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9 Best PDF Compressor For Reducing PDF Size in 2020

We require different file sizes at different locations, and since PDF is one of the most used file formats we all need PDF compressor tools for reducing PDF sizes at some point in our work.

PDF compressor tool is used for reducing PDF file size so as to make it portable, there are hundreds of Softwares available for compressing pdfs, some of them are free while some are paid. 

We have tried and tested almost all of them and put together a list of the best PDF compressors you can use based on your requirements. Some of them are online software while you will need to download others for offline use.

Best Softwares for Compressing PDFs Offline

1. PDFelement


I would say PDFelement is one of the best PDF compressing tools available on the internet, it comes with a really nice interface that allows everyone to easily use it.

Along with compression, you can perform many other tasks using this tool which includes Editing, Converting, or Commenting on a PDF. PDFelement helps you in organizing your work with the pages option available under the top menu.

PDFelement comes with 3 plans which are:

  1. Individual plan
  2. Team plan
  3. Education plan

and each plan has 2 subcategories with different prices.

It is a very good alternative for Adobe Acrobat DC at an affordable price, which is one of the most professional software for editing PDFs, and in case you don’t know PDF is created by Adobe itself.

There are basically 4 methods by which you can compress a PDF on PDFelement, those methods are:

  • Remove unwanted elements

First method is by removing unwanted elements from the pdf which includes watermarks, links, images, etc.

  • Built-in Compressor

PDFelement comes with a built-in compressor that allows you to compress files to a smaller size.

  • Conversion

You can easily compress PDF files by converting them to other file formats.

  • Optimized PDF option

You can find this option under the menu and simply click it for optimizing PDFs to a smaller size.


  • Easy to use because of such an amazing interface (very similar to MS office)
  • Affordable.
  • Fully loaded with a lot of features.
  • Comes with many other features like editing, signing, etc.
  • Similar software to Adobe Acrobat DC at a lower price.
  • It is a member of the PDF Association.
  • Single click tasks


  • It is a paid tool which might be an issue for you.


  • Individual Plan

It comes with two versions, one is PDFelement Standard that costs $6.99 per month, while the other one is PDFelement Pro that costs $9.99 per month.

  • Team Plan

Team plan has 2 versions, one is PDFelement Pro which costs you $109 per year, and the other one is PDFelement Business for the price you will have to contact the sales.

  • Education Plan

You will get a 50 percent discount on this tool if you are a student or a faculty member. Simply apply for the Education Plan and they will let you know if you are qualified or not.

2. Nice PDF Compressor

Nice PDF Compressor

Nice PDF Compressor is a free tool used for reducing pdf’s size without losing the quality of the file. This tool removes all the duplicate elements present in the PDF that are responsible for increased file size, it uses Flate or RunLength algorithm which is the latest compression technology.

You can even set the compression level for reducing the size of pdfs up to the desired sizes. Nice PDF Compressor comes with a feature of batch conversion, which means you can work with multiple PDF files in a batch.

It also allows you to decompress PDF files and restore them to their actual sizes. Also, the Nice PDF Compressor comes in a Command-Line version which is paid.


  • It used Flate or RunLength algorithm and latest compressing technology.
  • Comes with a feature of setting the level of compression.
  • Allows you to decompress files as well.
  • The batch conversion feature is a plus.


  • It might not work that well with large PDFs.
  • Works only for Windows


The Command-Line version would cost you around $90, though the free version works fine.


3. Cvision PDF Compression Software

Cvision PDF Compression Software

Cvision offers its PDF compression software for free but only on a trial basis, this software would be a great choice for those who are looking for a tool for performing some regular tasks.

All you have to do is download this software and then use it for transforming multiple PDFs to regular size. You can also add OCR packages to this tool.

If you like using branded products you’re definitely gonna like this one.


  • It is capable of handling large files
  • It uses OCR technology for functioning.
  • A large number of files can be transformed at the same time.


  • The free version is for a limited period of time.


Cvision PDF Compressor comes with a 30 days free trial. Also, you will get two Licencing options for the Cvision PDF compressor, one is with OCR while the other one is without OCR. The options are as follows:

  • Perpetual License

Under this licence you will get access for compressing 500 pages per month, and you can even increase the amount of pages by paying some extra money. Moreover, it is a lifetime license all you need to have is purchase extra pages if you need.

  • One-Time Conversion 

This license allows you to work with a number of pages from 10,000 to 500,000 pages.

You can simply request for a  price quote and they will let you know once your application is accepted.


4. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat invented PDF and if you need a professional and the most reliable software for compressing PDFs, there cannot be a better option than Adobe Acrobat DC.

You will get all the features you can have in a PDF editor but all of this comes with a price, but if you have got budget then I highly recommend going for this tool. You can check out other comparable pdf editors at cheaper rates by clicking here.

This tool can be an overwhelming one when it comes to features, but it is very easy to use because of its intuitive design. Also, it allows you to customize your toolbars and set them the way you like.

One of the best features of this product is “Touch-enabled functionality”, which allows you to get easy access to mobile platforms.


  • Allows you to customize toolbars.
  • Feature of “Touch-enabled functionality”.
  • A Professional software capable of dealing with large pdfs as well.


  • High Price.
  • The number of features might get overwhelming.


Adobe Acrobat DC comes at a price of $180 per year.


5. Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit Phantom PDF is a very basic tool which comes with very basic features, it is fast and offers secure operations. It comes with many other features like editing, merging, converting, and much more. Moreover, it uses OCR technology, in case you’re interested in its other functionalities.

