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30 Best Ways and Tips to Practice Self-Love and Be Good to Yourself

Do you often feel neglected by other people that you yourself love and care about?

Or do you often feel like not getting an equal or even a slightest touch of love and affection from other people against the love and affection that you shower them with?

If this is so, then the most obvious reason why this happens with you is because you never give yourself the priority and unconditional love that you ought to have for yourself.

Remember that the only person who will always remain the most concerned about your own well-being is no one except you.

Realizing the importance of oneself and understanding that you are as special as any other person on this planet is the basic idea that revolves around the concept of self-love.

What is self-love?

Self-love in its simplest form means accepting and understanding the need to put your own emotional and physical wants first for the sake of your own personal well-being.

Once you start to put your own self and your own needs first before catering the needs of other people, you will see a change in how others treat you.

You will observe other people pursue the same patterns and behaviors in your case.

This is because when you hold yourself in high esteem and start treating yourself in a better manner, others also start admiring you and respond positively to your own well-being concerns.

Difference between self-love and self-importance

Many people avoid or ignore the importance of self-love by confusing it with self-importance. Try to not let this happen in your case.

Even though self-love and self-importance sound the same, they are actually entirely two different things.

Self-love is what has been defined above.

On the other hand, self-importance means feeling or believing that you are superior to other people.

As opposed to being superior or having a higher status, self-love means believing yourself to be an equally special person as other people are.

Self-importance is about being bigger, better and superior. Self-love is about being equal.

30 Best ways and tips on how to practice self-love and be good to yourself

If you still do not understand about the whole concept of self-love, we have gathered a list of the 30 best ways and tips on how to practice self-love.

Once you start following the ways and tips for self-love, you will start to become good to yourself. You will realize a change in your own condition and how people start treating you differently.

1. Sleep properly

Sleep properly

Start to care for yourself by giving your body the appropriate amount of good quality sleep. Make a schedule of proper bed timings and then follow it rigidly.

Stop doing everything when it is your bedtime and without any delay or excuse go for it.

Similarly, the first time that your alarm rings in the morning, do not snooze to spend some more time in the bed. Get up and start your day.

A good thing to do here would be to make all other plans for times that do not cross your bedtime schedule.

2. Eat properly

Make a schedule of what to eat and how much to eat during the three basic meal times i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Eat more when you are about to start your day as you will need maximum energy during the first hours of your day.

Have a short meal at your lunch time. For dinner, eat the lightest food that you can get as your body won’t need much energy during sleep hours.

3. Do not avoid any meal time especially your lunch

Most people start their day late in the morning and therefore skip or do not take proper breakfast meals.

Similarly, during the day time, many people are so involved in their work that they forget or have little or no time to have their lunch.

Since the gap between breakfast and dinner is a long one and you are working during this time, do not let your body suffer with insufficiency of basic nutrients.

Find time to take a break and have your lunch.

As for your dinner, no matter what commitments you have or how tired you feel, do not skip it as well.

4. Walk whenever possible

If your office and home are close by, you can probably commute the distance by walking.

Similarly, you can also go for a morning or an evening walk in a park or walk to the near-by supermarket for buying your stuff.

5. Do take your paid leaves

No matter how busy you are or how critical and important your professional duties are to your organization, if you have some leftover paid leaves near the end of the year, make use of them.

Take off and work on yourself. Spend some quality time with your family. Go on vacation.

6. Workout or exercise daily

Join a gym or make use of the gym facility in your residential complex or at the office to engage in some sort of physical workout and exercise.

7. Spend time with friends and family

Never underestimate the importance of spending time with your friends and family.

There is no doubt that whatever hard work you are putting in is for the benefit and betterment of your family. But your family and friends also need a portion of your time.

8. Take regular breaks and rest

During your busy work hours, do not keep on working like a machine or computer.

Take necessary breaks and time intervals for resting or diverting your mind and thoughts from the worries and stress related to your work.

9. Do not take your office at home

This means not to engage in office work after your working hours for the day have ended. No more work related phone calls or online meetings or emails.

If possible, set an auto-reply for the emails that you receive after office hours or on weekends with a message that says something polite like ‘You will be responded during the next office hours’, etc.

10. Make new friends and meet people

Make new friends and meet people

Go to some public event or visit parks and libraries or join book clubs and try to get to know more people and make new friends.

