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30 Productive and New Things to do Today

You often take things for granted. Yes you do. In fact, we all do.

And perhaps this is the reason that when you are at your home, you often complain about not having anything or enough activities to perform.

Your common expression is ‘Oh! I am bored. What do I do?’, which actually isn’t true.

This is because when you are busy with the outside world, you often tend to ignore or delay many things at your homes that otherwise need to be done.

Your common expression then is, ‘Oh! If only I could get a day off or I could get to stay at home for only a day’.

So it turns out that there are many incomplete and new tasks lying around that you can do at home or even outside to not only catch up but also remain super productive.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 30 such things for our readers. Basically, this list includes two types of things that can be done now at your home or outside.

First, those things which are in dire need of your attention.

Second, those things which if you spend your time upon will make you happy, grateful and productive in more than one manner.

So let’s begin exploring our list and make the most out of the every minute that is left in your remaining day.

30 Productive and new things to do today related to you, your home or outside world that are calling for your urgent attention but which you might have not known and missing out

The list of things that you can start doing right now at home or outside is easy to start writing but literally hard to end.

Therefore, we have only picked a handful of some 30 things to trigger your thoughts on what other things you can yourself add to this list.

For the ease of our readers, these 30 things have been divided into 3 main categories.

(A) Tasks to declutter or sort out the mess you have gathered

Tasks to declutter or sort out the mess you have gathered

Let us begin with returning everything at its right place so that finding it the next time won’t become a treasure hunt. The following list is a collection of such things that need to be organized right now.

1. Look behind your bedroom door

While in a hurry, you often take off your clothes and hang them on the hooks behind your bedroom door. Sort out these clothes by separating them for washing, dry cleaning or throwing away.

2. Sneak beneath your bed

Many people have the habit of throwing their stuff, especially shoes which they seldom wear, under their bed. Look under it and put the things away at their right places.

Under the bed area is also the place of your room floor where you will find it mostly dust filled and uncleaned. This is because being occupied with so much stuff, it is rarely cleaned and washed.

So after picking up the underlying items, the next you might want to do is to clean it as well.

3. Declutter your drawers

Few of the drawers in your dressing table, cupboard or cabinets in your bedroom, kitchen or living area, frequently become the target of throwing stuff during rush hours.

Start looking at this stuff and return it to its right location or trash it if it is useless. People usually keep things like shopping receipts, cards and flyers without any reasons that can be thrown away.

4. Search your fridge

Sometimes people forget to throw away the empty food jars, milk bottles or egg trays etc. in their fridge. Check your fridge and freezer now for any leftover empty food packaging and get rid of it.

5. Inside your bathroom

Empty toothpaste tubes, old toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, etc. also remain lying around and continue to take unnecessary space on the bathroom sink top and shelves. Throw this empty stuff and add their replacements to buy in your shopping list.

6. Free your smartphone and computer storage from unwanted data

Check what videos, photos, audio and other files or apps in your smartphone, laptop or other devices comprise of things that you no longer need. Delete all this stuff to free-up some internal storage space.

7. Make a backup copy

Before deleting any stuff on any of your devices, you might want to classify it between important, unimportant and semi-important. So while important data is there to stay and unimportant will be deleted, for more disk-space you can take backup of your semi-important data and then delete it as well.

8. Free up your email and cloud storage

Most internet users rely on using free email and cloud storage services that always come with a data cap. Delete old, junk, spam and unimportant emails and files stored on your online storage platforms.

If the service you use offers very limited online space, then you should probably download some files on your device as well.

9. Clean your desktop screen

Many times people create shortcuts and copies of important files for temporary use on their desktop screens. This makes it look like a big junkyard of your intangible possessions.

Clean it by either deleting the shortcuts or moving the files back to their properly assigned folders.

10. Your home garden and indoor plants

Visit the garden in the front or backyard of your house and check if the grass and plants there are drying up. Also check for any weeds that might have grown and are crowding the entire place. Pull them off the ground together with their roots to remove their all traces.

If you have any indoor plants, then check if there are any dried and dead leaves that can be removed from the rest.

11. Sort out any recyclable trash

If you have the habit of collecting empty food jars and other forms of recyclable packaging instead of not throwing them away, then this needs attention as well.

Sort out this recyclable collection between plastic, glass, paper and other forms of material used in their making and then dispose it in proper recycling bins.

12. File important documents

Look for any important documents like paid bill receipts, ownership title deeds, licenses, etc. that you might have piled together or left in between other documents.

