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12 Best Torrent Clients for Windows and Mac

Stuck between the decision of what to buy and what not to buy, while trying to look out for different software and running low on funds, not anymore because torrent holds the right solution for you.

Downloading any software with the help of a torrent client is referred to as torrenting which not only assists you in downloading smaller files but also helps in downloading exceptionally large files.

Torrent Clients are considered to be the source for the people to download different files over torrents. Different Torrent Clients have their perks and benefits, while some of them have some flaws too restricting the users to only limited content.

Talking about torrents and torrent clients, the biggest question that looms over every user’s mind is the one, Are torrents legal? 

To keep it simple and concise most of the torrent clients we download our files from are completely legal. Users using torrent clients for legitimate purposes can easily use the open-source torrent clients for their downloads.

Apart from the fact that most of the torrent clients are open-source and legal some of these also charge nominal subscription charges from the users.

Users should also keep in mind that while downloading content over torrents, they should be careful with the copyright factor to avoid legal implications. Having enough chatter about the different torrent clients and the characteristics associated with them, but the question remains what are the different clients available for users?

Just like people are divided based on their different attributes the torrent clients available to users with different operating systems remain to be distinctive. Torrent clients available for windows users are usually provided with much more liberations in comparison to the ones using mac operating systems.

Best Torrent Clients for Windows Users

1. qBittorrent


Known for its reliability and fast downloads, qBitTorrent is referred to be one of the most popular open-source torrent clients available for Windows users.

USP of the torrent client remains to be its small file size, faster downloads and free of sponsored ads and malware.

Apart from all the runtime benefits of the torrent, the program is relatively small in size which aids the users with smaller storage space to use up its services.

Talking about the competition from competitors, while several torrent clients enable either advertisements or allows additional downloads, qBitTorrent restricts additional downloads and offers a simpler interface to the users.

Talking about the present version of the windows operating system, Windows 10 qBittorrent ease out to be one of the top-notch torrent clients for the users.


  1. Small file size, enabling faster downloads.
  2. Firewall Protection for blocking the downloads of unwanted files.


  1. Older User Interface with no developments.
  2. Lack of a Mobile User interface.


qBittorrent is free and open-source software available for users without taking any paid subscription.


2. uTorrent


One of the most popular and the highest downloaded torrent client, uTorrent has been around since 2005. While the same has been the oldest torrent client available for its users, it is one of the most used torrent clients worldwide. The torrent is even bundled with a lot of advertisements and bundled front making it difficult to install.

Talking about the size of the app, the entire app is under the size of a tiny digital photograph. uTorrent is managed by Bittorrent for over a decade now and known for its authenticity and brand value.


  1. uTorrent offers the users an option to download programs through peer to peer downloading.
  2.  Enables faster downloads.
  3.  Consumes less space in comparison to other torrent clients.


  1. uTorrent has loomed around severe security problems.
  2. Users have been complaining about security infringements to hackers.
  3. The users have also raised concerns about spying on user’s downloads.


uTorrent is available for free to users over normal download speed, but the pro version of uTorrent costs $19.95 per year aiding them with faster downloads.


3. BitTorrent


uTorrent’s parent company maintains its torrent client too. While several users are usually confused about the same scenario, there are some key differences between uTorrent and BitTorrent which makes them identical yet different.

BitTorrent is the only torrent client for windows offering multi-functional usage, with peer to peer file sharing and allows users to use this client as a hub for fellow computers. One of the other salient features of BitTorrent is the built-in search tool for the users. BitTorrent is the only torrent client that supports over 70 languages.

BitTorrent allows its users with web-based seeding, and even commenting and reviewing of the content downloaded by users. In short, BitTorrent is a more simplified version of other client torrents, aiding users with easier client guides and instructions.


  1. Bittorrent offers the option of peer to peer downloading for its users.
  2. The torrent client offers a relatively fast speed for its downloads.
  3. Doesn’t introduce delays in multiple downloads.


  1. Bittorrent does not guarantee full security to its users
  2. Many users have filed complaints against the torrent client raising security issues.


BitTorrent is available to users for free and is open-source software.


4. Deluge


Deluge compared to the other competing torrent clients have made a rather new entrance but providing tough competition through its characteristics. Developers of deluge have focused on making a torrent client for the users which works according to their usage.

Still Confused, well it is not that confusing Deluge offers the users an option to be as lean as the user or as powerful as they wish to use it. Deluge is an open-source BitTorrent client, available for users worldwide.


