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62 Strong Words to Keep You Motivated and Inspired in Life

Have you ever considered the power or strength of the words that you speak or hear?

Individual words and phrases that you hear and speak can have a deep impact and a captivating effect on you or the other people.

Although you have definitely experienced it before, but still if you think that you have never really felt the power of the words in actual, consider the following instances.

You have definitely heard people praising other by saying positive words like –

“Awesome”, or

“Amazing”, or


Even complete phrases like –

“Thank you for such kind words. These really mean a lot to us and help us to keep going ahead’.

Or at the end of a phone call with a customer care service agent –

“Thank you for calling. Have a nice day. Take care. Bye”.

However on the other hand, negative or angry responses like –

“Alright, stop it now”, or

“Could you please shut up?”, or

“That’s enough. Leave, right now”.

All of the instances mentioned above shouldn’t be an unfamiliar sight to you.

You often see this happening in television dramas and movies or sometimes even in real life.

Recall the effect or impact these words and phrases have on the other person.

While the positive ones leave others in a grateful state of mind, making them feel honored; the negative ones can have a totally opposite and unexpected reaction.

They can cause arguments, hatred, grudges and even provoke fights between people.

So what do you conclude from all of the above?

Simply that words either alone or as a group can really make or spoil someone’s mood or a relationship between different people.

62 Strong and powerful single words to keep you motivated and inspired in life

62 Strong and powerful single words to keep you motivated and inspired in life

Similar to the words and phrases used in the above mentioned situations, there are words for every situation that can promote or demote any person.

In this article, we look at single words that can inspire and aspire you towards motivation and inspiration for your entire life.

By remembering these 62 powerful and strong words regarding motivation and inspiration, you will always feel your mind and body strength to be fully charged.

So read the following list of 62 motivational and inspirational single words and always stay motivated and inspired.

1. Accomplish or Achieve

Whenever you feel like your goals in life are getting harder, or you won’t be able to make it, remind yourself this word to psychologically keep yourself motivated.

2. Accomplishments

Always remember and remind yourself about from which point you started and how much you have achieved so far.

This means that you can definitely do more and shouldn’t give up no matter what.

3. Act or Action

Stop wasting time overthinking and start acting, take action.

4. Active

Try to stay active and avoid being lazy. Being active also means being up-to-date and being aware of your surroundings.

5. Admire or Admiration

Admire others for what they have achieved. Admire others for how much they have contributed towards your success as well.

6. Adventure

Accept unconventional and difficult challenges as an adventure. Don’t be afraid of trying something new.

7. Alive

Always remain alive while you are alive. Don’t act or stay in one place as a dead person. Keep moving and doing something.

8. Ambition

Be ambitious. Have an ambition or a goal in life. Know where you want to be after a day, week, month, year or years.

9. Appreciate or Appreciation

Give value to even the little things that you have in life. Respect the people around you. If someone criticizes you, appreciate that in a positive way as well.

10. Attain

Set goals and then try you best to attain them.

11. Attitude

Your attitude will always play an important role in your success. Always keep a positive outlook towards life. Be kind hearted and grateful.

12. Beauty

Beauty isn’t just about what you see through your eyes. It is much beyond that, such as someone’s attitude, wisdom, etc.

13. Believe

Always believe in yourself that you too can do it, just like others before you have done it, and many others are striving to do it.

14. Believing

Become credible and trustable so that others can believe in you. Be worthy enough so that other people can put their faith in you.

Never let down those people who solely or partially rely on you.

15. Bliss

Remain happy and joyful as much as you can. Even in times of utter shock, try to be happy and smiling.

16. Breakdown

Always breakdown bigger goals and tasks into small sized achievable components.

This makes accomplishing difficult challenges easy as your energy and effort is diverted towards a single objective at a time.

17. Breathtaking

Always give your one hundred percent at doing anything. Always perform your duties and complete your incentives in an awe-inspiring manner.

18. Build

Even if there isn’t any previous or already known method of doing a task or while attempting something totally new, keep an open mind and build your own strategy.

19. Catalyst

Always look for events or persons that can bring change in you or can ignite the change process in you. Staying motivated is all about being willing to change to suit different situations.

20. Challenge

Keep challenging yourself. Always try to become a better version of yourself. Believe in challenging your own past performance.

21. Clarity

Be precise while setting goals and taking decisions. Be transparent in your acts.

22. Commit or Commitment

Whatever goals you set, decisions you take or words you speak, remain committed to them.

Whenever you commit someone, try everything to fulfill your obligations.

23. Compassion

Feel other people’s pain. If you cannot help someone, you can still show and treat them with compassion and empathy.

24. Complete

Whatever tasks you have or commitments you make always complete them. Never leave anything in the middle or uncompleted.

25. Concentrate

Stay focused on what you are currently doing. Do not wonder about other things that are irrelevant to the current job.

26. Confidence

Believe in yourself. Have complete faith in your abilities and know that you can do it. Keep your mind clear from any kind of negative thoughts or doubts.

