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22 Signs that Clearly Indicate you might have Found Your Soulmate

It is often said that every person remains half and incomplete until they find another person who can complete them.

In other words, it can be said that humans individually are like an incomplete piece of a two part puzzle. And in order to complete this puzzle, they are in constant search of the other piece.

This other part is generally referred to as soulmate.

Some people would even say that you do not find but recognize your soulmate. This is derived from the fact that any two persons who are soulmates, are destined to meet each other one day.

Finding or recognizing your soulmate is not among those things in life that can be speeded nor can it be delayed to suit your mood or willingness.

It is bound to happen for almost every person that believes in it but will most probably happen on the right time, at the right moment and with the right person.

And while everyone has a list of qualities and features that they would like to see in the other person, it is generally not the case.

This is because people often compile their list of soulmate qualities based on some romantic story, movie or on the experience of other people.

And this is perhaps the situation where things take the wrong turn for quite a few different reasons.

First, what seems good for one person might not be appropriate in your case. Trying to find the same qualities which others have found could end up in a time wasting and useless effort.

Second, soulmates happen to have qualities that define you and are more important than any ordinary romantic needs of any person. Therefore, your soulmate might tick your romance boxes but being romantic is not the only thing you will want in your soulmate.

22 Signs that clearly indicate you might have found your soulmate

So if it is not your definition of soulmate or the qualities that you seek in your life partner or spouse, then what is it to look for to discover or recognize your soulmate?

We have in this article gathered a list of some 22 general attributes and indications that may be the first signs of a possibility of you finding your soulmate.

Once you have read the list below of the 22 signs that clearly indicate soulmate signs, you will better understand and will be much more aware of knowing when the right person meets you.

1. It is not perfect but it is right

It is not perfect but it is right

If you define your soulmate as someone that is perfect, delete this definition or criteria right away.

Believe in the fact that no one has ever found the perfect other half of themselves. It is just the right person that completes them and is right for them in every manner.

Now if you recall the lines above where we already explained that what suits one person might not necessarily be okay for you or another person.

Try to understand those lines in this context here and you will know that what is right for others is not right for you and vice versa.

2. You look out for each other

When both of you find each other, you guys will become super protective of each other.

You will defend each other against outside threats, interference and anything that puts either both or one of you in some form of danger, discomfort or exploitation.

None of you will hesitate to take a stand for the sake of protecting the other person no matter what the consequences.

3. Being together is the safest thing

No matter what worries and life intolerances you went throughout your day as an individual, when you return to the person everything just washes away.

Now whether you cry or you want to laugh, you feel entirely safe with your other half.

4. You want to return no matter what

Whether you are in a long distance relationship or it is just a few hours of your day that you are away for work and other chores, you are desperate to return.

Being away for just some time feels like being away for ages. You just can’t resist the idea of not meeting your other half.

5. You want to stay together forever

You want to stay together forever

Extended from point number 4 above, both of you just want to stay together forever.

Even if one of you has to leave the other for some days, you wish to travel together. Each of you would want to follow the other person till the end of the earth.

If you can’t travel together, you will deliberately mention your willingness and how much you wish you could just fly to the other person.

In simple words, you won’t miss any opportunity to show the other person how much you miss them. Every second that you spent being alone seems impossible.

6. You wish you could have met before

As mentioned earlier in the beginning, how you cannot control your destiny to quickly make you reach your soulmate, meeting them will invoke this desire in you.

All the previous years of your life that you spent with someone else or alone might seem as a regret of why you didn’t meet your soulmate before.

While being grateful and celebrating the current moment is more important than regretting your past, at times you won’t be able to control these kinds of thoughts.

7. You feel like you have always known each other

Even when you are just in the initial days of this newly discovered and everlasting relationship with your soulmate, you will feel like you have been there together for ages.

This is because each of you had known your own shortcomings and insufficiencies and now all of a sudden you feel complete and wholesome.

The level of happiness and excitement in such a case will make you forget your past.

8. You accept and respect each other in every manner

Whether it’s a good thing or a bad habit, you just ignore it. Instead of focusing on individual characteristics, you are more interested in the overall personality of the other person and the fact that you finally got to be together.

You accept and respect each other for who you are on an individual basis. Personal differences don’t seem to be an issue in your relationship.