  1. Deluge inhibits features like alphabetically downloading, moving up of downloaded files over specific locations.
  2. Speed adjustment according to network preferences.
  3. Scheduling downloads.
  4. Maintain specific directories for specific files.


  1. Some users have continuously criticized Deluge over its inadequate interface, and no latest developments in the basic control panel of the software.


Deluge is available online for free and is open-source.


5. Vuze


Vuze, developed and marketed for its power in the torrent client market. While Vuze provides many exceptional features and a power-packed performance to its users, there is a major flaw that leaves lower user integration on Vuze.

Vuze also offers features like Bandwidth Limiting, IP Filtering, and several power-packed features that distinguish the best from the rest. Talking about the magnetic factor of Vuze, a clear and well-lit interface turns out to be the USP of Vuze.

The thing that usually keeps the users away from using this torrent client is the fact that Vuze inhibits many sponsored advertisements leading towards a delay in loading the data.


  1. Faster Downloads
  2. Simple Guided User Interface.


  1. Lack of Security
  2. Based on the Java platform, making the software lacks cross-platform performance.


Vuze is available for free online, enabling faster downloads without any paid subscription.


6. BitComet


One of the only torrent clients having the combination of both torrenting program cum download managers. BitComet allows the users to look for different torrents and also download the same under the same client.

BitComet apart from the basic torrent client features offers many other salient features too, such as long term seeding, peer to peer sharing, disk caching, and also avoids any hardware impacts due to downloads.

BitComet was primarily designed for downloads of different files for Windows, but with the advancement in design, it enabled users to search and look for different torrent downloads too.


  1. Peer to peer Sharing.
  2. Small file eliminating impact on system’s space.


  1. Long term seeding.
  2. Lack of privacy protection.


BitComet is available for free and easy downloads accessible to users worldwide.


7. WebTorrent


WebTorrent came into existence in the year 2017, offering users ease of downloads worldwide. Simple Interface, easy control panel offering users to just paste the URL in the search window, and then their program starts to download instantly.

WebTorrent includes features like enabling the addition of external subtitles, streaming video content through Chromecast devices. Initially, WebTorrent was only launched for the users to download their files, but later on, it became a hub of torrent downloads for them.

Launching WebTorrent in a market full of Torrent Clients who are veterans in the field, turned out to be positive for the developers as, within a couple of years, WebTorrent turned out to be the best torrent client for windows.


  1. Fast and Easy download
  2. Peer to peer sharing of video and audio files.


  1. Delay while downloading multiple files.
  2. Files without seeds cannot be downloaded through a torrent client.


WebTorrent is available online and is free to download and use.


8. BiglyBT


BiglyBT is claimed to be the second biggest torrent client for Windows operating systems. This torrent client is also referred to be the alternative to Vuze, which comes up with a really big change. BiglyBT is completely ad-free, simpler interface, and faster downloads.

Some of the salient features of BiglyBT include Android Remote Control, metasearch options, and built-in search download options. The torrent client also enables users to download multiple torrents over the program without any delay in the download speed.

Several users claim that BiglyBT is just an extension to Vuze and is even developed on similar lines of the later torrent client.


  1. BiglyBT allows you to download and convert videos without any additional software.
  2. Android remote control.
  3. Metasearch
  4. Built-in search download option


  1. BiglyBT is loaded with unwanted ads making the files get downloaded slowly.


BiglyBT is available over the internet for free without any additional pro paid version of it.


Best Torrent Clients for macOS

There has always been a misconception amongst macOS users that downloading over torrent under macOS operating system is illegal for them.

But while the fact that most of the torrent clients are open and free-source for both windows and macOS users, the number of options available for macOS users is even more than the ones available for Windows users.

Since most of the services offered to macOS users are on paid subscriptions, developers look to develop open-source torrent clients which can be run along with different platforms.

Keeping that in mind, users are provided with limited liberations in terms of client usage for downloading the content.

Torrents are considered to be one of the easiest ways for downloading exceptionally large files, and only requires an active operating system and internet connection. Since the word torrent came into existence several torrent clients were introduced, while some of them offered cross-platform services, others were developed for single operating systems only.

Some of the most active torrent clients are listed below:

9. Folx


Considered to be the best torrent client for macOS users, offering many salient features and compatible with macOS Big Sur. Unlike other torrent clients, Folx enables users with the options to prioritize their downloads, set the download speed, and allows users to search through the search bar for downloadable content.

