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10 Insanely easy-to-setup Non-Inflatable Kiddie Pools in 2020

Summer. It’s a wonderful time of the year. As long as you have something to beat the heat.

Few things excite kids as much as splashing around in the sun. It’s a healthy activity, away from screens which seem to surround our kids wherever they go.

Some kids shy away from water, but when they see how much fun it is in Kiddie Pools, they can’t help but join in.

But that is where you come in. Setting up plastic pools for kids can be taxing. It takes forever to blow up the pool, especially if it’s of a decent size. And there is this constant threat in your mind that even a slight tear can ruin it.

Going for non-inflatable kiddie pools is a good idea.

Even after arriving at this decision, there are so many other options to choose from! It’s an endless list of different sizes, shapes, and types which include collapsible and rigid ones.

Right off the bat, there is one option we are too excited to talk about. It’s the Intex Metal Frame Pool. It’s durable, portable and comes with a filter pump for a complete package!

Top 10 Best Non-Inflatable Kiddie Pools

Let’s talk about some of our best picks in non-inflatable kiddie pools where you and your kids can splash around.

Pro tip: You can grab lower prices for child’s swimming pool in the off-season.

1. Our Top Pick, Intex Metal Frame Pool – Best for you and your kids

Our Top Pick, Intex Metal Frame Pool – Best for you and your kids

Notable features:

  • 4 sizes
  • Side drainage
  • Sides stay upright with the metal poles even without water
  • Filter pump included

This hard side kiddie pool is one you might be tempted to dive in yourself. It is sturdy and will last a long time with careful usage. Depending on the conditions the metal poles may begin to rust in around 5 years. But those are easily replaceable.

As long as the spot you choose to set up is flat, it remains stable. Although this Intex kids pool comes in multiple sizes, the 12 ft x 30 inches variant is a good balance.

Once you are done swimming, you get to hunt two birds with one stone. Connect it with a garden hose to drain the pool and water your garden!

Although, draining the pool is not as frequent as other pools. The filter pump which comes with this pool circulates the water through a filter which keeps it fresh for longer.

Size 12 ft x 30 inches (other sizes available)
Material PVC sidewalls supported with metal poles
Collapsible Yes
Drain Yes


2. Step2 Play & Shade Pool – Best pool for toddlers and babies

Step2 Play & Shade Pool - Best pool for toddlers and babies

Notable features:

  • Hard moulded plastic
  • Fun toys and umbrella
  • Easy to clean

If you are looking for a plastic swimming pool, Step2’s Play & Shade is a great buy. It’s the perfect size for toddlers and babies. This hard plastic kiddie pool also has two cute seats built-in what is designed to be underwater.

What makes it even more attractive for babies and toddlers are the colourful accessories and toys which make your kids playtimes even more fun. The thoughtful umbrella is a nifty accessory to protect your kids from sunburn. However, it’s small size only make it suitable for kids up to 5 years of age.

The bottom line is that kids love it, and that’s why it’s one of the best baby pools in plastic.

Size 37.5 x 37.5 x 50 inches
Material Plastic
Collapsible No
Drain No


3. Kundu Pets & Kids Outdoor Pool/Bathing Tub – Best for your kids and pets

Kundu Pets & Kids Outdoor Pool/Bathing Tub – Best for your kids and pets

Notable features:

  • Easy to set up
  • High-grade PVC
  • Folds up nicely

Kundu Bathing tub truly shines as one of the best outdoor pools for kids. Although, it can also work indoors if there is enough space. The sides are not meant to lean against, but if it is kept against a wall, that becomes possible. However, soft sides are preferable for pets.

What makes it so interesting is how well it folds up! You could show it off to your friends and even brag about having a bathtub in your bag.

However, it’s best to take up a measuring tape and figure out exactly how much space it will take before ordering. Its size comes under the category of small kiddie pools. You could get creative with this pool; doing laundry, as a drying space and even as a makeshift bathtub for yourself!

Size 31 x 20 x 8 inches
Material Plastic
Collapsible Yes
Drain Yes


4. Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool

Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool

Notable features:

  • Easy to set up
  • Round shape
  • No assembly required

Snorkel Buddies is a kiddie pool by Intex that sets up in a snap. After putting it on a flat surface, its side rises with the water and stay upright. However, it is not meant to put weight against. You can press your foot on one side of the pool to drain it.

It comes in the medium-size category of plastic pools for kids. Good for a few young kids to splash around. There are attractive graphics printed on the sides which further draw the eyes of your little ones. Although the material used is tough, it comes with a repair patch for any pesky tears made in the pool.

Size 60 x 60 x 10 inches
Material Plastic
Collapsible Yes
Drain No


5. Starplay 25515 Lagoon Pool – Best hard plastic kiddie pool

Starplay 25515 Lagoon Pool – Best hard plastic kiddie pool

Notable features:

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Rigid sides to lean against
  • Handles on all sides

Lagoon Pool by Starplay is good for two kids to play comfortably. It is a kid pool in hard plastic which lets your kids lean against the sides and hold it for support.

Although there is no drain plug, you could easily tip it over with cut-out handles on all sides. If you are looking for a cool DIY project, you could cut it out and make a tight seal.