9. You are ready to forgive

Each person has a list of things that they are uncomfortable with and cannot accept any person doing the opposite of it.

But when you find your soulmate, this list doesn’t seem to apply anymore. Even if your soulmate crosses a line which is against your codes of acceptance, you are willing to forgive.

None of the mistakes they make seem to bother you anymore.

10. You want them to be happy

You want them to be happy

When you find your soulmate, you will do everything to make them happy. In fact, you will consider your happiness to be dependent on their happiness.

You will find happiness in the happiness of the other person.

11. You complement and supplement each other at the same time

No matter how different you are from your soulmate, you just feel incomplete when you are not together.

This is because whenever you are together, you play the role of being complementary and supplementary for each other.

12. Your thoughts sync

Whether you say it or not through words or show it by actions or not, the fact that you truly are each other’s soulmate will make your thoughts sync.

You will understand each other’s mood, wants and probable reactions to other people. You will know how each of you is feeling at the moment.

13. Your frequencies match

While there is no guarantee that your soulmate will match your personality traits, habits and behaviors, the thing that your frequencies will match is an undeniable factor.

14. You do not ask for justifications or explanations

You will never ask your soulmate for justifications or unnecessary explanations on any issue. Whether you understand or were aware of their attitude and stance on any issue, you will leave where they stop.

You do not ask them questions or want them to continue just for the sake of your satisfaction.

15. You believe in them even when you have doubts

You believe in them even when you have doubts

Just because you do not question them or ask for justifications to satisfy you, does not necessarily mean that you do not have any doubts.

Doubts in this case mean that you worry for your soulmate. In any way it does not mean that you have suspicions over them.

It is just that while you worry and want the best for your soulmate, you also have total belief in what they did. You support them in every manner.

16. You have the same goals in life

Your life goals and the things you want to accomplish in life and the goals and things that your soulmate want to achieve will always be congruent.

Even if there are some differences, instead of forcing your decision on the other person you will more likely follow a pattern which brings mutual benefit to each other.

17. You always look for common grounds

No two people in a relationship even when they are soulmates will ever be totally the same. This means that differences are bound to exist.

But unlike any other relationship where you might not want to give up and even let the other person suffer for your benefit, with a soulmate no such similar situation will ever arise.

This is because you will always be willing to work out common grounds and ways where your differences remain intact and no one suffers as well.

18. You motivate and encourage each other

Even when you have to agree on something that you don’t really approve of, you won’t argue or stop your soulmate from doing it.

For example, you have a need to travel for work. While living alone for a few days might seem impossible, you will still support the other person’s decision and professional responsibilities.

You will motivate and encourage your soulmate in the best possible manner.

19. Nature has its own way of keeping you together

Even long before you realize that you are meant to be together forever as soulmates, nature has already started its work to hint you about this possibility.

There will be instances where you will surprisingly meet each other, worry for each other, turn defensive and possessive for each other, etc.

You might end up in arguments where you will get a chance to know and discover each other more.

20. You feel different about everything

You feel different about everything

Just when you start to become closer and are about to realize this important phase in your life, you will experience and feel every other thing in your life differently.

You will feel more secure, more relaxed and will suddenly learn to settle on issues that bothered you earlier.

21. You become more grateful

You will suddenly become more thankful for what little or extra you have in your life. Small blessings and thoughts that you earlier ignored and took for granted would suddenly become important.

You will start counting on the good things, understand that the bad things will soon get over and be grateful for this change and everything.

22. You start trusting and become dependent

No matter how hard it seemed earlier to trust others and how much you cared about being independent and not answerable to any other person.

But once you find your soulmate, things will take a natural but an unexpected shift.

You become more willing to share your secrets knowing that you can trust the other person.

You also become reliable, dependent and want to involve the other person in your decisions. You ask for their opinions, consent and support.

End thoughts

Among the 7 billion people that roam this planet, finding or recognizing your soulmate can sometimes seem very unrealistic and imaginary. It might be something that only seems possible in movies and stories.

But definitely many people in real life also praise their better half. You often find such people run out of words to describe their satisfaction, gratitude and level of completeness that they have acquired in the form of their soulmate.

Remember that this list is not for you to memorize and then carry out a massive operation to find your soulmate. It will be totally spontaneous and out of blue when you will find your soulmate.

This list is only to help you recognize and fully grab that once in a lifetime moment so that you don’t miss it.

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