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28 Best Tips to Achieve Peace of Mind and Attain Inner Calmness

We the human race, have this tremendous inclination to observe, absorb, analyze, understand, think and rethink over any piece of information that crosses our path.

Undoubtedly this ability is an essential and integrated component of how we as human beings have evolved historically and how we plan to shape our future.

But while this ability of ours cannot be denied nor can it be stopped, its use by us does demand that we exercise some form of control and responsible behavior.

Thus, one such important thing which we often ignore in this process is to race our mind to the extent that we lose our track of peaceful mindset and inner calmness.

What is meant by the terms peace of mind, inner calmness, etc.?

Peace of mind, mind peace, peaceful mindset, peace in mind and inner calmness, all are different sets of phrases with the same meaning.

Briefly narrating, all these relate to achieving an intentional and conscious state of mental and psychological composure or tranquility, explicitly under circumstances where the potential stress causing factors tend to exist in our mind.

List of ‘how to’ ways and tips to achieve peace of mind and attain inner calmness

While you cannot put an end to your worries and relentlessly stressful thoughts, you can for sure embed simple and effective measures in your routine life to achieve your peace of mind and attain inner calmness.

Here, we have compiled a list of 28 factors and elaborated them to help you overcome any stressful times in your life and find peace of mind.

1. Learn to stop thinking when required

Learn to stop thinking when required

No wonder there is clearly a fine but thin line between normal thinking and overthinking about anything that is bothering you.

So if you are able to identify this border, you will have more chances of stopping at the right time from moving forward in order to avoid entering your discomfort zone of zero inner peace and calm.

2. Know what triggers or pushes you

Every person has the potential to resist a negative thought, emotion and fear up to a certain limit. It is only then when this limit exceeds that the person feels different and embarks a changed and fierce behavior.

Thus by knowing the factors that have the potential to trigger or push you into such a state where finding peace of mind becomes hard, you will have a chance to avoid any such situations completely.

3. Accept the factual side

Perhaps it is sometimes better to accept the factual side also. Accepting that there were, there are and there will always be instances where your desires’ won’t be able to replace the facts, change the reality and beat the odds in your favor.

4. Self-importance

Self-importance or self-worth means that you know your worth well and therefore, you can prioritize yourself first in and above all the matters that are of concern to you.

Thus the more you value and love yourself, the more you will be willing to let go any thoughts that deter your peace of mind.

Self-importance also becomes important for those occasions when finding support from the outside becomes hard and hence it is only you who can lend help to your own self. Not having a closely knitted bond within you will only make it harder to survive through lonely times.

5. Willingness to help others

Sometimes finding true peace of mind lies in the happiness you get from helping others.

Taking out your time and energy to lend a hand to those in need can be a great way to find inner peace and calmness.

6. Learn to say ‘No’ when appropriate

The courage to say ‘No’ is something that many people do not have or find not feasible. Your reluctance to say ‘No’ when needed serves as an extension of the point number 4 and 5 above.

First, the purpose of giving self-importance remains incomplete if you are unable to realize the situations in which replying negatively does no harm to the person asking for the favor but actually saves you from a clearly avoidable liability.

Second, declining somebody a favor might be taken as you being selfish. While helping others is an appreciable act, real favor sometimes lies in not helping others so that they can discover their own hidden strengths.

Thus saying ‘No’ when appropriate can be a source of inner peace and calm. You only need to figure out ‘when’ and ‘how’ to do it.

7. Try to remain attentive and alert

This simply means avoiding any stray thoughts and trying to be mindful and alert of what is happening around you.

People often tend to freely float in a pool of untimely and useless imaginations, losing control of their minds and letting their thoughts take over.

By staying focused, attentive and concentrating on what really is important at any moment, we can direct our thought process into the right direction.

8. Develop an identical or congruent personality

An identical or congruent personality is when the way you perceive yourself to be and what you really are in practical life, both are similar.

But not being exactly the kind of person in real life as against the person you think you are, can cause you to stress out and lose peace of mind.

In other words, the difference in opinion stemming from the way people judge you and the way you want yourself to be judged by them could end up in either you not accepting your shortcomings; or as a deep sense of guilt over your past failures and neglect.

9. Prioritize things

Sometimes rushing at the last moments to avoid a disaster or failure and make things work smoothly, is a way that might bring in the desired results but at the cost of you foregoing your mind peace.

A clear way to avoid such situations is to prioritize your tasks and goals beforehand.

Making a list of things to-do for any specific time of the day like morning or evening, or to accomplish daily, weekly, monthly or yearly objectives can help you in this regard without losing your inner peace and calm.

10. Set tough and stressing tasks on top

Set tough and stressing tasks on top

Another way to stay calm and peaceful throughout your day is to go for the toughest and most stressful tasks at the beginning of your day.

The sense of achievement and relief that comes by first finishing the most important plans at the start will last for the entire remaining part of your day and help you to stay more focused and easily complete the less important tasks.

11. Get up early

Numerous researches and accomplished people attribute their success to getting up early in the morning and beginning the hustle in the most productive hours of their day.

Waking up early in the morning well before other people, no wonder gives you an edge and extra time to accomplish and plan more things.

This exercise of planning the day ahead is a sign of having a peaceful mindset with inner calm.

12. Sleep properly

While how many hours should any person sleep is a number that varies in each case, many experts believe that it is not about how much you sleep that counts rather it is the quality of sleep that matters.

So no matter how many hours you like to stay in bed, if you aren’t getting up with a peaceful and relaxed mind then all this time spent in bed is nothing more than a waste.

Proper and good-quality sleep means the amount of sleep that is adequately long enough to recharge your body and wash away all tiredness from the day before.

