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7 Best PDF converters in 2020

PDF is one of the most popular and widely used file formats, whether it’s sending information or receiving it, we generally use PDF files. But in some cases, we might need to convert them to other different formats.


“How can we do that?”,

Different online and offline tools allow you to do so, by using these tools you can convert a pdf to doc, pdf to jpg, pdf to word or vice-versa. It just takes a few minutes or even seconds (for smaller files) for converting your PDF to other formats.

While converting a PDF to any other format, the factors like conversion quality, OCR, conversion speed, batch conversion, price, compatibility will help you differentiate between a good PDF converter and an average one.

Here in this article, you will find the best tools that can be used for converting PDFs to different file formats.

Best offline PDF Converters

1. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe is the one who designed PDF and Acrobat DC is their tool which allows you to perform multiple actions on a PDF. I hear people talking about the high price tag it comes along with but we cannot deny the amazing features it contains.

I would say Acrobat DC would be a great option for those who have to work with multiple files every day and those who want to speed up the processing. 

Adobe Acrobat DC allows you to convert a PDF file to formats like .doc, excel, PowerPoint, image, HTML web page, and many other formats.

You can also access it from a mobile phone, simply choose to export a small section of text instead of the whole document. The best thing about this software is that whenever we convert scanned pages, the original formatting also gets converted, saving your time from making adjustments.


  • Highly versatile tool.
  • Loaded with features.
  • Fast.
  • Words best with scanned documents.


  • Very Expensive.
  • The interface can be overwhelming for beginners.


Adobe Acrobat would cost you $180 per year.


2. PDFelement


I consider PDFelement as one of the best-paid tools available for editing PDFs. It has a user-friendly interface and you can convert your PDF to different file formats using this tool. One of the coolest features is that you can convert multiple files of different formats to a single document.

PDFelement works very effectively when it comes to converting PDFs, you don’t lose the original formatting and all the images or fonts are retained as it is.

It also comes along with OCR which allows you to work with scanned documents, also, you can edit text, images, or pages using PDFelement. 

You can convert your PDF to different formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images, HTML and much more. Some of the other features of PDFelement are Encryption, Digital signatures, Headers, Footers, etc.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Price to value ratio is quite good.
  • Comes with tons of other features.
  • A good alternative for Adobe Acrobat DC.
  • Has been listed as a member of PDF association.


  • A paid tool, that’s the only limitation.


PDFelement comes in 3 pricing plans which are:

  • Individual Plan

The individual plan itself has two versions:

  • PDFelement Standard: $6.99 per month.
  • PDFelement Pro: $9.99 per month.
  • Team Plan
  • PDFelement Standard: $109 per year.
  • PDFelement Business: Contact sales for pricing.
  • Education Plan

They offer a 50 per cent discount if you are a student or a faculty member, you just have to apply for the Plan.


3. PDF Architect

PDF Architect

PDF Architect is a tool that offers value to the customers, it comes with loads of features that include converting a PDF to different file formats. Even the free version allows you to convert your PDF into 300 other file formats.

It also allows you to edit the converted file and add digital signatures in it, some of the basic conversions are Pdf to Word, Pdf to Jpg, Pdf to PowerPoint, and Pdf to HTML.

Moreover, it also has a feature of batch conversions which means you can convert multiple files in a batch, you can even work with two PDFs at a time using PDF Architect.

It does not come with any mobile application but it allows you to save files on Google Drive or any other cloud service so that you can easily access that file anytime.

You can even customize PDF Architect because it comes with a module system in which you can choose the modules as per your requirements, for more information regarding this you have to visit their website.

PDF Architect comes in eight different languages which includes English, French, Spanish, Italian, and much more. So it doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in, you can use this tool with your own native language.


  • PDF Architect offers value for money.
  • Tons of features.
  • The free version works pretty well for converting PDFs.
  • It is the only customizable PDF tool.
  • High security and Data privacy.


  • You will have to download it.
  • Not optimized for mobile devices.
  • Module system might get overwhelming.
  • User- interface is complex.


  • Standard

It includes features like editing, converting, and Inserting and costs you $49 per year.

  • Professional

The Professional version has all the features of the Standard version and other additional features are Reviewing documents, Encrypting documents, and Forms, this pack costs you $69 per year.

  • Pro + OCR

Includes all the features of Professional and Standard versions along with the feature of OCR. It costs you $89 per year.

  • PDF Architect 7: Free

It is a free version which is available for viewing, creating and performing some other basic actions.


4. PDFMate Converter

PDFMate Converter

PDFMate Converter is a perfect tool for small businesses or individuals, it allows you to convert your PDF into 6 different formats including Word, Text, Image, HTML, EPUB, and SWF.

It also has OCR technology which allows you to convert the scanned document and make them editable. Also, you can merge, split, change size and layout of the PDF.