You can also take a stroll down your neighborhood and try to meet some new people that have recently moved in.

11. Write down about your day in a journal

You can also write down about how you got to spend your day.

Doing this will help you find your mistakes, any awkward moments you have had or bad attitude issues that you showed while dealing with other people.

12. Take advice or seek a consultant

Call a friend or meet over lunch or dinner and discuss the issues that you are currently facing.

Seek their advice and give them the freedom to judge about whose fault it really is. Let them openly express their opinions and what they think will be the consequences.

You can also set an appointment with a consultant and seek some really helpful professional advice.

13. Meditate and do yoga

Spend some alone time to do yoga and meditate.

Dive deep into the ocean of your thoughts and make your imagination help you in relaxing and soothing your body and soul.

14. Study your religion

Many answers related to self-love are answered in religious textbooks.

Study them and try to find a spiritual escape from the physical world of depression, anxiety and materialistic needs.

15. Develop a new hobby or interest

Try to explore the world around you by developing a new hobby or interest. It can be something that has always fascinated you but you couldn’t find enough time to do it.

16. Shower or bath daily

Take care of your skin and body from the outside. Take showers or soak your body in a bathtub for some time every day.

17. Surround yourself with positivity

Surround yourself with people who always keep a positive outlook and discourage negative aspects related to everything.

Indulge your body and mind in sources of positive energy and leave the things and people that only help in generating and making things negative.

18. Avoid comparisons with other people and their belongings

Do not compare yourself with other people. Know that you and others are unique in their own manner.

Similarly, do not compare your belongings with that of other people. This will only make you feel lesser and ungrateful; or higher and proud.

Try to remain happy and content with who you are and what you have.

19. Give back to those in need

Helping the needy people and spending time in welfare and social causes will make you feel good and self-love yourself.

This is because these are the things that you do without any greed of profit or worldly reward.

20. Expect less from other people

Expect less from other people

Keep your hopes and expectations towards other people as low as possible.

While you should expect good for every person and support others whenever possible, do not expect any kind of returns or credits.

21. Seek patience while being persistent

While going through any hard and challenging times in your life, remain patient and do not over react.

Also your efforts to fight back and overcome these difficult times should be backed with persistence so that you do not give up easily and remain strong for as long as possible.

22. Be unconditionally thankful

Be unconditionally thankful for all the material things and loving people that you have been blessed with.

Do not miss any opportunity to pay back with what little or more you have to show how grateful you really are.

23. Forgive others

When others make mistakes or let you suffer, do not hold a grudge against them for very long. Forgive them and try to move forward.

24. Forgive yourself

Many people always regret the mistakes that they made in the previous years of their life.

If you have any such past memories of regret, try to forget about it and forgive yourself with a promise to not repeat those mistakes and capitalize on the lessons that they taught you.

25. Write to discard

If your mind is consistently occupied with endless worries and negative thoughts, try to write them down on a piece of paper and then throw it away.

Use this therapy and technique to free your mind and body of useless thoughts and move towards things that really matter.

26. Be the master of your own destiny

Plan your own decisions and set goals for yourself instead of letting others plan the right and wrong for you.

Do not let others control your movements. Free yourself from all the things and people that constrain your freedom.

27. Do not always ask for other people’s approval

Just like becoming the master of your own destiny, try not to ask for other people’s approval whenever you make a decision.

Instead, when you make a decision for yourself, strive to make it go in the right direction and be ready to accept the probable outcomes and take responsibility.

28. Live in the moment

Do not overthink about your future or what happened in the past. None of these is under your control.

Try to live and experience the present moment and work to make it beautiful and memorable.

29. Self-analyze

Self-analyze and talk to your inner self about how you would like to make yourself better. Make plans for the future and how you could achieve them.

30. Have an open mind

Have an open mind

Have an open mind and express your thoughts and imagination but do not let these things offend others. Respect other people’s opinions and beliefs as well.


We are sure that once you start to adopt ways and tips of self-love compiled in this article on ways to self-love, you will clear yourself of the confusion between self-importance and self-love.

Our advice is to just take a few things from the list and start practicing them.

Once you start doing this, you will understand that self-love is not about risking or compromising on the love that you have for others.

Rather, it is more about making others feel the same for you and at least respond in a way that you rightly deserve.

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