13. Change is good

Many people get depressed and lose mind peace when they continuously follow a fixed and uniform pattern in their life.

To find peace of mind, it is always advisable to shift your lifestyles and patterns and experiment with new things as often as possible.

14. Conduct self-evaluation

From time to time every person should briefly conduct a self-evaluation activity.

Your peace of mind depends on how happy or satisfied you are with your current standard of belongings. This includes your job, income, house, friends and family, etc.

If you think that anything is adversely affecting your peace of mind, you should definitely put in effort to make it better.

Remember that while job, income, house and other materialistic things can be changed, friends and family cannot be. So the only possible way here is to think of ways in which you can enhance your relationship with them for example by striving to become a better version of yourself.

15. Set goals

Another way to walk away from a consistent and boring routine is to set goals in your life. Putting in your effort, working hard, winning your targets and then setting new ones will bring peace of mind.

16. Be flexible when needed

Being rigid and firm in your thoughts and attitude can stop you from making any further progress in your life and will subsequently result in a less peaceful mind.

The only way possible to cross some hurdles in life is to show a bit of flexibility. Although it takes years to build an experience which does not allow you to bend easily, occasionally these experiences also need minor alterations to accommodate a rare situation.

17. Enjoy each and every moment

Another way to stay a peaceful mind is the ability to find and enjoy even the little pleasures that life offers to you. Make each and every moment that you spent as remarkable and pleasurable as possible.

18. Ask for timely help

Not asking for help when needed can deprive you of your inner peace and calmness.

Many people in their time of distress never explicitly ask for help from others thinking that they might be refused. Rather they wait for other people to sense their need and offer support which might take time or never happen altogether.

Remember that there is nothing wrong in asking for help from other people and involving them because being refused is much better than causing a delay and making solvable issues to take their worst form.

19. Embrace the present

Thinking too much about your past regrets and what you could have done to avoid past mistakes, as well as worrying about what future holds for you; are thoughts that will only make your present peace of mind and inner calm disappear.

While you cannot return to make good your past nor can you predict your future, you still have time to take complete advantage of your present and lead it in the right direction.

20. Spend some time with yourself

Spend some time with yourself

While the world around you doesn’t seem to slow down for a bit, it is important that you take out some time to exclusively spend it with yourself.

This includes being selfish and taking a break from your busy schedule to invest some quality time on yourself and regain not only your peace of mind, but also modify and enhance your failures, learn and polish the skills you lack and reduce your stress, etc. to become more productive.

21. Turn demotivation into motivation

Instead of associating your failures with great disappointments and demotivation, learn to stay positive and derive the lessons that you got to learn and experience into motivation to make another blow.

22. Show gratitude

While it is important to continue striving for something better, it is also important to be grateful for whatever you have at present. By showing gratitude you remain satisfied, happy and peaceful about living a better life which many other people still can only desire.

23. Avoid comparisons

Believe in the fact that every person is different in several ways; i.e. they have different goals and priorities, different pace of moving ahead and different destinies.

Therefore, never ever try to align your life goals and awards with that of others. Remain focused on your own path and what you think is more important in your case.

Feeling envy or jealousy of others will only deprive you of your rightful path to attain a peaceful mind and keep holding you back. Being truly happy for other people and their achievements also plays an important role in keeping you happy.

24. Do not expect a return or reward

While we have discussed at an earlier point in this article about the importance of helping other people whenever possible to find peace of mind, one key factor that can still hinder this act of being selfless is when people expect something in return for the favor they are doing.

Expecting favor returns, rewards or even words of appreciation against granting other people help and support and then not getting it in either equal proportion or none at all will only make it difficult for you to find peace of mind.

In other words, it can be said that a positive act done with negative or selfish intention is not worth doing.

25. Avoid being too much materialistic

While having a reasonable amount of money and material objects is integral to living a balanced life, becoming crazy or diverting an excess amount of your attention and effort in obtaining as much wealth as possible could possibly result in reduced peace of mind and inner calm.

This is because while wealth does unlock more and better options, no amount of it can guarantee even a slight part of happiness.

26. Take time to broaden your perspective

While making decisions in a hurry, if either you do not think about the possible outcomes at all or analyze it using a narrow approach, such decisions sometimes turn out to be a blunder and cost your peace of mind.

To avoid such mistakes, it is always better to not hurry and make full use of the available time to generate favorable outcomes.

27. Engage in physical activity

Physical exercise or work out is a natural way to reduce stress levels. And you do not need to join and regularly visit a gym for this purpose.

Walking a few miles in the morning is also enough of a physical activity to begin a great and positive day.

28. Avoid social media

While using social media is a great way to stay connected with our friends and family and remain updated of the latest happenings, it is also a medium that delivers too much unwanted and useless information that sometimes tend to stick to our imagination and make our mind filthy.

Of course as more area of our mind fills with this junk, the less room there is to sustain our inner peace and calm.

And while you can ignore the unimportant posts, you cannot stop them completely. So the only way is to avoid social media as much as possible and stay connected with each other in the real world.

Final thoughts and advice

Having a life with inner calm and spending your days with a peaceful mind is every person’s right and choice. Surprisingly, most of the time we focus on fighting the external things to achieve it but which only results in us becoming more eager for mind peace.

Hence instead of perceiving it in the wrong direction, the right approach is to realize that sometimes we as individuals alone are depriving ourselves from choosing a peaceful mind and inner calmness.

Bonus advice for our audience members

Remember that not all stress factors are alike. Each has a different intensity level based on what events triggered it. So depending on what you are currently experiencing in your life, select the one best move or a combination of several ways from our compilation that you think will best suit your need to regain your lost peaceful mindset and inner calm.

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