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22 Things to do at Home for Fun that You Might have been Missing Out

Do you feel being bored at home?

Do you think that finding any activity for fun and enjoyment at home is hard?

Well, for most people life at home can be very boring and daunting. To them, real life in terms of everything and not just fun and enjoyment begins after they step out of their home. Therefore, home to such people is more of a shelter or stay at night kind of a place.

No wonder that to some people, being confined to a single place like their home that they have been returning to everyday for the past many years now, can make its importance less and fade.

But we do not want our readers to be ungrateful for whatever little or big they have.

Therefore, for this reason we have compiled a list of 22 things that will add more reasons to make you return to your home with an ambition in mind.

And remember that this list is not a conclusive list of all the things that can be done at home for fun and enjoyment.

But yes some of the activities of fun and enjoyment in this list can be tried and experimented at home only.

So without any further due, let’s begin finding which fun activity to start with first.

22 Things to do for fun and enjoyment at home that you might not have known till now

1. Treasure quest

Treasure quest

During everyday chaos at home, people often keep things at wrong places and then end up forgetting about them. If you are a kind of person that often ends up with these kinds of worries, then this activity is definitely for you.

Make a list with the title ‘Lost and Found’ for all the things that you believe are lying somewhere around the nooks and corners of your house. Then simply, just select one which seems to you as the most important of all from the entire list.

Start searching in spots where you are most likely to have placed it after using it the last time.

And there is a fun-filled and exciting reason for why we are suggesting starting the search for the single most important item first.

This is because whether you find this thing or not, we are sure that you will at least find many other things on your list during this quest.

2. Sort out photos

We all have a bunch of unsorted photos kept in between other photo albums or in paper envelopes.

If you have any such photos left to be properly catalogued, do this job right now.

3. DIY photo album and catalog

If you do not have a spare photo album for all the unsorted photos in your collection, try watching a do-it-yourself (DIY) video on Facebook or YouTube and make an album yourself.

While this will help you sort out the photos, it will also make you learn a new skill. And do not worry about buying art and craft stuff to get started.

DIY videos are mostly about using ordinary things and also suggest their alternatives, much of which is easily available at everyone’s home.

4. Go through old photos

I am guessing that this is now becoming a bit disturbing by suggesting photos for the third time.

But going through old photos and reliving past memories can be a perfect way to spend your time at home.

5. Wardrobe experiment

Wardrobe experiment

Almost everyone has a few items of clothing in their wardrobe that they have never used.

These can consist of items that you bought on sale, which then looked odd at home but you could not return them; or clothes that you received as gifts.

In either case, you can now try on these pieces of clothing and see how they look. You can also mix them with other regular clothes to bring up more combinations.

6. Taking photos and sharing it with friends

If you are the type of person who is too curious about how other people see you and talk about you, then this activity is here to ease you.

Take photos of you with all the different cloth combinations that you tried and share it with your friends and family. Ask for their opinions and suggestions.

This way you not only get to learn what suits you best, you also get to make a record of it. This record will be useful when next time you plan to wear these clothes outside.

7. Rearrange your furniture and other stuff

While changing your stuff and furniture may not be budget friendly, bringing a change in it is easy and convenient.

For your stuff, try rearranging it in a more ordered manner or change its locations. For example, changing the drawers in your personal cupboard or shifting items from one cabinet to another in your kitchen.

You can also place the right type of shoes beneath their matching clothing in your wardrobe.

On the other hand, you can also try experimenting with some big changes. Like shifting entire rooms with your siblings or just rearranging your furniture to make it look different.

8. Journaling

Writing down your thoughts, memories and ideas can be a great kind of fun and enjoyable activity to do at home.

Use different color pens to scribble key points, highlight texts and use colorful sticky notes to add more fun and creativity.

9. Cooking

Whether you are fond of cooking or not, you can still try doing it now.

Recall any short recipe that you might have learned in the past and try making it. Or try recreating a dish that you cook very well.

You can also watch cooking shows and channels on television or online videos on Facebook and YouTube as a way to learn and cook both.

If you want to cook simultaneously while watching a cooking show, try using recorded videos instead of any live shows. This way you can play, pause and rewind on important steps.

