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11 Best Spicy Ramen Noodles in 2021

Instant noodles are a kind of avant-garde of the food world. Food bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers can’t stop raving over the ramen noodles for the extraordinary convenience they provide to our “no time to eat, too hung-over to cook” lives.

Ramen noodles that were exceedingly popular in Japan are now a staple pantry product worldwide. People from different ethnicities and cultures are now regular consumers of the wonder noodles.

However, many a time, our cravings for spicy food foster a rebellious attitude that can only be dealt with a big bowl of spicy ramen.

In this article, we have listed 11 of the spiciest ramen of all times to help you find your comfort food.

11 Best Spicy Ramen Noodles

1. Nongshim Shin Noodle Ramyun

Nongshim Shin Noodle Ramyun

Tangy, salty, and savory enough to tickle your taste buds.


  • Origin:USA
  • Calories per pack:520 kcal
  • Flavor notes:Beef extract, vegetable extract, spices.
  • Volume per pack:4.2 ounces
  • Spice level:moderately spicy

An exotic fusion of spices, vegetable mix, and beef broth that would appease your taste buds.

Take your spice cravings to the next level with a kick of Nongshim Shin Ramyun.

The not-your-typical-noodles are a bit chewer and wider than the regular ones and use natural seasoning for added flavor.

If you are someone who has never tried Spicy ramen before, we’d suggest that you go for Nongshim Shin Ramyun to grace your taste buds with flavorful beef and tangy spices.


2. Samyang 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Ramen

Samyang 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Ramen

Surprisingly hot, fiery ramen made for the gutsy spice lovers.


  • Origin:Korea
  • Calories per pack:545 kcal
  • Flavor notes:Chicken, seaweed, sesame.
  • Volume per pack:4.93 ounces
  • Spice level:Dangerously spicy

Samyang Spicy Hot Ramen is the star product every blogger and YouTuber go gaga over!

It is hands down the hottest ramen noodles produced to date.

The product that started off as a challenge is now a pantry staple. With the flaming hot spices and delish chicken broth, these noodles make a perfect meal for any spice enthusiasts.

Critics claimed that despite being hot and spicy noodles, they have an exclusive taste that kept them yearning for more.

Samyang ramen is deliciously addictive and fiercely spicy. Try at your own risk!


3. Paldo Bulnak Pan Noodle Irresistible Sweet Spicy Ramen

Paldo Bulnak Pan Noodle Irresistible Sweet Spicy Ramen

Spicy turned sweet ramen noodles to kick your hunger blues away!


  • Origin:Korea
  • Calories per pack:255 kcal
  • Flavor notes:Octopus mixture.
  • Volume per pack:4.58 ounces
  • Spice level:Irresistible sweet and spicy

When it comes to balancing flavor and hot spices, no one does it better than Paldo.

This version of Korean noodles are so spicy they burn like lava.

The critics believe these spicy ramen noodles taste the best alongside boiled egg, toasted sesame seeds, and seaweed to add some perky flavor.

If you’re a fan of sweet and spicy food, Paldo ramen noodles would suit you just well.


4. Volcano Spicy Chicken Ramen Noodles

Volcano Spicy Chicken Ramen Noodles

Insanely hot and spicy chicken-flavored ramen.


  • Origin:Korea
  • Calories per pack:520 kcal
  • Flavor notes:Beef and chicken flavor.
  • Volume per pack:4.93 ounces
  • Spice level:Crazy hot and spicy

Imagine standing next to a volcano and craving for more fire?

Yes, that’s exactly the case with Volcano spicy chicken ramen noodles.

The ramen noodles come with a sauce that’s both; sweet and spicy enough to make you cry for water.

However, critics commented you need to put in the right amount of water to preserve the heavenly taste and fierceness of these spicy noodles.


5. New Samyang Ramen/Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles

New Samyang Ramen/Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles

Halal certified spice extraordinaire that may put your house on fire!


  • Origin:Korea
  • Calories per pack:530 kcal
  • Flavor notes:Spicy chicken.
  • Volume per pack:4.93 ounces
  • Spice level:overwhelmingly, extremely spicy.

You will understand every YouTuber’s pain once you try this flavor of Samyang ramen.

Considered as one of the hottest ramen noodles to date, Samyang roasted chicken noodles stand the test of spice connoisseurs.

