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7 Best PDF splitter tools in 2020

As the name suggests “PDF Splitter”, Splitter is used for splitting anything into parts. PDF Splitter can be used for breaking a PDF into parts and then we can choose the parts that we need. 

This tool is helpful when we need to send a large PDF and there’s a limit, what we can do is split it into smaller parts and then send it part by part. But the problem is that there are tons of software available for the same and it is very hard to choose the best one for you.

So, we have prepared a list of all the best online and offline PDF Splitting software, you can check other features as well and then decide which one is the best for you.

Best Online PDF Splitting tools

Here’s a list of tools that you can access online without downloading them on to your computer or laptop.

1. EasePDF


EasyPDF is a free online tool that can be used for splitting a PDF, along with the feature of splitting it has many other features like Compress, Merge, Edit, Convert, or Rotate PDF. Overall they offer more than 20 online free PDF tools.

Two of their latest features include Add Page numbers and Add Watermark. When it comes to your data security and privacy they remove all the files or links from their server automatically within 24 hours, moreover, the 256-bit SSL Encryption ensures that all of your files, documents, and data are secure.

This free online software works on all the Operating systems, including Windows, macOS and Linux, it can also work on any operating system on mobile phones like iOS and Android. You can easily split your PDFs on your mobile phones at any time and anywhere.

After visiting their site you just have to choose the “PDF Split” option and then simply upload the PDF file that you want to split. One more amazing thing is that you can even upload your file from Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, or simply put a link to the file.

Simple drag and drop feature makes it very easy to use, and it allows you to rotate, zoom the pages before splitting. Moreover, there are three splitting modes available which are:

  • All Pages mode
  • Split every mode
  • Page mode

All pages mode will select each page of the pdf and set it to split, Split every mode will allow you to set the number of pages you want to split. In the last option which is “Page mode”, you can set a beginning page number and an ending page number and all the pages within this limit will get selected.


  • The user interface is terrific.
  • Drag and Drop Functionality.
  • Tons of other features are available.
  • Free to use.
  • Batch processing is available for free.
  • 3 Splitting modes.
  • No registration is required.


  • Always a risk while uploading data online.


  • Free to use.


2. PDFspl


PDFspl is a website with the full name “PDF Split and Merge”, it is very clear from the name itself that this tool is used for splitting and merging PDFs only, moreover, it is free to use.

Regarding the security and privacy, all of your files are deleted from their servers within 15 minutes of inactivity or after the first download attempt.

After visiting the website you will find 2 modes, “Split” and “Merge”, select the one you are interested in and then it’s a simple drag and drop process. Moreover, a special feature of “switch to mobile version” is also available, in case you are using a mobile phone.

You don’t need any sign-up for using this tool and since it is online software you access it from any device or any operating system.


  • Free tool.
  • Easy to use.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Sign-up is not required.
  • High-quality results.


  • Uploading data online is always risky.


  • Free to use


3. iLovePDF


iLovePDF is another website where you can split your PDFs online, without downloading it on your computer. You can simply upload the PDF you want to split from your Computer, Dropbox or Google Drive and then choose the split option for splitting.

You will get 2 range modes for splitting your PDF, which are:

  • Custom ranges
  • Fixed ranges

In the custom ranges option, your pdf will be split in the same range that you will set, so you will get multiple files of the given ranges.

The fixed ranges option will let you split your PDF into multiple files, your PDF will be split into files of the number of pages you enter. For example, if you enter “number of pages is equal to 2” then your PDF will get split into multiple files each of 2 pages.

After the split is complete you can either download your file or directly upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox or simply share the download link.


  • 2 range mode options.
  • No sign-up is required.
  • Can handle large files.
  • The user interface is nice.
  • Slitting is very fast.
  • It is a free tool.


  • No explicit option to delete a few pages.
  • Uploading data online is risky.


  • Free to use.


4. Sejda


Sejda is a very similar tool to iLove PDF, it is an online tool with a simple drag and drop functionality. You can even add your files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Google account, or even from URL.

Once you upload the PDF you will get 4 options which are 

  • Extract every page into a PDF.
  • Select Pages to split.
  • Split every X pages.
  • Split every even page.

These options are very similar to most of the other PDF splitting tools but the names might confuse you.

“Extract every page into a PDF” option will create a new PDF for each page of your PDF. 

If you choose the “Select Pages to split” option, then you can choose the pages you want to split from your original PDF.

By choosing “Split every X pages” your PDF will get split into multiple files each containing X pages.

“Split every even page” option will split your PDF by every even page of the original PDF.

Regarding the security, all of your files stay private and automatically deleted after 2 hours of inactivity. All over they offer a free service for documents up to 200 pages and 3 tasks per hour.


  • Drag and Drop functionality.
  • User Interface is excellent.
  • The free version is outstanding.
  • An online tool, accessible from any device.
  • 4 splitting options.


  • Uploading data online is always risky.


