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18 Perfect Online Work at Home Jobs That Really Pay Off

Online work can be productive, pay well, and make you successful in life. If you choose them well and have the ability to do productive and professional work.

Do you want to work from home? Looking for the best online works at home here is key to success in this field. If you are looking to make some extra money or choose a career as working online than you are in the right place

Some people are fed up with work from nine to five office jobs.  They are always looking for the best online work that pays him better and consumes less time.

Working from home is much better, and the easiest way to generate some revenue as compared to the nine-five job.

Online work is so simple and straightforward with very little skills and requirements of candidates. Online order or work can start on the same day when you apply for them and you start doing work. Online work requires very little devotion and can work on your schedule.

There is a vast network of online work you can do many of the projects at the same time and can earn from all of them.

Usually, the online task is on a daily basis but if you were able to find a client that provides work on a monthly basis and pay you more money, that is the best option for you.

My wish is that what you read in this article regarding online work will increase your interest and motivate you to earn online money from home and fulfill your basic needs.

In this article, you can learn about the best online work and how to start with them.

No matter what skill you have, I am sure that you find some online work at home.

Top online work at home jobs

I am recently reading a piece of news that, In America, about 4.7 million people do online work from home and get paid.

This number is increasing day by day because working from home is a much easier way to earn some good revenue.

It is essential to mention research that about 50% of students earn money from online work with basic skills using freelancing platforms. If you really want to make money online then these options that, you might be wondering:

Here are the following online works

Online Services Jobs

1. Virtual Assistant

online work at home jobs

A virtual assistant is generally an independent contractor who provides administrative, technical, or creative services to the client. A virtual assistant usually works from home and provides services to clients.

A virtual assistant is a very easy online work job that anyone can do with little knowledge about it. As a virtual assistant of any client, you need to perform a basic task such as scheduling, customer care, etc

You can earn between $15 to $30 an hour. You can find virtual assistant jobs on different freelancing platforms.

2. Small Micro Tasks

Small micro-tasks include keyword searches, data entry, short editing, photo tagging, and captioning of photos. The microtask is done from home and they are so easy to do.

Anyone with basic information about computers can do these types of small tasks and can earn a good amount of money.

Micro tasks required very little time and no skill. These are best for college students to earn some basic money from them. These required no degree or qualification just that you have a computer device you are able to do those tasks.

You can earn between $3 to $10 per hour depending on your work and task you choose. If you have experience in this field you are able to earn $8 to $15 per hour.

It is possible to make more money if you are a master in any specific task instead of performing all tasks. Small micro-tasks are the best for beginners to earn some money from online work at home.

3. Surveys Online

Surveys Online

Surveys online are the easiest way to earn some revenue in the field of online work at home. It doesn’t need any type of skill or knowledge. It can be done on mobile as well on PC. 

An online survey is not a full-time job when you are free to complete the survey that was given to you.

Survey online means you have to answer about the website’s products and reviews or any application you use.

Your rate per hour in an online survey depends on how fast you can complete that survey and how many surveys you completed in that hour. 

Online surveys are the best for beginners because they do not require any type of skills. Just complete the survey and you earn some basic money.

4. Transcribing Audio or Video

Transcribing audio or video is also a basic online work at home with basic skills. Companies offer transcription jobs because they require a lot of attention.

Your rate per hour can between $10 to $20 depend upon how fast you can type. If you provide professional work you can earn some good revenue from the transcription job.

Editing transcripts for courts and the medical field helps you to earn more in this field. If you want to earn more, be professional and provide unique transcripts according to clients’ needs.


Writing And Editing Online Work At Home

1. Blogging


Blogging is one of the most famous and remunerative online jobs. In making money online blogging is the best platform for making huge revenue. Blogging is not all about advertising but you can make money by selling your products and services.

If you want to be a blogger in the future, you must have complete knowledge about it. it is not easy to learn blogging skills. You must have to be a master in blogging that helps you to make more money.

You can’t think when you start blogging, you start earning money it takes much time to be settled. You need at least 6th-month writing experience to produce some good revenue.