This version of Samyang’s ramen has a sweeter hint to it, which is not adored by many spice fanatics. However, critics confirmed that despite having a sweeter and tangy relish, the flavor remains classic yet savory. 

If you’re a spice lover with a thing for sweetness, Samyang chicken roasted spicy ramen noodles are tailored for you.


6. Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Stir Fry Noodles

Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Stir Fry Noodles

Halal certified ridiculously hot ramen noodles to spice up your boring meals.


  • Origin:Indonesia
  • Calories per pack:390 kcal
  • Flavor notes:Sesame, soybean, fried onion.
  • Volume per pack:2.82 ounces
  • Spice level:Perfectly hot and spicy.

With a legendary sweet, salty, and spicy combo, Indomie ramen noodles have a great tension and gauge with a decent quantity.

It comes with three different sauce sachets — all with unique savory flavors. The noodles taste divine with the provided sauces. However, for enhanced flavors, add spring onions and a fried egg to make it a perfect scrumptious meal.

The best part about Indomie hot and spicy ramen noodles is that you can customize the flavor according to your preferences. So, if you don’t fancy really spicy food, simply skip the chili sauce and you’re good to go!


7. Samyang Carbo Spicy Chicken Fried Noodles

Samyang Carbo Spicy Chicken Fried Noodles

Name something more cheesy, creamy, and crazy spicy than SAMYANG carbo stir-fried noodles, we’ll wait!


  • Origin:Korea
  • Calories per pack:340 kcal
  • Flavor notes:Garlic, parsley, cheese, spicy chicken
  • Volume per pack:4.58 ounces
  • Spice level:Genuinely and extremely spicy

The wholesome ingredients of “carbo” sauce and the savory flavor of spicy chicken compliment each other really well.

The critics reviewed it as the most appetizing flavor of SAMYANG’s instant noodles for it has the perfect balance of heat and creaminess.

However, if you cannot handle spices at all. We’d suggest you try a fourth of chili pack or more to your liking.

Bonus: Add something delicious as shrimps or prawns to enhance the cheesy, creamy flavor.


8. Asha Healthy Ramen Noodles

Asha Healthy Ramen Noodles

Fresh, hot, savory, aromatic yet healthy alternative to your instant spicy ramen.


  • Origin:Taiwan
  • Calories per pack:290 kcal
  • Flavor notes:Onion, ghost pepper, wheat
  • Volume per pack:4.58 ounces
  • Spice level:Insanely hot and spicy

With palatable natural flavoring and wholesome wheat, this ramen has to be the healthiest vegetarian meal out there.

A-SHA spicy ramen noodles are dry style, i.e., not soupy. However, this doesn’t change their ambrosial flavor and tenderness.

The secret ingredient in the instant popularity of A-SHA spicy ramen is the “ghost pepper”, which gives it hell spicy and smoky hot flavor to burn your ears.

The fun part is, despite being ludicrously spicy, they have an original unique flavor to them that stands out from the rest of the instant ramen noodles.


9. Ottogi Jin Ramen Noodles (Spicy)

Ottogi Jin Ramen Noodles (Spicy)

Robust flavors with a healthy kick of mushrooms and hot spices.


  • Origin:Korea
  • Calories per pack:280 kcal
  • Flavor notes:Onion, ghost pepper, wheat
  • Volume per pack:4.23 ounces
  • Spice level:moderately spicy

The Jin ramen uses wheat flour noodles with a classic Korean touch. However, it’s not as brutal as other Korean ramen counterparts.

The broth has a pretty intense flavor with vegetable garnish as a relish.

We would highly recommend adding chopped green onions and beaten egg to spruce up the taste.


10. Samyang Hot chicken Curry flavor Ramen Noodles

Samyang Hot chicken Curry flavor Ramen Noodles

The sweet, sour and, spicy curry flavor leaves you wanting more!


  • Origin:Korea
  • Calories per pack:555 kcal
  • Flavor notes:Hot, sour and sweet
  • Volume per pack:4.93 ounces
  • Spice level:Overpowering spicy

Enjoy the piquant combo of curry and instant ramen with Samyang Hot chicken curry ramen noodles.

The star ingredient that brings crazy fire to this ramen is “special spicy curry sauce”. Even though the Samyang curry ramen is nowhere near to its hot cousins- spice wise, it still has got the fiery kick to it that can make novice noses bleed.


