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16 Best Ideas on How to Write Your New Year Resolution Goals

Well, Well! So just like the past many years, the holiday season has just begun and the current year is nearing its end.

Every one of you might have a unique way of marking the end of the current year and the beginning of the New Year. Some people like to stay inside, lying under thick bed sheets or sitting near a fireplace trying to escape the cold season. Others would certainly go out with their friends and celebrate with some fireworks at a beach or some other landmark.

But what remains common for all is the traditional practice of making a New Year resolution, to plan the most important goals and changes in life starting with the New Year.

While many people will wait till the last moments or even the first day of the New Year to furnish their New Year resolution, we believe this is the perfect time to do it.

In this article, our aim is to assist you in how to write your New Year resolution as well as to guide you on which and what goals to pick from our list of New Year’s goal ideas.

So without any further due, let’s begin with how to write or what to keep in mind while writing your New Year’s resolution.

How to plan your New Year resolution?

How to plan your New Year resolution?

Before suggesting you the ideas to pick your New Year goals from, we believe it is more important to guide you on how to plan them yourself.

This way before you even start reading the ideas we have compiled for you, you might have already started to generate some of your own.

1. Do not take it casually

Planning the most important and life changing goals for your next year should not be done casually. This means do not ask someone else at the last moment or include anything that comes to your mind.

Take time and evaluate each and everything that you think of.

2. Start doing it right now

Some people wait for the New Year to begin or wait for the very last days of the current year to plan their New Year plans.

Never do this at all unless last minute plans always work out for you or you have the habit of performing well under stress.

Our advice is to start a month or 2 before the year ends so that you can develop and set each and every goal slowly, gradually and with careful thoughts.

Give equal consideration to each goal you place on your list.

Initiating the thought process well before the year end will also give you time to add, subtract, re-add, modify and discard your New Year goals and objectives multiple times.

It is always better to take time to plan, then planning abruptly and regretting it later.

3. Set achievable goals

You know what are your weaknesses and strengths much better than anyone else.

While we do not discourage in challenging yourself, to beat your weaknesses and overcome your fears, you still need to set realistic and achievable goals.

If you set big goals, try to break them into smaller ones.

4. Analyze the current year resolution

Before you begin on writing the goals for the next or the New Year, analyze the New Year goals you set last year for the current year.

See how far you have come, what you have completed and which areas did you lack much. Recall the obstacles, mistakes you made and solutions you learned and implemented in each situation.

Check which ones you should continue in the New Year as round two or on a much advanced level and which ones do not matter anymore.

And with still a month or two remaining till the year end, check if any goal for the current year can still be worked out and completed in this time. This way you will have a chance to make another empty goal slot available for the next year.

5. Set priorities and time frames

After writing down your goals set them priority wise and give each one a starting line.

This way you will know which goals are more important than others, how much time will they take to achieve and so when to start them.

For better results, put an anticipated finish date or deadline as well so that everything keeps under tight control and check.

Keeping a self-oversight upon your performance will help you know your current pace, where to make it fast and where you are late or quick in achieving an objective.

16 Best New Year resolution ideas, plans and objectives to help you decide your own set of New Year goals

Once you know what points to remember while setting your New Year resolution, it is now time to move over to our list of New Year resolutions.

While you might not totally agree with a few things in our list, we are sure that it will at least help you in coming up with something better.

You can either use any of our ideas directly or modify them in any way to make it more suitable and appropriate to fit your own individual case.

1. Stop being casual

Stop being casual

Remember the first point above on how to plan your New Year resolution, to not take it casually.

Well, the same thing applies here as well. Do not take your life casually.

Whether you are rich or poor, thin or fat, tall or small, young or old, smart or just an average person; stop taking your life casually.

Remember that those who have taken their life in a casual manner have never succeeded in doing it.

Take a stance and develop a mission for your remaining life. Have something to do that will not only change your life but also the life of people around you.

2. See the real side

While many people fade away in the happiness of completing another year and beginning a new one, the reality is totally opposite of this bubble-like thought.

We all believe in not knowing how much time we have left in our lives. So while the celebration of a New Year is motivating, let us also not ignore the realistic side of it as well.

The reality is that with each New Year beginning, it marks the end of us losing another whole year of life time that won’t return. In other words, we now have much less time left with us.

So plan wisely and don’t let this year slip away in things that don’t really matter to you.

3. Respect privacy

There are times when you deliberately interfere in other people’s life. Know that just like you, everyone else also has a private space that they want no one to cross into.