27. Content

Stay satisfied and peaceful with what you have. Do not complain unnecessarily. If you want more, work hard for it.

Always remember the principle of ‘First deserve, then desire’.

28. Control

Control your actions and your destiny yourself. Do not let others set rules for you.

Remember that you are answerable and responsible for your own actions. So why let others control you.

29. Conquer

Defeat your fears and overcome your failures to conquer what you want.

30. Courage


Meet every pain and failure with courage until you finally win and conquer.

31. Create

Create your own path towards your destiny.

32. Dare

Have the courage to try something different, something new, something unconventional, something out-of-the-box.

33. Dedicate or Dedication

Whatever you do, do it with complete dedication. Devote all your energy and effort in fulfilling your commitments.

34. Desire

Do not just rely on ordinary thoughts to do something or achieve your goals. Have a strong urge, a desire to accomplish your aims in life.

35. Determine or Determination

Regulate and direct your moves to determine the possible and probable outcome of your efforts and decisions.

36. Dream

Always have multiple dreams in your life.

Remember that dreams aren’t that you see while sleeping. Dreams are those that do not let you sleep until they become a reality.

37. Drive

Always keep steering or driving yourself on the right track towards achieving your goals.

38. Eager

Be excited and remain impatient for the outcome of your hard work.

39. Earnest

Take your life and its goals with a serious attitude. If you fail, do not think of it as some kind of a joke. Remain steady and keen in correcting your mistakes to avoid repeating them again.

40. Empower, Empowering or Empowerment

If you can help someone or someone asks for your help and assistance, empower them. Empowering other people will always come as a reward to you.

41. Encourage, Encouraging or Encouragement

Always remain encouraged due to your confidence and belief and your positive attitude to accomplish anything you want.

Even if other people discourage you, create inner encouragement.

42. Endure or Endurance

The road towards success will never be an easy one. It will always be filled with obstacles, hurdles and pitfalls.

While these things will make you suffer, injure you and cause pain, never forget to meet them with endurance.

43. Energy or Energetic

Real motivation is all about being energetic and having your mind and body filled with loads of positive energy.

44. Enjoy or Enjoyment

Never underestimate the importance of having fun or enjoying even the little moments or accomplishments in life.

Enjoy doing the work that you do.

45. Enthusiasm

Sometimes a little amount of energy isn’t enough to achieve big goals in life. Therefore, show enthusiasm while taking big decisions in life.

46. Envision

Aside from having dreams, visualize yourself as a high achiever, as a very successful person.

Imagine what it would be like when you achieve something big in your life.

47. Escape

Escape yourself from any negative situations or negative people that discourage you or say that you cannot do it.

48. Excellence

Whatever you do, keep striving for an excellent form. Always try your best to deliver outstanding performance and results.

49. Experiences

Your experiences are your biggest teacher. Never ever forget what you have learned through your experiences.

Your experience is something very unique, very personal and defines your approach at doing things differently.

50. Faith, Faithful or Faithfulness

Always remain faithful to people who helped you along your way towards becoming successful.

Have a firm faith that your hard work will eventually pay off more than you imagine.

51. Fearless

You are bound to have some sort of fears. But to stay motivated and inspired and to achieve your goals, be a fearless warrior.

52. Fighter

Be a fighter to fight for your rights and defeat your fears.

53. Finish

Do not leave anything unattended or incomplete. Finish your current duties before moving in towards the other.

54. Goal

Always have some goals in your life. Having goals in your life will define your purpose in life.

55. Gratitude

Whatever little or more you have been blessed with in your life so far, show gratitude and be grateful for having this much.

Gratitude is a very powerful thing. Remember that those who are grateful are in return blessed with more rewards in life.

56. Harmony

Be pleasing when working with other people and be willing to share the rewards with them.

57. Humble

Stay humble as much as you can. Let other people praise your efforts. Never highlight your self-importance in front of other people to show-off yourself.

58. Incentive

Set milestones and incentives while breaking down bigger goals in life. Then reward or treat yourself with something good once any milestone or incentive is achieved.

59. Inspire, Inspiring or Inspiration

Have an inspiration in your life to follow someone’s footsteps and either become like them or become more successful.

Similarly, attain a position in life where other people can take inspiration from you and follow your guidelines to become successful.

60. Learn

Always remember that no amount of experience or knowledge will be enough to support your ambitions for your entire life.

Remain a humble student and try to learn new things and upgrade your skills as often as possible.

61. Passion

Have passions in your life. To be an ultimate success story, adopt a passion that can be transformed into a profession.

Or you can also do the opposite of this thing.

Start taking keen interest in your profession and turn it into your passion.

62. Prioritize

Set priorities in life to distinguish your goals on the basis of most important, semi-important, less important and not-at-all important or useless.


While this list of 62 powerful and strong words is not a conclusive list of all the words that can keep you motivated and inspired, you can still start by learning these in the initial stage.

Set daily reminders or cool background wallpapers to remember and remind yourself of these motivating and inspiring words.

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