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15 Best Online Bookstores to Buy Your Favorite and Cheap Books

Are you a person that has left buying printed books to discourage the cutting down of trees and conserve the environment?

Is it that you still long to buy paper printed books, at least your favorite titles but you won’t to not let the environment sacrifice?

And are you often worried about the adverse effects that blue light emitting from the screen of your digital book reading devices pose to your eyes?

If you are one of those people who are unable to justify themselves with the general answers to the above questions, than you have just landed on the right article.

We are sure that by the time you have ended reading this article, you would certainly have drawn a clear line between the right and wrong opinions on these issues.

So let’s begin drawing this line.

Why read books?

Book reading is one of the highly recommended hobbies and interests to pursue not only for passing your time, but gaining insights into other peoples’ experiences and wisdom.

Of all the friends and companions that you will make and leave throughout your lifetime, books will always top the list and remain faithful to you.

Perhaps this is the reason why many people seek refuge by reading books in times of stress, anxiety and depression.

They feel like someone is actually talking to them and helping them forget and overcome the hard times that they are currently going through in their life.

Book reading today

Even though book reading might be as old as the first written texts would have evolved, it has always been encouraged.

Eager and enthusiastic avid readers have known to hold collections of their favorite books in hardcover printed forms.

Some even had small library type study rooms in their homes dedicated entirely towards their book collection and reading time.

While times have changed and you now have access to many more books than before in the form of digital or e-books, many people still prefer owning their favorite books in printed forms.

Why do people prefer printed paper books instead of digital copies?

Aside from the assumption that e-books are generally cheaper than their printed counterparts, there are a few other good reasons why some people still prefer printed books over digital ones.

Some of these are:

  1. Printed books make a nice collection to be proud of that only a person who has it will truly understand.
  2. Printed books give that traditional paper feel. Turning the pages, keeping beautifully designed bookmarks in between the pages to know where to continue from, etc.
  3. Paper books do not pose the risk of harmful rays that emit from digital book reading devices. This means they are easy on the eyes.

15 Best online book stores to buy your favorite paper printed books in cheap, new and used form

It often happens that some of your favorite books aren’t available with your local or online book seller and you spend a lot of time searching for them both ways.

Not finding your desired book can be attributed to a number of valid reasons such as because the book you want is very old or very new and because of commercial aspects and interests of the author and the book seller, etc.

To help ease this quest of yours and to save your time, we have gathered 15 online thrift bookstores that offer a sizable collection of second hand printed books at discounted and cheaper prices.

So let’s explore these.

1. Affordabook.com


This website is actually not a book selling platform, rather it is a price comparison website for used books especially textbooks.

The website shows price comparisons for purchase and rentals both as well as the name of the seller’s with whom the book is available.

A cool feature of this website is that it lets you set a price ticker where you can set your budget for the book you are looking for.

In case, some seller in their directory lists this book at your budgeted price, you will be notified of it and you can make a purchase then.

2. Bookfinder.com


This website has price comparisons for used books with over 100,000 thrift book sellers.

Website navigation is easy with its basic layout and does not require spending huge amounts of time in finding your query.

With bookfinder.com, your savings related to spending on books can go as high as 90 percent.

3. DealOZ.com


DealOZ.com is another excellent website for comparing prices of new and used books both.

Search the required title of your textbook by entering the ISBN, author name, title and any keywords you know.

The website claims to help its users save up to 97 percent off the list price of books when you buy from one of the website’s 200 listed online stores.

4. Bookdepository.com


While this website does not offer a huge collection of second hand books, it does offer cheap prices for the new ones when compared with other websites.

If you haven’t heard of this website before, do not worry. The website claims to have a collection of more than 20 million books, all of which are eligible for free shipping.

Also, do check out their daily deals to save more on your purchases.

5. Betterworldbooks.com


This website titled ‘Better World Books’ sells both new and used books with free shipping and great bargain options when you buy books in bundles.

A good thing about its free shipping offer is that it covers international orders as well.

The website is known for donating books to those who cannot afford them, collecting funds to promote literacy and library culture; and supporting the idea of reusing books and recycling them.

Their book donation incentive works on the basis of you buying books from them. This means that whenever you buy a book from them, they donate a book to someone in need.

6. Abebooks.com


Established in the year 1997, abebooks.com is perhaps one of the oldest online book selling platforms for new and old books.

The website offers millions of titles from various categories that you can think of. Probably every book that would want might be available on this website in hard and soft covers.

Some used books are even priced for as low as just $1. For others, you can surely save between 50 to 90 percent of the regular list price.

7. Amazon.com


While Amazon is a big e-commerce giant offering its services in several different countries around the globe and selling millions of items, its online book selling platform is one of the best.

The website offers competitive prices and quick shipping options in the countries where it operates and also internationally.

As a matter of fact, Amazon.com started its business in the year 1995 as a website that only sold books back then.