There is no guarantee your blog will be popular. It’s based on content and SEO skills that you used in writing blogs. If your blog becomes popular you earn lots of money.

An average blogger can earn $20 to $40 per hour. If you will provide professional content you would likely earn more money.

Jobs of blogging can be fined on websites, freelancing platforms, or through social media.

If you love your topic and can generate professional content, you will surely make money with online work at home.

2. Medium Writer

If you don’t want to invest time and try to make online money in less time than you work as a medium writer.

Anyone can write a story on medium and you will be paid according to the number of views and interaction your story gets.

The average earning as a medium writer can be $100 but if your stories are on the top then you can easily make much better money.

The top writer makes $10,000 in the month on average. The benefit is that the medium gives you a chance to develop your voice over.

You should start writing on medium as you become professional as a medium writer you could easily start blogging or upload that writing to a blogging platform which helps in making your portfolio which attracts the clients. A medium writer is a basic writing technique to earn money online.

3. Proofreading


Proofreading would be best for you if you have a great knowledge of English. If you have excellent grammar and punctuation skills.

You can easily get the client for proofreading because it is usually not an easy skill to learn. Proofreading is a professional and productive skill.

An average proofreader can earn $50 to $100 from their one order. If you want to earn more in proofreading you have to have excellent knowledge of English grammar. A book proofreader can earn $200 to $400 for proofreading one book.

Jobs of proofreading can be found on a freelancing platform, books platforms,s or on social media.

4. Freelance Writer

Freelancing writing includes content writing, academic writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, article writing, and technical writing.

The question is how to choose from all of them which one is most reliable and easy to learn?

If you want to be a freelance writer you should have to invest as much time to earn some money. Time is the most precious thing in freelance writing.

If you want to choose from writing, select which you have an interest in and that makes you easy and comfortable.

If you are a master in any of those freelance writing techniques you will be earning some good money. You just have to know the basic level of English for these techniques.

Content writing is the top using technique in freelance writing. About 2 million content writers do their jobs and earn money from different platforms.

Content writing includes blog posts and content for different websites. A good content website should be ranked on the 1st page of google, for professional content different websites hire a content writer.

Ghostwriting is that you write content and somebody publishes that writing with their own name. You can earn money online by doing ghostwriting. Usually, most books have ghostwriters.

Copywriting is also a very famous freelance writing technique they have much-earning potential. When you are a copywriter you help a company to sell its products through the product description, advertisement.

Technical writing is one of the most profitable techniques because not many know about technical writing. It involves writing users’ guides, documentation, etc. if you are good in technical writing you are going to make a lot of money online.

Article writing is one of the leading techniques that is used in freelance writing. All the website needs an article for their website to be on google ranking.

If you provide quality articles you will succeed in this technique. Average earning from this is $10 to $50 for one article depending upon words and quality.

Jobs in freelance writing is available on freelance markets or on social media platforms.

You can easily earn 0.01$ to $1 per word depending on your experience and work.

5. Ebook Publisher Online

Ebook Publisher Online

If you have experience and you’re confident in writing and the ability to work as a marketer, you have more chances to be an Ebook publisher.

Some very settled writers move to Ebook publishing because selling a direct book to the reader means the writer will get a lot of profit.

You also need an attractive cover for books for this you have some basic knowledge of graphics. If your book cover will not attract people usually don’t buy it because people always judge books by its cover.

Ebook writing is not for those who want to earn money in no time. Ebook publishers must have experience in writing, proofreading.

The average earning from Ebook is $200. If you have an excellent book you can earn as much as you want.

Ebooks can be sold on online platforms like Amazon etc.


Marketing And Social Media Online Work At Home

1. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are the basic need of every website, brand, and company.

Every brand, website, and company needs to run their social media account so they need manger for their social media accounts.

It is a very basic skill to learn. You have helped the companies to run their proper online business.

Many successful online businessmen have social media managers who can be active all the time and run their business properly.

If you have an active presence clients will love to buy with no time. if you replay after 24 hours they can buy that thing from another social media page.

Social media managers usually get paid on a monthly basis but the average earning from this is $10 to $25 per hour.