While Folx is available for its users free of cost, there is a pro version of Folx available too. The basic version of Folx allows users to download content through various magnets and download the content with normal speed.

Whereas, the Folx pro version allows ease of downloading to its users. Users with the pro version are just required to put the keyword in the search bar and are provided with the content offering fast downloads, without looking for its associated magnets or peers.


Folx application allows better downloading of content online without any disruption to the server.

Folx pro version only allows a built-in torrent search option.


  1. Limited usage in free subscription.
  2. Folx in comparison to its fellow rivals is a heavier application
  3. Restricts downloads to users with heavy ram only.
  4. Only limited features are available to users having the free version of the Folx application.


Folx pro version is available for its users at a nominal price of $19.95 per year, which in comparison to the other torrent clients is quite affordable. The family pack is $39.95 per year.


10. Xtorrent P2P

Xtorrent P2P

Xtorrent is the most stable torrent client available for macOS users. While the application is free to download for the users, there is a paid version of the application available too for users looking to download content at faster speeds.

Some of the salient features of XTorrent making it one of the best torrent clients for macOS users are, Built-in torrent search, torrent cast, and the ability to select files and folders based on their type.


  1. Xtorrent is lightweight and compatible with macOS BigSur.
  2. Built-in torrent search.
  3. Torrent cast feature.
  4. Xtorrent is even compatible with iTunes and BigSur, offering one-click downloading for its users.


  1. XTorrent P2P does not allow users to not have the option of creating their downloads for sharing on the application.
  2. The interface of the application is not quite user-friendly,
  3. Users are only able to download content at normal speeds.


XTorrent P2P offers both a free version of their application and a paid version too.


11. FrostWire


FrostWire is free and open-source software that runs on macOS operating systems. The USP for FrostWire is its simple and user-friendly interface, allowing users to download content easily.

One of the salient features of this application is the fact that it offers a built-in audio and video media player for file sharing through the application for the users.


  1. The application is easy to use
  2. Customizable according to the user needs
  3. Allows easy transfer of files
  4. Available for free.


  1. It sometimes downloads unwanted files taking up huge space in the system
  2. Lack of available search built-in options for the users.


Frostwire is available for free and is open-source software available online.


12. BitLord


Being one of the oldest available torrent clients for macOS operating systems, BitLord attracts a chunk of users towards it. BitLord comes with an integrated media player enabling the users to play different files simultaneously without any glitch.

Another reason why BitLord is so prominent amongst macOS users is the fact that most of the users who are just getting started with torrenting can easily make fruitful use of it. BitLord is compatible with macOS Big Sur and gives feisty competition to the other advanced torrent clients in the market.

Talking about the pros and cons of BitLord the number of pros overtakes the number of cons in the case of this application. Taking into account the fact that BitLord doesn’t offer much customization to its users but the users are still very much satisfied with its performance.


  1. BitLord is a lightweight application
  2. Well-versed interface
  3. Built-in torrent search engine.


  1. Contains several sponsored ads,
  2. Apart from that BitLord is not platform-independent and is only available for macOS operating systems.


BitLord is free and available for use to every user online.


How to choose your torrent client?

Torrent Clients for different operating systems might be different but the purpose of each one of them remains the same i.e felicitating the user with the best performance and downloads.

Looking to find the best torrent client irrespective of what operating system you use, there are some tips that every user should take into account and plan out the search accordingly.

  1. Look for Torrent Clients with no adware or malware associated with it, to avoid usage of extra space on your system.
  2. Look out for the feature of scheduled downloads, only a handful of torrent clients offer the service of scheduling your downloads.
  3. Only the best torrent clients offer the In-built search function for its users, look out for the feature, and lash onto downloading that torrent client.
  4. Most importantly while looking out for any torrent client, always look for the one with an easy and convenient to use interface allowing the user to understand every bit of the program effectively.
  5. Web Browser Integration is one of the other salient features of a good client torrent allowing the user to download and manage their torrents efficiently.

Choosing the right torrent client might be a tedious process, but once you get the hang of things and are able to find out the best torrent client, downloading the content over your system becomes easy and efficient. While some of the best torrent clients are available under paid subscriptions, some of them are even available for free over the internet.



All of the above listed torrent clients work amazingly with windows and macOS. But when it comes to choosing one, I recommend uTorrent is the best pick for windows and Frostwire is the best pick for macOS.

Every user possesses a different set of requirements, while using a torrent client and for every other user a different type of torrent client is available in the market.

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