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34 Best Things to do Today with your Kids at Home and Outside

Many children of the current generation around the world, would never forget the year 2020.

This is because while the year had been a harsh reality for the entire population of the world, to children it meant something different.

The age of childhood is a care free age. Therefore, many children would remember this year in the form of the longest spanning vacations they would ever get to experience.

But for parents, the stay at home kids pose a new and totally unexpected challenge.

The time of childhood is the only best time for children to absorb as much knowledge and wisdom as possible. And going to school does not only fulfill this purpose alone, but also benefits both the children and their parents in several other ways.

Aside from gaining knowledge, they get the opportunity to make new friends, play games and sports and have as much fun as they want. They also get to see and deal with the outside world and spend some time in it as individuals and groups which are independent of their parents or guardians.

This has made many parents realize what an important role the schools and educational institutions play in shaping the lives and character of their children. However since the schools will still stay closed for a few more weeks, this entire responsibility now lies on the shoulders of parents.

Why is this burden?

Dealing with kids at times can be pretty daunting. And with the children confined to their homes only, it has become even more challenging for the parents.

Parents now have to play several different roles altogether for their kids. Apart from being parents only, they need to simultaneously act as their children’s best friends, teachers and coaches, role models, even subordinates or juniors, team members, etc.

But certainly this is something totally new and never thought of before, so it won’t be easy for most of the parents.

34 Best things to do today with your kids at home and outside

If you are wondering what activities to plan for your stay at home kids, this article is here to help you with this.

Read the following list of 34 best things to do today with your kids at home and outside to make this time memorable and super productive.

We have also added a few things to do outside as the Covid-19 restrictions in many countries around the world are being relaxed.

1. Make a daily timetable

Begin with making a daily timetable. This way you can make your kids adopt the habit of investing their time properly.

Some kids have the habit of lying around or playing video games on smartphones and gaming consoles. Excess amounts of screen exposure for kids at a young age can cause some severe diseases or issues in them.

By shaping their time in proper routines, you can limit their time spent in any such activities which bring more bad than good to them.

2. Plan rewards

Plan rewards

As a way of rewarding and encouraging your kid for keeping up with its daily schedule, you can give them gifts or plan some trip or activity outside.

3. Get creative with their daily timetable

There are many ways of making a daily routine other than writing it on a piece of paper and sticking it on your fridge with a magnet.

Search on the internet to get super creative in making an eye catching and fascinating daily routine chart for your kids. And do not forget to include them as well in this process.

4. Create a family tree

Children can be quite curious little creatures, always asking you they just met or how an elder did know about them.

So why not create a family tree altogether and answer all questions at once. You can use different colors to differentiate between the relatives relating to you and your spouse.

5. Drawing and coloring competition

Teach your kids how to draw and choose between different bright colors to make their drawings more eye catchy and attractive.

Perhaps you can use grid papers and drawing guides to increase their drawing accuracy.

6. Teach them laundry

You can also teach your children to operate an automatic clothes washing machine to do their laundry.

Teach them the difference between different types of fabrics, separating dark and light color fabrics before washing and simple care steps like always washing clothes inside-out.

7. Learning how to do the dishes

Teach your children how to wash things like their plates and spoons after every meal under a running tap.

If you use a dishwasher, tell them about what type of crockery is dishwasher safe and which is not.

8. Dunk a ball

If you have a basketball net in the backyard of your house, you can lower it enough to teach your child how to dunk a ball.

9. Play a treasure hunt game

Hide any objects and make clues and riddles for your kids to use while searching for them. Notice how much attention they pay to understanding the clues and how much better do they recall places of their own home.

10. Organize a quiz

Organize a quiz

Make quick answerable questions with their suggested answers to play a game of quiz with your kids. Examples would be to ask them questions about colors, basic mathematics and general knowledge.

11. Learning color combinations

By using non-toxic watercolors, teach your children about how to make more colors than the ones already available on their art kit palette.

12. Storybook reading

You can also select some short story books and read aloud one-by-one.

13. Re-narrate old stories

You can also ask your children to re-tell any stories that they read a few days back. This way you will also understand how much information they are able to retain.

14. Plan a video call meetup

Since it can be long before they get to meet their school friends in person, you can set up a video call for them and arrange a virtual meeting.

15. Play board games

Playing board games can be a great way to involve many of your family members and not just your kids.