10. Play video games

Play video games

If you like playing video games and own any gaming consoles or laptop, what better time would you find for having virtual fun than now.

Either play on your own with bots or invite your friends over at your place to join you. You can also connect with your friends through the internet and challenge them over some mind blowing battles.

11. Learn new skills through online courses

There are plenty of online courses and classes that are available both in the form of free and paid subscriptions.

Search for what interests you, then before joining any course make sure to read user reviews. This way you will better understand how other people have benefitted from that course and how it will help you.

12. Do meditation

Try spending some time alone in some quiet corner of your house for a few minutes of meditation. Meditation can be a great way to bring peace and calm, and soothe your mind, body and soul.

To do this, all you need is to put your headphones on and play some nice meditation podcasts from highly efficient instructors and therapists.

13. Learn yoga and exercise

You can also learn some new form of yoga or different kind of a do-it at home workouts from the internet. The exercises available on the internet are short, easy and do not require assistance from any coach or use of any gym equipment.

These short and quick exercises can be a great way to burn out some body fat right after you have had a super calorie rich meal.

14. Read books

Book reading is one of the most preferred hobbies of the super-rich and successful people.

This is because reading books does not only help as a way to get fun and entertainment, they also teach you a lot of other things.

By learning the skills to read between the lines and the ability to visualize the written text can open new avenues for you.

15. Experiment with make-up

Experiment with make-up

To all ladies reading this article, do not feel offended if I say that you do have a ton of cosmetic collection. And much of this collection is still unused or nearing its product life.

While we certainly have no issues at all with you owning this much makeup stuff, we also want you to look beautiful and learn different looks for this purpose.

So why not start using your new cosmetic range or experiment with the near to expiry makeup items.

This way you can learn about some new looks and discard your old stuff in a more useful method.

Or you can also try recording a makeup tutorial and upload it on the internet for other ladies to watch and comment.

16. Give back to your community

Giving back or helping those in need in your community and around you can also be fun. After all, the purpose of having fun is to attain peace of mind and helping others is one way of doing it.

A way to give back to your community during your stay at home is to look for old and unused clothes and stuff that you might not need for yourself. Separate it and then either drop it at a shelter home or try searching for some homeless persons.

You can also cook food and drop it at some nearby social welfare place.

17. Video call with friends and family

While doing any of the above shareable activities, you can also video call with friends and family and share your fun and enjoyment via live mode.

Video call can be an exciting way to relive a past moment with any of its associated friends or family members as well.

18. Plant seeds in your pot or garden

Planting seeds can be quite soothing as you get to experiment nature at a close distance.

And good for you, every kitchen has some kind of seeds for growing some basic everyday groceries in your backyard.

So grow fresh and eat fresh.

19. Take a bath or shower

If standing under a shower makes you feel like being under a waterfall, then go for it. Some people find water hitting and running through parts of their body very soothing and calming.

But if you want to combine this activity with something more fun, try taking a bath. This is because while your body remains soaked in the water or the bubbles, you can still perform other activities side-by-side.

Like reading a book, playing video games on your smartphone or watching a movie or your favorite television channel if you have a screen in your bathroom.

You can also use bath bombs for a more colorful and smoking experience.

20. Play board games

Play board games

While growing up, you might have learned to play quite a few board games. So why not play them again now.

Playing board games is one the best form of group activities that helps strengthen relationships between the participants and brings them closer.

It also reduces stress and boosts brain functioning.

21. Try some skincare home remedies

Who can better understand what wonders can a skincare home remedy do, than a woman.

So if you know something of the sort but haven’t had time in the past to try it then, try it now. For example, making a turmeric face mask and using it to reduce any acne and scars on your skin.

22. Play hide and seek or treasure hunt

If you have a large house with lots of weird spaces, then perhaps you can play hide and seek for fun at home.

Or like we suggested in the beginning of this list to try a treasure quest, why not make it a game and play on purpose.

Hide any stuff, make some exciting clues and riddles and begin exploring your very own home.


Being creative and having the ability to do something different from the ordinary is a human characteristic. And we are sure that the list above would have certainly proved you this.

So when trying any of the things above you come across something more exciting and fun filled, do let us know. Share your thoughts in the comments section below so that we and other readers can also benefit from it.

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