Separate and classify them date and purpose wise. Then file them in proper folders.

You can also scan some very important documents and store their softcopies on your smartphone and computer for ease of access and portability.

13. Discard any old and useless mail

Check out if there is any old and useless mail lying in your post mailbox and discard it.

(B) Things to do as a contribution towards the betterment of your community and society

Things to do as a contribution towards the betterment of your community and society

If you believe that you owe to pay back to your community and the people that it includes, then let’s start by adopting the following set of activities.

14. Support any peaceful protest or rally for a noble cause or awareness

Check the social media groups and forums or websites of your community organization and see if there is any rightful and peaceful protest or awareness campaign going on.

Then if you support it, why not join the crowd and cheer them up.

15. Teach a child

You can plan to volunteer at some school or college for the under-privileged and needy children.

Go and offer to teach any subject or coach them with any skill that you are good at yourself.

16. Plant trees

You can also visit any nature reserve parks which allow visitors to plant or sponsor trees.

17. Giveaway food

You can also cook some meals or look for any unused and unwanted food products lying in your kitchen cabinet and fridge.

For example, you plan to skip eating any dairy products because of a dieting plan. So what better way to use the already available dairy products in your home than to give them away to any homeless person.

18. Giveaway old and unwanted clothes

Check out your wardrobe for any old and unwanted clothes and donate them to any shelter home or homeless people.

19. Trash free locality

You can go for a walk around your neighborhood to collect any pieces of trash lying around the streets and footpaths. Collect in trash bags all that you can find there and dispose of them at their right place.

20. Visit a retirement home

If you do not have any elderly or old aged persons in your family or relatives, you can visit some retirement or nursing homes for the old members of your society.

Visit these places to try to soothe and show empathy towards people who have been wrongfully discarded by their own family members. Help them believe that they are not useless and are as important as any other human being.

Talk to them, learn about their interests, play any indoor games available and make friends with them as well.

21. Give feedback to appreciate others

Send a token of appreciation and acknowledgment and say thank you for the hard work and effort that the local authorities in your area are putting in.

Write a letter or an email or just send a postcard to show the concerned people of how grateful you really are.

(C) Learn or do something new today

Learn or do something new today

There are also a ton of things that you can start learning today to increase your knowledge, become intellectually rich and productive.

22. Learn a new skill

Watch videos or read blogs and online how-to-do guides to learn any new skills.

23. Finish a book chapter or a magazine

Start reading a book and try to at least finish as many chapters as possible. You can also read some useful articles in any unread magazines you have.

24. Make some future plans

Write down any plans and goals with their time frames that you would want to achieve in the near or distant future. Then add a bunch of steps and benefits under each plan and goal to clarify its accomplishment and know why it is important to you.

25. Learn about some new place

If you love travelling to some exotic destinations around the globe, then maybe you could spend some time learning about some places. Gather information about its people, culture and famous places worth exploring.

26. Try some new cuisine

Trying some new cuisine like Italian, Mexican, Chinese or Pakistani can help you learn a lot about what sort of flavors, ingredients and food people in that country or region love to eat.

27. Take a walk around your neighborhood

Take a stroll around your neighborhood to learn any new things or developments that have taken place lately.

On your way, try to meet and greet any neighbors that you come across. If needed, offer them help or support of any kind. This way you can spread happiness and make some new friends.

28. Express your views or opinions

You can write a letter to the editor of any newspaper or magazine regarding an article or news you just read.

In this, you can include your opinions in favor or against any issues or highlight any unresolved matters. It can also be a list of any suggestions that you might want to see implemented.

29. Start writing a journal

You can start writing your own journal as well. Write about stuff that you did the previous day or in the entire day. You can mention your plans, hopes or expectations you have for the next or coming days.

Or maybe you can write about undertaking any activities and its benefits from this list.

30. Reconnect with some old contacts

There are always some people that we forget to contact for long periods of time.

Therefore, why not call some old friend or past colleague and see what they have been up to lately. You can also plan to meet or invite them over for tea, lunch or dinner.


Trying to remember the right thing to do at the right time sometimes does not work out. So we suggest you to not waste any further time to recall your plans or list of to-do-things in your mind.

Just choose any one from the above and start doing it.

You can also write down some selected ones in the form of a list on a paper and start doing them. Tick each task as you complete and reward yourself with a nice treat in between them as a means of motivation.

And yes, also do not waste time in thinking which task to start with. Just start with the one in your hand or which is nearest to you to begin with.

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