Teach them about the rules of the games and its objectives.

16. Do some gardening

You can also plant seeds in your house garden along with your kids. Teach them how to dig a deep hole in the ground, put in the seeds, fill the hole again with mud and water it.

If it interests them, you can assign them the duty of taking daily care of these new plantations.

17. Build a pillow or cardboard box castle

Make a pillow or cardboard box castle with your kids and then play other games with them inside of it.

18. Do some art and craft lessons

Teach your kids to make something creative during an art and craft session at your home.

19. Build a Barbie doll house

For girls, you can make a Barbie doll house at home. Use useless card and paper sheets available from any other product packaging. Color the walls, cut out windows and doors, make staircases, etc.

20. Plan a fake tea party

Plan a fake tea party

Since you won’t be allowing your children to drink tea at this early age, you could probably plan a fake tea party. Use toy crockeries in the form of kettles, cups, saucers, etc.

This way you can teach them on how to serve tea to guests in real life and how to ask for sugar, milk, etc.

21. Do water fight or splash activity

You can also do a water fight on any hot day. Either use water guns, water balloons or directly splash water onto your kids with a water hose.

22. Go swimming

You can also go swimming at any club or public access swimming pools with your kids.

23. Bake cookies, cakes and ginger bread man

You can also get your kids in the kitchen and bake some of their favorite recipes together with them.

Baking among other forms of cooking can be the most fun activity to do with your kids.

24. Make objects with play dough

Make your kids use play dough to make super cool objects with them. Your kids can either create objects using their own imagination or by using the molds that come with every play dough box.

25. Do any science experiments

You can teach your children about people from different professions such as scientists.

For this purpose, conduct any experiments that can be easily done at home with kids around.

26. Do a costume party

Every kid owns a bunch of costumes from their favorite superhero series. If possible, invite their friends over for a small costume party.

27. Watch cartoons or movies

Spending your time with your kids by watching cartoons and movies is also a great thing to do with kids.

28. Make a spin wheel

You can also make a few different kinds of spin wheels. For example, make one that comprises rewards for them on successfully completing all the tasks during a day.

Similarly you can also make a spin wheel that lists down some penalties and punishments, to use for kids when things go wrong.

29. Solve puzzles

Solving puzzles with your kids can be a great way to enhance their brain and thinking power.

30. Play Simon says

Simon says it is one of the classic games that many people have played during their childhood.

31. Go to a museum

Go to a museum

You can also plan a trip to a museum with your kids to teach them some cool historical facts and see artefacts from previous civilizations.

32. Plan an evening picnic

To enjoy the weather and cool breeze on some nice day, you can plan a surprise picnic at some park or beach.

33. Teach your kids how to cycle

During your visit to a park or a playground, you can also teach cycling to your kids.

34. Teach exercises

To make your kids learn the importance of remaining physically fit, teach them some workouts and exercises for kids like jumping rope, simple jump to touch an object at a height, trying to touch their toes while keeping their legs straight, etc.

Bottom line

While performing any of the activities above with your kids, you as a parent will come across certain obstacles. To overcome these, we have also gathered five important tips for parents to follow in this regard.

1. The age difference

While acting at the same age as your kid is important to make your child feel comfortable, in any other case never forget about the age difference. This will help you to control any instances of overreaction.

2. Keep it slow

Remember that no matter how keen your child is in learning something new, it will still take time and follow its own pace of moving forward.

You can also try to understand any issues behind your child’s slow performance. Once you are aware of it, you can then consult for an expert opinion and possible solution to help your kid with this as well.

3. Remain super cool

There will be times when your child will keep on failing repeatedly irrespective of many attempts. Or their simple childish behavior could also invoke anger in you.

While their teachers are professionally trained to deal with children’s psychology, it might be difficult for some parents.

Try to remain as cool as possible. But if you think that you cannot control anymore, you should probably take a break or end the session.

4. Encourage questions

Encourage your kids to ask as many questions as they want about any sort of issues and share their opinions with you in an open and conversational manner.

Make them feel confident that you are there to help them.

5. Keep your expectations low

Do not expect your children to raise their mind frequency to match with yours. Instead, lower your own standards to align with them. Then slowly and gradually try to raise both side by side.

Keeping expectations low is an important technicality that many parents on most occasions forget to abide by.

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