The best part is that you can work with multiple documents using this tool, you will be provided with different tabs for different documents and then you can perform further actions. One of the advanced features of this tool is “Font matching feature”, as the name suggests you can copy the font from your original document and then use it.


  • Easy to use
  • Supports multiple languages
  • You can work with multiple files at a time.
  • a 14 days trial is available.


  • The user interface does not look professional.
  • The paid version is quite expensive.


Foxit Phantom PDF comes in three versions which are: 

  • Standard
  • Business
  • Education

The standard version would cost you $109 in a one-time payment.


6. Preview


You might be in shock right now but the answer is a big “YES”, I am talking about the built-in tool in your macOS. Preview is a simple drag and drop tool, and very easy to use. 

While exporting the document you will find an option called “Quartz Filter”, under this option you just have to select the function of “Reduce PDF file size”, that’s it you’re done. Now, simply export the file to wherever you want.

You can also explore other features under the Quartz Filter option which includes Blue Tone, Black and White, Lightness Decrease, Grey Tone, Lightness Increase, Sepia Tone, and Create Generic PDFX-3 Document.

The best part is that it is a built-in tool which makes it more secure, so you don’t need to worry if you are working with high profile documents, your data is safe within your Macbook.


  • Free to use.
  • More Secure and privacy is maintained.
  • Pretty good User interface.


  • Only works on macOS.
  • Limited features.


Free to use.


7. PDF Architect

PDF Architect

PDF Architect is a very powerful software, it’s almost the same as Adobe Acrobat and that’s why people consider it as one of the best software for compressing PDFs.

It comes in 3 packages and depending on your requirements you can choose any one of them, each pack contains different tools which can be used for different purposes. PDF Architect is well-known for the feature of customization, it is the only customizable PDF software available on the internet.

You can even try the free version but features are limited to reading a PDF. It works on the principle of modules, which means you will need to buy specific modules depending on the tools you need. This module system makes this software cost-effective but at the same time, it is a complex process as well.


  • Loaded with features
  • The module system is cost-effective
  • It is the only customizable PDF software available on the internet.


  • The module system is a bit complex.
  • The user interface is not very good.
  • You might end up buying an expensive pack.


PDF Architect comes in 4 packs which are:

  • Standard: $49 per year
  • Professional: $69 per year
  • Pro + OCR: $89 per year
  • PDF Architect 7: Free

Each pack comes with different features which you can check on their website.

Best softwares for compressing PDFs online

1. SmallPDF


It is one of the best online tools for reducing the size of PDF files, it comes with a 14 Days free trial for the pro version and a free version is also available with limited attempts per day.

Small PDF is a simple drag and drop tool which makes it very easy to use. Also, it’s a very secure tool when it comes to sharing your data online, all of the files are deleted from the server after one hour.

Since it’s a web-based tool, it works with all the operating systems (for example, macOS, Windows, Linux, etc). You can reduce your PDF files for up to 144 dpi which is considered as a perfect size for sending them through emails or any other platform.

It allows you to compress PDFs in 2 versions one is Basic compression and the other one is Strong Compression. Basic Compression allows you to compress PDF files by up to 40 percent while you can compress by up to 75 percent using Strong Compression.

You can upload up to 5 GB of a larger file on Small PDF and you’ll be surprised to see that even with larger files it takes only a few seconds for compression, the best part is that it does not require the internal storage of your computer as all the processes take place in the cloud.


  • It is a cloud-based platform.
  • Simple drag and drop functionality
  • You can even work with large PDF files on this tool.
  • Compatible with all the operating systems


  • Limited trials on the free version.


The yearly plan would cost you $108 per year while a monthly plan would cost you around $12 per month.


9. Sejda PDF

Sejda PDF

Sejda is a simple drag and drop tool, similar to SmallPDF it is a web-based PDF compressor. I would say it is a very simple and basic tool and if you don’t need a complex tool then Sejda is the one for you.

It can also be used for editing PDFs, signing documents, adding annotations, and much more. You are going to like this Sejda because it comes with a free version, but obviously, there are some limitations.

The free version limits your actions up to 3 times a day, Sejda is a very handy and portable tool as you can open it anytime on any device with an active internet connection.

Sejda is an online tool that’s why it becomes very important that your privacy is maintained, that’s why they assure all of your uploaded files get deleted from the server every 5 hours.


  • Fast 
  • Nice user interface.
  • The only thing you need is a device and an active internet connection.
  • You don’t need to download this software.
  • The price is pretty decent.


  • Limited functionality
  • The free version has limitations
  • The price for the desktop version is a bit high.


Sejda can serve you for free but it is not the one if you work with PDFs multiple times a day. The paid version comes in 2 packs: 

  • Web week pass: $5 per year.
  • Web monthly pass: $7.5 per year.


  • Nice PDF Compressor:  A free tool with decent features, 
  • Cvision compressor: Works for large files. 
  • Small PDF: Easy to use online PDF compressor at a cheap rate.
  • PDFelement: Multiple features at a decent price.
  • Adobe Acrobat: Professionals choice at high price.
  • Foxit Phantom: Comes with multiple features at a bit higher price.
  • Sejda: A simple web tool with basic features.
  • Preview: Perfect choice if you have a Macbook.
  • PDF Architect: A strong competitor of Adobe Acrobat DC at a lower price.

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