So why not include this as an objective to respect each other’s privacy.

In fact, what better way would it be to do this than by not asking your friends and family members to share their New Year resolution with you.

Although you like being open about what’s on your list, many others around you would feel uncomfortable in telling you about their New Year goals. Respect their choice and wish them with the best of luck.

4. Explore the world around

Have you been saving up for travelling around the world? Do your savings seem to reach a point in the New Year where they could be enough for you to travel to some nice location?

If the answer is yes, then add this goal on to your list of to-do things for the next year.

5. Work more, break less

Work more, break less

If you have added some really rewarding and extravagant type of goals in your New Year objectives list, then what better way to do it after a year of hard work and very few breaks.

Goals like spending on buying something expensive or going for an exotic vacation to explore the world would require an ample amount of sacrifices.

Work hard in a more smart manner and take as few and only necessary breaks as possible.

The more temporary benefits and pleasures you forgo, the more ignited and desperate your desire for a perfect getaway time will bloom.

6. Add a pet to your family

There are tons of animals out there at shelter homes and rescue centers waiting for a loving and caring person or family to come and adopt them.

If you have some space at home where you can accommodate any such animal as a pet, why not do it this year.

Additionally, you can also add this as a sub-objective to the main goal to buy a bigger and better home where you can have some room for a pet.

7. Learn some time passing skills and hobbies

Everyone at some point in time feels like life is boring and they have nothing to do which is not really the case.

While it can be hard to come up with any hobby to do in your free time, why not think of something that you could do in such time but you haven’t been able to do it till now.

Make a list of activities that you would like to do in your spare time to catch up on something you have been missing till now.

This list could also help you in taking some time off your routine work, release stress and resume later.

8. Learn a new language

Travelling to a different destination around the world is often met with language barriers. So why not add this to your New Year resolution.

Make a goal to learn a new language before visiting a new place.

9. Pay off your debts

While working hard and spending on some nice and cool rewards is soothing, there is nothing more relieving than paying off your debts.

Set a goal to set yourself free from financial constraints and pay all or as much debt as possible that you owe to others, whether people or institutions.

10. Spend more time with your loved ones

Spend more time with your loved ones

If you have not been able to spend some quality time with your loved ones, include this as a goal in your New Year resolution list.

Make plans to pay them a surprise visit, travel to their city or country and celebrate their important days such as birthday, graduation or wedding by being there with them. Or you can also invite them over at your place and show what a wonderful host you are.

11. Find someone special

While friends can be good for sharing many things, there are still things that you would want to only share with someone special. Make an objective to find someone special for you in the New Year.

The thought of someone being there for you and you being there for someone is a totally unique and an unmatchable experience.

12. Spend more time on yourself

Set it a priority to spend some more time in the New Year on you.

Join a gym, engage in more physical workouts, do yoga, sleep more, eat healthy, walk as much as you can, adopt ways to embrace positive energy, etc. all adding towards the benefit of your own body.

13. Take less stress

Even though a little stress does not matter and is essential in helping you grow, too much of it can be destructive for a positive and healthy mind and body.

Make a goal to engage in activities and learn ways to avoid situations and behaviors that trigger avoidable and unnecessary stress and anxiety causing factors in you.

14. Make more money and grow investments

Perhaps you can make it a goal to make more money this year by setting a numeric figure as a goal that you have at least accumulated by the end of the next year.

This amount of course is a net figure and is derived after deducting all other expenses and costs incurred in relation to it.

Making more money also means growing your investments and not losing any financially sound opportunities.

15. Learn some new skill

Learn some new skill

A great way to add knowledge and make more money is to learn a new skill.

For example, you can learn how to cook. Not only can this help you to raise your earnings as a professional chef but will also help you in following a healthy and diet conscious lifestyle.

16. Stop procrastinating

Procrastinating or delaying a certain action for the sake of timely fun and enjoyment is the biggest obstacle in achieving goals and turning your dreams into a reality.

Remember that big changes in life require you to leave your comfort zone. The sooner you do it, the quicker you will be more responsible.

So instead of focusing on losing small benefits and pleasures, focus more on achieving something big and worthy.


The list of deciding New Year resolutions and goals is a long and thoughtful process. It is easy to begin but very hard to end.

But by making use of the above points and guidelines, you can easily do it.

On our part, we have gathered some general ideas to help you decide specific ones that relate and suit your case better. And we wish you all the very best in doing it.

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