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7 Best PDF Translator Tools in 2020

There will be times in your professional and personal life when you will need a PDF translator tool. It isn’t unusual to come across PDF files in different languages, with the global and dynamic market on the internet; it is hard not to come across PDF files in various languages.

It can be an online product description brochure or a basic offline setup manual, or you are selling your product, and you have to translate the leaflet to explain your services to the customers.

However, you can face severe issues in such cases as you won’t be able to understand the language.

So, what can you do now?

Fortunately, there are various PDF translator tools. These tools will take the stress off of your shoulders, and you don’t have to worry about translating the language.

1. Google Docs

Google docs are one of the easiest ways to translate your PDF. If you are an avid user of Google Docs, then you can easily take advantage of the translate document option that comes with it.

You can either copy-paste or import the PDF into Google Docs by converting it to the Google Docs format.

You have to open the PDF in the main editing interface where the formatting toolbars and main menu.

All you have to do is open the Google Docs, then click on the ‘tools’ option on the main menu bar. When you click it a drop-down menu will appear, with the translate option.

You can choose the desired language and translate the document. Then you can save it in the PDF format.


  • You can use it for free.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It comes with grammar and spell-checks.


  • It doesn’t have other features for the PDF.
  • A Google account is compulsory for it.


  • It is free to use.


2. Google Translate

Do you know that Google can already translate web pages, phrases in 65 different languages?

Google is our very own translator, and it is effortless to use. You can do it by simply adjusting the browser settings and auto-translate web pages.

You can also copy and paste the entire text and translate it in the primary Google translate interface. Well, it is easy to use, and once you are on the Google translate page, all you have to do is click on the ‘translate a document’ link which is under the main text field.

You will be directed to the interface where you can choose the file and upload the PDF and pick the language.


  • You don’t need a google account for it.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Google will ensure 100% accuracy.
  • It can work best when you need to translate the large texts.


  • You can only translate the textual content, images, and formatting of the PDF may get damaged.
  • Quality is not suitable for professional usage.


  • It is free to use.


3. TransPDF


TransPDF is said to be the future of PDF translation. It has been created to end all your worries related to PDF translation by converting them into high quality translated PDFs.

For a long time, translating PDF documents has been a hassle and time-consuming process. Also, one has to pay the translators for the work which helps in maintaining the format- considering all these worries TransPDF has been created.

You can simply do it by uploading the PDF to transPDF and translate it.


  • It is a versatile tool.
  • It supports various file formats.
  • It works with existing tools to quickly create the translated PDFs with premium work.
  • It maintains the forms of the document.
  • It comes with a proofreading tool.


  • It is not free to use.


  • First, 25 pages are free, but then you have to purchase a monthly subscription of $9.99+VAT to enable the premium options.


4. Pairaphrase


Pairaphrase is a translation software that contains instant productive tools for businesses. If you are a professional and run a global company, then this professional tool is what you need for quality content.

The interface is straightforward and all you have to do is focus on translation. Pairaphrase has been developed on cloud-based translation software that helps you to maintain the data security and 100% accurate translation.


  • It gives quick results.
  • It offers data security.
  • It has smart translation software technology that offers 100% accurate translation.
  • It is best for professional use.


  • It is expensive.
  • It can be challenging to learn in the beginning.


  • The prices are different, for instance, the subscription plan for Barcelona will be $99 for 5000 words per single user. You can choose the pricing accordingly as per your needs.
  • They also offer subscriptions for organizations, for instance, in Paris plan you can translate 12,000,000 words per year and up to 5 users can use it.


5. ProTranslate


Protranslate is an expert high-end solution for challenging texts such as medical, academic, technical where you can’t expect a single mistake.

It works in a very systematic way where first you have to place an order for your project and then project managers will carefully examine your work and then will pass on the work to the translators who will translate the work line by line and then the professional proofreaders and editors will finally review the final result.

They offer high-quality standard work with the assurance that nobody can find a single mistake in it.


  • It offers 24*7 support.
  • It is perfect for professional work.
  • If you don’t trust tools for professional work, then this can be a perfect solution for you as humans will assist you throughout the process.
  • High-end paraphrasing and editing options.
  • Quality assured work.


  • You can’t get instant results.
  • As there are no proper plans, one cannot get an idea about the pricing.


  • There is no fixed subscription price mentioned on the website. You can place an order by selecting the documents and the features they have mentioned.
  • After you choose your services, they offer you a price depending upon your demands.


6. Redokun


Redokun is a new age translation software which allows you to save your money and time. It allows you to automatically translate your documents and especially comes with features that are suitable for paragraphs and descriptions.

When your company has a global market and has to disturb your services and products in various countries, it is in the hands of the marketing committee to maintain the quality of the brochures and catalogues. In this case, Redokun can help you and make your work very easy.


  • It offers flexibility.
  • It can translate quickly.
  • It saves money and time.
  • It ensures confidentiality.
  • It is safe and reliable to use.


  • It can lead to mistakes.
  • It can be only used for professional users.


  • It comes with a 14 days free trial.
  • It comes with 4 plans for organizations.
  1. For small companies, it is billed $50 / month, but features are limited.
  2. For medium-sized companies, it is billed around $125 / month, and most of the features are available.
  3. For enterprise / large companies, it is billed around $325 / month, and all features are available.
  4. In a custom plan, you can include your own services and the price will be decided as per the services.


7. Deepl

DeeplDeepl is the translation tool that can capture the slightest of the mistakes and set a benchmark with its performance.

They come with a data security option where the data of the subscribers can safely secure their data, and no third party system can access it. Also, you can translate essential documents with one single click by preserving the entire data of the document.

The fonts, images and colours remain the way they are and support all formats including .docx, .pptx, .txt and various others.

It also comes with a CAT Tool integration service which can be useful for many.


  • It comes with expanded customization options.
  • It offers maximum data security.
  • You can translate unlimited texts.
  • It offers fast and accurate results.
  • The translations are great for professional use and are versatile.


  • Sometimes it can be time-consuming depending upon the fluency level.
  • There can be mistakes.
  • It is available in a few countries.


  • It comes with a free trial plan for one month.
  • It comes with the three plans and is billed annually
  1. Starter plan- $6.99
  2. Advanced plan- $22.99
  3. Ultimate plan- $45.99


Final Thoughts

Every software that we have mentioned above has their own pros and cons, and we have listed them for your ease, you can go through them and find the perfect match for yourself.

Google and Google docs are the best options for free translation, but they are not good enough for professional use. Protranslate is for those who want accurate translation as professionals will be translating the document.

However, TransPDF takes away the spotlight because of the features and affordable pricing.

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