11. Spicy Pork Tonkotsu Ramen Noodle Soup

Spicy Pork Tonkotsu Ramen Noodle Soup

Wholesome instant noodles with an insanely rich pork broth that melts in the mouth.


  • Origin:USA
  • Calories per pack:290 kcal
  • Flavor notes:sea salt, garlic, soy, and dried seaweed
  • Volume per pack:2.4 ounces
  • Spice level:Moderately spicy

Mike’s mighty spicy ramen is not your typical ramen. The base of these noodles is tonkotsu, which is a cloudy white-colored broth from pork bone. The pork bone is boiled for several hours to achieve a tender pork flavor and thick, creamy consistency.

But that’s not all. The real jam to the success of this ramen is steamed noodles that give the health enthusiasts their due.


Fun Tips to Up your Ramen Game

If you’re someone who’s regretting over your spiciest ramen purchases.

Fret not!

Here are some of the most bizarre yet yummy tips to up your ramen game. Luckily, these tips will also help you balance the hot spices and give a succulent flavor to your ramen noodles.

Follow these tips and take your instant ramen noodles to culinary wonderland.

1. DIY mac ‘n’ Cheese

If you’re a cheese lover, empty the contents of Samyang 2X spicy hot chicken ramen noodles as directed and remove noodles after cooking. Put them in an airtight container and place 3 slices of cheddar cheese. Close the lid and let it sit for 7 minutes. Remove the lid and enjoy finger-lickin’ home-cooked mac ‘n’ cheese.

2. Add vegetables for a balanced taste

Choose and eat wisely. Take two packs of Chicken flavored, spicy ramen noodles and cook as directed. Remove noodles and strain half of the liquid. Add packet sauces, cherry tomatoes, and chilies (to your liking), and enjoy the most delicious ramen meal ever!

3. Garnish with garlic for a tangy smack

Take Nongshim Shin Noodle Ramyun and follow the directions. Drain and rinse the noodles.

Add packaged sauces, 1 tbsp. of olive oil and 1 tbsp. of minced garlic. Toss the noodles and mix well. Enjoy your meal fresh and warm!

4. A dash of lemon

Nothing is more refreshing than a citric kick to your belly-timber.

 A dash of citrus (lemon, lime, orange) amps up the flavor of spicy ramen by altering the aroma and make it more inviting.

If you’re not a fan of lemons, another great alternative is ginger. Just grate some ginger and squeeze it on picante chicken ramen.


A buyer’s Guide to Buying Spicy Ramen Noodles

Hot and spicy ramen noodles are in vogue. But there are a few crucial things you should consider before jumping on the bandwagon of buying spicy ramen noodles.

1. Variety

No matter how indistinguishable do ramen noodles look. They come in different varieties that might alter their overall taste and texture.

Although it’s fun to play around with different textures of ramen, mostly you won’t enjoy some varieties. Therefore, it is essential to study which type of noodles tempt you the most.

The different varieties of ramen noodles are:

  • Thin, translucent noodles.
  • Thick, substantial noodles.

2. Flavors

Ramen noodles come in different flavors. If you are intolerant to spices, know that spicy noodles can have adverse effects. Therefore, always go for flavors that suit your needs rather than following a trend.

There are different flavors available for spicy ramen noodles depending on your spice tolerance.

  • Kimchi.
  • Cheese.
  • Beef.
  • Chicken.
  • Seafood.

3. Preparation Time and Convenience

Spicy instant ramen noodles are known for their convenience and accessibility. They are prepared just as regular instant noodles would be. However, various contents would require added steps and time.

The ramen that comes in cups and bowls are fairly convenient and easy to cook than packets and thus, takes less storage.

Make sure to check the label for cooking instructions before buying ramen noodles.

Final Thoughts

Spices, by all means, are unhealthy for your body mechanisms. Nonetheless, sometimes you need a powerful dose of spicy ramen noodles to get away with your tedious routine.

If you are a spice connoisseur, we highly recommend Korean ramen noodles, particularly Samyang 2x spicy hot chicken ramen. It has got a decent favor with nerve-racking spices to numb your taste buds.

However, if you’re a novice spice-eater, try something moderately spicy like Paldo sweet and spicy ramen.

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