep silence

The peace and calmness that surrounds you now is the best time to observe some moments of silence by meditation or deep thinking.

Concentrate on your mind, body and soul. Visualize yourself in the places that you would want to be and do things that you would want to do.

Focus on the purpose of your life and how you could make it better for you and the people around you.

You may also want to think of the incomplete things that you left yesterday and which need to be resumed and finished today.

You can also think of the blessings you have in your life in the form of objects and people that love you. Think of how grateful you are for having all these wonderful things in your life.

7. Workout and exercise

Try engaging in any sort of physical activity. Go for swimming, play tennis or practice football.

You could also do some equipment free exercises and workouts at your home or go outside for a run or visit your gym if possible at this hour.

Burn your energy and fats so much that your entire body sweats.

Early morning workout and physical activity is known to be beneficial for your mental health as well as it boosts the hormones in your brain related to your thinking ability and intellectual powers.

8. Take a shower or a bath

Soak yourself for just a few minutes into your bath tub or stand under the running water from your shower.

Use some nice smelling and nourishing shampoo and liquid soaps to wash away all the dirt and sweat from your body and come out being pleasant.

9. Take breakfast

Now is the time to get a full course breakfast to support your energy needs till your lunch hour. Eat and drink healthy and do not underestimate the importance of this morning time meal.

10. Make plans and schedules for the rest of the day

Make plans and schedules for the rest of the day

Now sit at a place where you have access to a natural source of light and air and start making your plans and schedule your meetings for the day ahead.

You might want to quickly go through the emails you received during the night and respond to a few as well.

11. Spend some quick family time together

Spending some family time together in the morning does not have to do with taking out some extra time out of your schedule for your family.

It is more about getting involved with the routine work that involves your family.

Because this is the time when your parents, spouse and children might also have woke up so try to be as much around them as possible.

Have breakfast with them, dress your children and drop them out at their school or any place that they need to be at.

You can also discuss with them about their own plans and how you all could spend your evening time together.

12. Show your love to your family

Before leaving out for work, hug and kiss your children and wife and wish them the best of luck for their day.

13. Do something that makes you happy and satisfied

Do anything quick that makes you happy and satisfied.

A good number of things can be done in this regard for the sake of happiness and satisfaction.

Things such as making your own coffee and/or breakfast, going for a walk, feeding your pet animals, watering your plants or even calling someone you would love to check up with.

14. Read a book or study your religion

The morning time can be perfect for gaining some new knowledge or learning a bit more about your religion to help you become a more intellectually and spiritually rich person.

15. Review your plans

Another important thing that can be done in the morning is to review your plans and schedules you have set just an hour or so before.

Go through each item in your list quickly to check out on anything you might have left in the beginning.

You will also come to know of things that you might have accidentally added for the day but which weren’t important at all and could be replaced with more attention seeking issues.

16. Organize your stuff

Whether it is sorting out the things that are lying in your bedroom or some pending emails you need to go through, do it now.

You could also delete the files and folders on your desktop screen that you no longer need and create some space on it to keep today’s temporary files, folders and shortcuts.

17. Make important phone calls

You can also make some important phone calls to set up appointments for today or to reconfirm those that have already been scheduled for today.

18. Anticipate the time that you would like the day to end

Set a targeted time by which you need to finish all that you have planned for today.

When you set a fixed finish line, you tend to perform accordingly and do not let your mind and body engage in unnecessary and time wasting activities.

Bottom line

Following a morning routine is nothing extra ordinary or something that isn’t easy to do.

It is just the same daily things that you do in your day but which you start at a later hour.

Our advice is only to start a few hours early, discover your hidden potentials and embrace the rewards that come with it.

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