It is also a great candidate for a sandpit for both your kids or your pets. Its build is very durable with thick plastic which help it hold up well against wear and tear. It is instantly setup with no need for assembly.

Size 30 x 7.45 x 30 inches
Material Plastic
Collapsible No
Drain No

6. YAHEETECH Foldable Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool

YAHEETECH Foldable Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool

Notable features:

  • Anti-skid pool bottom surface helps your kids and pets with their footing
  • Portable for taking on travels
  • Waterline marking help keep a safe level of water

This is one of the best kiddie pools on sale. Its sides are supported by high-quality MDF boards which are covered in resilient PVC plastic to make it waterproof. Kids can lean on the sides and even use the sides as support. 

The edges are further reinforced and the material itself is UV-resistant. You can keep it out in the sun for extended periods. However, it’s best to move it inside when not in use. It is lightweight and portable which makes it an auto-include in camping trips to hot and warm destinations.

The pool surface is textured for the sure footing of your kids. The material is tough for use by kids but for pets, it is best to trim their nails first.

Size 55.1 x 11.8 inches (other sizes available)
Material MDF boards and Plastic
Collapsible Yes
Drain Yes


7. Intex Mini Frame Pool

Intex Mini Frame Pool

Notable features:

  • Padded and hard sides to lean against
  • Strong steel frame
  • No assembly required

This is a comparatively large kiddie pool with a solid steel frame. It is padded on the sides which makes it comfortable to lean against. We have also seen it used as a ball pit in the off-seasons. It looks so fun that we wish we were small enough to play in it!

If you happen to own a turtle, it could be a good habitat. Even with the long and pointy nails of turtles, it holds up fine. It is easy and quick to set up and a breeze to drain with a dedicated plug. Despite all the pet talk, kids will love it.

Size 120 x 120 x 12 inches
Material Steel and Plastic
Collapsible No
Drain Yes


8. Alvantor Kiddie Pools – Best multipurpose kiddie pool

Alvantor Kiddie Pools – Best multipurpose kiddie pool

Notable features:

  • Packs up nicely
  • Multiple sizes
  • Easy to set up and easier to take down

Alvantor’s kiddie pool has a unique design. This is what enables it to be packed up so efficiently. An elastic band secures it when folded up. It is not a kids blow up pool, but the advantage of folding up an inflatable pool is common to this non-inflatable pool.

Besides water, it is perfect to use as a sandpit or a ball pit in the cooler seasons. It can even double as a fishpond, though that would require greater care.

It is easily drained by putting a foot on one side and letting the water out. The oxford fabric is backed with high-quality PVC which protects it from tears and leaks.

Size 17 x 11 x 4.5 inches (other sizes available)
Material Fabric and Plastic
Collapsible Yes
Drain No


9. H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool

H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool

Notable features:

  • Fun shade over the entire pool
  • Showering fun in a pool!
  • Fit for rough use

Splash-in-Shade by H2OGO is an amazing choice for a swimming pool for kids. Unlike blow-up kiddie pool, it has steel supports coupled with high-quality double-layer PVC which provide added durability. It even comes with a UV-resistant shade that keeps those harmful sun rays out.

A rare feature is the water sprayer at the top. If the water inside is not enough, you can be sure to cool down with the shower. Although it takes a while to set up, it is well worth it. It comes with clear and easy to follow instructions to get it all ready for a dip.

Material Steel and Plastic
Collapsible Yes
Drain Yes


10. Rubbermaid Commercial

Rubbermaid Commercial

Notable features:

  • A satisfying DIY project
  • Multiple options for customizations
  • Long life

While other kiddie pools were all easy to set up, the Rubbermaid Commercial is a DIY project to set up. But it makes sure the effort is worth it. We are sure that when you are done with it, you’d be proud of it. 

The DIY element comes into play if you opt to buy a Drain Plug Kit.

Rubbermaid is as rough and tough as it gets. It is weather-resistant, comes with a water level control and has easy drainage. With the multiple size options, you could get an extra-large hard plastic kiddie pool. Its textured surface makes sure your kids don’t lose their footing.

Size 53 x 31 x 25 inches (other sizes available)
Material Fabric and Plastic
Collapsible No
Drain Optional


Non-Inflatable Kiddie Pools FAQs

1. What are non-inflatable kiddie pools?

These are kiddie pools that do not require inflation with an air pump. Instead, there are frames which are either supported or unsupported which hold up the sides of the pool.

2. Why go for non-inflatable kiddie pools?

Not having to inflate significantly reduces the time it takes in setting up a kiddie pool. It also makes it more durable in some cases.

3. What ages are kiddie pools suitable for?

All ages! You could take a dip in if it’s big enough for you. No one is judging! However, there are some pools with specific instructions on the age requirement.

4. Do I need fencing with kiddie pools?

It depends on regulations in your state and the factors of the kiddie pool like pool depth and location. You may face a fine if a pool depth of 30cm is not fenced.

5. Where should I place my kiddie pool?

You can place it on any flat surface. Some kiddie pools are best for outdoor use while others can be used indoors as well. But it is best to store it inside to minimize weathering.

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