Free version of Sejda is limited to some features but it works fine if you don’t work with PDFs multiple times a day, paid plans are as follows:

  • Web week pass

This plan costs you $5 per year.

  • Web monthly pass

This plan costs you $7.5 per year.


5. Smallpdf


Smallpdf is a very popular tool, well-known for editing PDFs and much more. Other than Splitting pdfs it comes with tons of other features including editing, merging, converting, etc.

Once you upload the PDF you will get 2 options which are:

  • Extract pages
  • Split PDF into many

Extract pages option is free while “Split PDF into many” is paid, extract pages option will allow you to extract a bunch of pages or a single page from the original file. In this option, you will get only 1 PDF file.

“Split PDF into many” will get you multiple PDFs, you can either split your original file into PDFs with multiple pages or a single page.


  • Easily accessible tool.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • 2 splitting options.
  • Loaded with other features.


  • 1 splitting option is paid.
  • Uploading files online is risky.


Small PDF has 2 pricing plans:

  • Yearly Plan, costs you $108 per year.
  • Monthly Plan, costs you $12 per month.


Best Offline PDF Splitting tools

By now we discussed online tools for splitting PDF files and now we will be discussing offline tools which you can download on your computer and then use it offline for splitting PDFs.

1. PDFelement


PDFelement is a versatile tool which can be considered as a professional tool for PDFs, it is not a tool for those who work with pdfs once a month. You have to download this tool before using it and then after purchasing a license you can avail all the amazing features of this tool.

You can definitely split PDFs using this tool while some of the other features include merging, editing, compressing, converting pdfs and much more.

If you are considering a paid tool for PDF splitting I would definitely recommend going for PDfelement, it is one the best PDF tools available currently because it offers such amazing features at a very decent price.

Talking about the user interface, it has got a really friendly user interface and you can start working very fast right from the beginning. You will get two options for splitting a pdf, the first option being splitting the PDF by “Number of pages” and the other one being “Top-level bookmark option”.

PDFelement is an authoritative tool, some of their clients are Hitachi, Deloitte, Gentex, Essar, etc.


  • The user interface is really nice.
  • Offers a large number of other tools.
  • Best Paid tool for splitting PDFs.
  • Member of PDF association.
  • Price is decent for so many features.


  • Not free.


It is very important to understand their pricing plans because they have got so many of them for you. There are basically 3 pricing plans and each plan consists of two sub plans, those 3 plans are:

  • Individual Plan

The two sub-plans of the individual plan are:

  1. PDFelement Standard, which costs you $6.99 per month
  2. PDFelement Pro, which costs you $9.99 per month.
  • Team Plan

The two sub-plans of the team plan are:

  1. PDFelement Standard, which costs you $109 per year.
  2. PDFelement Business, you’ll need to contact sales for pricing.
  • Educational Plan

You will get a 50 percent discount if you are a student or a faculty member, you just have to apply for this Plan by submitting some suitable documents


2. Ice Cream PDF Split and Merge

Ice Cream PDF Split and Merge

Ice Cream is another brand that comes up with amazing apps and PDF Split and Merge is one of them. It can work on both the Windows and macOS operating systems, and it comes in a free version which can be upgraded to a pro version.

The free version has a limit of 20 pages per document in split mode while the pro version supports unlimited pages. By using this tool you will be able to Split a PDF file into single-page documents in just a few clicks, and you will also get 4 modes of splitting, which are:

  • Into files of 1 page
  • By groups of pages
  • Get rid of certain pages
  • By page ranges

“Into files of 1 page” option will save each page of your pdf into one single page, if you choose the “By groups of pages” option you can make groups of pages by selecting the number of pages in each group. 

By groups of pages” option is used when you want to make a specific group of pages and then split them into files of those groups.

“Get rid of certain pages” will allow you to delete some specific pages from your file and keep all the remaining pages as it is. If you choose the “By page ranges” option then you can set the range of pages you want to split.

“By Page Ranges”, it is used for setting a range of pages (using page numbers) and then your PDF will be split in that specific range of pages.

Ice Cream PDF splitter comes in 50 different languages so that you can use this software in your native language. Also, it is capable of processing large files and splitting them into small ones.


  • 4 different splitting options
  • Available for both Windows and macOS
  • Merging feature is also available.
  • The free version works fine.
  • Friendly user interface.


  • The free version has limitations.


Pro version would cost you $19.95 for full lifetime access.


Check out these PDF merging tools to overcome the overdone splitting.


  • Ease PDF: with 3 splitting modes and free to use.
  • PDFspl: Free online tool with high-quality results.
  • iLovePdf: 2 range modes and can handle large files.
  • Sejda: 4 Splitting modes and the free version is great.
  • Smallpdf: Loaded with other features but some of the features are paid.
  • PDFelement: One of the best paid offline splitter tools.
  • IceCream PDF split and merge: 4 different splitting options but the free version is limited.

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