8. Powells.com


Starting as an independent bookseller and a family business whose establishment dates back to the year 1971, Powells.com has come a long way in selling books.

With the launching of its online store, their core mission is to be the best spot for book readers from around the world.

The website sells used books, has a staff picks collection as well as the option to let other people sell their books to them.

The website also offers free shipping on their vast number of subjects and books in each of them.

9. Alibris.com


Albris.com sells new and used books and textbooks as well as music albums and movies.

The website offers great deals on its collection of over 270 million books, movies and albums which come from thousands of independent sellers from around the world.

The website also offers free shipping on certain titles that are eligible for it.

And just like many other book selling websites that sell used books, Alibris.com also lets you sell your books on its website with a nominal annual fee and great seller benefits.

10. Thriftbooks.com


Thriftbooks.com is another good place for you to buy cheap books from.

The website has a huge category section on its homepage that you can browse your favorite titles for.

And for those who want something unique and one of its kind, the website also has a specific section for collectible books such as first editions and signed covers.

As for the price, the website also has an exclusive ‘Under $5 books’ section that also offers free shipping advantage if your order totals $10 or above.

All in all, the website offers the best collection at best saving prices.

11. Textbooks.com


Just as the name suggests, tectbooks.com is a website that buys and sells textbooks.

With over 10 million textbooks in its inventory stock, the website claims to help its buyers save up to 90 percent on the textbook prices that they would pay to any other seller.

The website also offers an easy 30 day return policy and conditional free shipping on all orders of $25 and above.

12. Bookmooch.com


This website offers a unique way of swapping the books that you don’t need with the ones you need.

So technically, the website works as a free way to make the buyers and sellers meet and benefit mutually through its exchange program.

What happens is that when you sign up on the website, you are asked to make a list of books that you would like to give away. Simultaneously, you are also asked to make a wish list of the books you want.

Now whenever any title in your lists matches a title in someone else’s list, you will ship the title that the other person wants and will receive the title that you want.

13. Skyo.com or Valorebooks.com

Skyo.com or Valorebooks.com

The website offers services like renting textbooks, buying textbooks and selling textbooks.

It claims to offer the best price for your textbook and the best value for your money that will hardly be found on any other online used bookstore.

The websites offer a great saving option for regular customers. If you aren’t interested in buying rather you are more likely to rent, the website also offers all textbook rentals with free return shipping options.

14. Strandbooks.com


Strandbooks.com is also a very old name in the book selling business. They offer a collection of over 2.5 million books in the form of old, used and new.

For those interested in collecting rare books and editions, they also have some special collection for them as well.

In addition to selling books, Strandbooks.com also sells gifts, apparels and stationery. They also provide the opportunity of selling used books.

If you like surprises or are interested in particular kinds and types of book designs and topics, you can subscribe to their book subscription boxes and also browse books by color, style and subject.

15. Half.com or simply Ebay.com

Half.com or simply Ebay.com

Another giant name in the retail industry is Ebay.com. In addition to selling millions of other products, Ebay.com or its book selling platform Half.com is known to have a vast and large collection of books.

Ebay.com or Half.com is among those few online book sellers which literally sell books on any topic you could think of.

Even if you don’t find a book you wanted at first, you are sure to find a better alternative to it on Ebay.com.

Buying used printed books online

Our topic today for this article had two purposes related to book reading.

First, emphasizing on buying paper form books either in new or used form. Well honestly, we definitely tried to focus more on buying used printed books.

This is probably because buying used printed books from thrift bookstores serve a good number of other reasons as well other than those mentioned above. The following subsection will briefly discuss them.

Second, suggesting a few good online websites other than those you already know to buy used printed books.

Why buy used printed books?

Buying printed books in second hand condition from thrift bookstores brings multi-faceted benefits. These are:

  1. You save the environment while fulfilling your love of buying paper printed books.
  2. If you wish to resell your book after you have done reading it, you get a fair return on your investment.
  3. Of course, used printed books are cheaper than new ones.
  4. Serves students better when they buy used academic books because the previous users have already highlighted key points and made notes on the side of texts.
  5. You can buy limited editions of classical books in mint conditions for your collection.


If you still couldn’t find the book you were looking for, just google the keywords ‘used bookstores near me’ or ‘used books near me’.

You might be even surprised by the nearby used book stores or book sellers near you that you weren’t aware of until now.

But on a serious note, if you ask us about our opinion on buying thrift store books, it would be a big thumb up to motivate those doing it.

So if you support this and agree with buying second hand books and passing them for resell so that other readers could also benefit, you will promise us one thing.

Your commitment to take as much care as possible of your new or used printed books so that its life extends and it only suffers from wear and tear beyond your control.

We believe that your love for reading and owning printed books would remain incomplete because of two things.

First, start respecting the books you have and second, hope to let others benefit from them also.

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