2. Become Youtuber

Youtube is the topmost rated app on google. 2 billion people use youtube on a daily basis and 80% have their accounts on youtube. So making money as Youtube is an easy way to earn online.

You just have the skill or you have an interest in any field just make a video and upload it on youtube. When you have some audience youtube will monetize your channel and you will start earning money from youtube.

If you have patience and can produce excellent quality work you should be earned from youtube. Having a youtube channel with views and subscribers will definitely help you to earn some money online. Be confident and believe in yourself.

The top YouTubers earn $10 to $20 million. It’s a great opportunity to earn online at home.

3. SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

SEO is the art of optimizing your website or blog on google ranking. SEO is very important in online work but it’s easy to handle. You just have to know some basic SEO knowledge to work on online platforms.

On average SEO consultants can earn $25 per hour. If you are a master in off-page and on-page SEO you will generate more money.

SEO consultant jobs can be found on freelancing markets, social media platforms.

4. Creates A Website

A website is a great source to make money online. You can upload different products and when someone clicks and buys that product from your website. You will earn great revenue.

When you are making a website make sure to select that niche in which you are interested and have full knowledge about it so you cant create a professional product that gains the audience to your website. It will help you to make more money.

Once you have created and design a website you have to do SEO on the website to be rank on google

If you could succeed in ranking your website on google you are able to generate passive income.


Specialized Skills Online Work At Home

1. Website Design Maker

Website Design Maker

Working as a website designer may not be possible if you don’t learn the basic coding language. It has never been easy to build a proper website with all requirements.

Every business needs to build their own website. Businessmen and companies hire website design makers for building their website. It is a highly paid skill. You have to know all the requirements needed for the website.

On an average website, designers can make $400 for making one proper website. If you learn that skill you can generate a massive amount of money. Also, know about WordPress and security techniques to save websites from hackers.

Website designer jobs can be found in freelancing markets as well on social media platforms. It’s also online work that can be done from home and get highly paid.

2. Graphic Design Maker

Most of the people who don’t know more about graphic designers or do not have an aunty degree in this field can also be a good graphic designer. Just learn the skill of graphic design and start making money.

If you have the basic skills you can provide this service. You can be a master in Canva in just 1 hour and start making money online. You should learn how to make design, logo, and other techniques of graphic design.

Every businessman needs a logo or design for their business so a large number of people are looking for graphic designers. If you could provide quality work you can earn a lot of money from this skill.

On average about $10 to $20 can easily earn making one logo or design. The top talented graphic designer making $100 per hour.

Graphic designer jobs can be found on the freelancing market and social media platforms.

3. Photographer


If you have skills in photography and can provide the best and original photo you really have worth making money online.

Just capture the picture and upload it on different photography websites people will buy your picture from you.

If you have a large number of high-quality pictures upload it and get monetized and earn some good money.

The average money that a photographer can earn selling one picture is from $10 to $50.

4. Video Editor

If you have special skills in editing a video it will help to earn some good money. The use of videos increases day by day. Every wedding or any function special has a videographer. If you can produce high-quality video editing you can earn money from home.

Just edit the video of the client and get paid. You need to learn the skill of video editing.

The average income of video editors on the online market is they can earn $100 from one video edit.

You can find video editor’s jobs on freelance marketing or from social media platforms.

5. Voice Over

Voice Over

If you don’t have any skills still you have a sweet and confident voice you can earn money online. In voiceover, you have to read the script and provide vocal recording for books, movies, drama. The demand for voiceover is increasing because the use of videos and other digital products increases.

The voiceover man gets highly paid. They can earn $200 to $500 making one voiceover video depending on quality.

If you have a sweet voice and good English or any language accent you can apply for voice-over artists.

Jobs of voice over artists can be found on freelancing markets and social media platforms.



What skill should you choose?

The online job that you should pick depends on your interest and skill and how much money do you want to make? 

In this article, you should clearly know about each and every platform which you can use to make money online at home. Time is changing and people usually don’t want to go to the office. Learn the skills and start working online. I ensure that you will succeed one day in making online money from home.

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