When it comes to security PDFMate Converter is again an outstanding tool, you can simply add encryption to your converted documents so that no one could edit or see it without your permission.

You can even specify the range of pages that you want to convert or use the batch conversion feature for converting multiple files. The best part is that the original layout, images, graphics of the original document are retained.

PDFMate supports a lot of different languages and you can install it on almost any version of Windows (Vista, XP, 8, 10) or MacBook.


  • OCR feature is available.
  • Can be installed on any operating system.
  • Other features are also available.
  • Price is not very high.
  • Batch Conversion feature.
  • User Interface is terrific.


  • Paid tool.


PDFMate Converter would cost you $39.95 + Taxes (differ from country to country).




Soda pdf is well known for the fact that you can access it from multiple devices, from mobile phone to computer, it works on all the devices. It comes with the feature of OCR using which you can work with scanned documents or images.

Also, the built-in batch tool will allow you to quickly convert multiple files into other formats. Cost-effective security measures give you extra security and maintain your privacy, you can simply encrypt the file or set permissions for the file.

You can either use the online converter or the desktop program, both of these versions are very easy to work with as you just need to upload or drag and drop the files you want to convert.

Some of the other amazing features of this tool are 3D file viewing option, side by side view for reading multiple documents, colour management, measurement tools, and much more.

Soda PDF supports 8 different languages including English, Russian, Japanese, French, etc. The only thing you might not like about this software is that you will have to install this software opting out of third-party software and tools.

Moreover, the feature of video embedding is also disabled on this tool which means you cannot put video clips to your documents.

Last but not the least, you can also apply for the free trial of Soda PDF which supports almost all the basic features.


  • Accessible from multiple devices.
  • Supports OCR feature.
  • Secure and your privacy is maintained.
  • Supports 8 different languages.
  • 3D viewing option.


  • Video embedding feature is disabled.
  • It is a paid tool which might be an issue for you.


Soda PDF comes in 3 pricing plans which are:

  • Standard: $6.75 per month (billed annually).
  • Pro: $10.60 per month (billed annually).
  • Business: $16.75 per month (billed annually).

All of these plans support different features and you can choose the one that fills all of your requirements.

Best Online PDF Converters

1. Gorilla PDF

Gorilla PDF

Gorilla PDF is a free tool used for converting different file formats to a PDF, the best thing is that this is an online tool, moreover, you don’t even need any sign up for using it.

This tool is completely free from all the limitations, there’s no limit for conversions which means you can convert as many files as you want and all of it for free. It is a simple drag and drop process while converting your PDFs and then you can simply download it online.

Currently, they offer 12 conversion services which include Text to PDF, JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, and much more. Moreover, they also offer the feature of encryption, decrypting, and compressing a PDF.


  • Free tool.
  • Online software so you don’t need to download it.
  • No sign up required.
  • The user interface is quite good.


  • Limited features.


  • It is free to use.


2. Small PDF Converter

Small PDF Converter

I guess you might have heard the name of this tool before because it is such a popular tool when it comes to working with PDFs online. As the name suggests “small”, it is not a very big tool but the number of features they offer is quite commendable.

Small PDF Converter allows you to convert your PDF to other different file formats very easily, the best part is that you don’t have to download anything on your computer, neither do you have to register or sign up unlike many of the other online tools.

By using the drag and drop feature you can simply upload your PDF or any other file you wish to convert, then choose the file format you want to convert into. Once the file is converted you can simply download it to your computer or send it to Google Drive or any other cloud service.

You can convert your PDF to many other formats including Words, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc. This tool is basically designed for better user experience so that even the newbies could operate it with ease.

The unique feature of this software is that it comes along with an extension which can be installed on most of the browsers. So, if you want to convert your PDF instantly, you just have to click on the extension and without visiting the tool (website) itself you will be able to convert your file.

Some other features include:

  1. Convert, edit, merge, and compress PDF.
  2. Digital signing.
  3. Encryption and Decryption.
  4. Split PDF.


  • The User Interface is terrific.
  • An online tool so you don’t need to download it.
  • Drag and Drop functionality.
  • Loaded with many other features.
  • Security and Privacy are maintained.


  • Free Version has limits.
  • Uploading data online is never secure.


Basically, small PDF comes in 2 price plans which are:

  • Yearly Plan: $108 per year.
  • Monthly Plan: $12 per month.

After converting your files you can also compress your PDFs using these compression tools.


  • Adobe Acrobat DC: Highly versatile tool at a high price.
  • PDFelement: Value for money, and a good alternative for Acrobat.
  • PDF Architect: Free version works well, and paid is loaded with features.
  • PDFMate Converter: A decent tool for a decent price.
  • Gorilla Tool: Free online PDF converter.
  • Soda PDF: Accessible tool with a lot of unique features.
  • Smallpdf converter: Paid online tool with drag and drop functionality.

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