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Top 13 Voice Changer Apps and Softwares

Voice changer software can change the tone and pitch of the user’s voice. It can also be used to record the audio and can be used to share it via social media websites or emails. These apps offer a wide range of effects that can be applied in real-time and interface that is very easy to use.

The voice changers are considered one of the most popular apps nowadays as you create funny and spooky sound effects. They are easy to use as all you have to do is record your voice and upload it. Then you can add the effects as per your choice and enjoy the audio tracks.

Factors to consider when purchasing a voice changer

Price Value

It is crucial to make sure that you get value for what you are paying before you pay. When you pay the price, make sure that you only purchase it if they satisfy your requirements.


Before you buy a voice changer, make sure that it has got all the features you are looking for. Some of them have limited voice effects, whereas some don’t have reasonable editing options. Therefore before making a choice, go through all the features and make sure that they suit your requirements.

Customer Reviews

Nowadays, customers are posting everything on social platforms; therefore, before jumping onto a conclusion, make sure that you go through customer reviews.

Good voice changer apps can be challenging to find, considering the amount of research required. However, to make it easy for you, we have listed down a list of the top 13 voice changer apps.




Baviux voice changer is one of the appropriate voice changer apps for android, and millions of users can prove it. You can mold your voice as a squirrel, monster, robot, and many more. You can have all the fun and enjoy the voice changer with special effects.

It also includes four dozen effects with a simple user interface and has many options. Users can easily record their audio and apply effects as per their choice.

If you love the audio you created, you can easily share it or set it as your notification tone and ringtone.


  • It has more than 40 effects.
  • It is more than a voice changer as it has dozens of quality effects.
  • You can easily record.
  • There are different options for sharing and recording.
  • Users can easily import sounds from their phone and edit.
  • Users can also import the sounds from their devices.


  • There are no advanced options.


  • The app is free to use on Google Play, but the premium version costs $2.99.


2. RoboVox Voice Changer

RoboVox Voice Changer

Robovox voice changer can help you to change your voice like a pro. You can record your voice and transform it into funny or either scary.

Incredibly, you get to choose from 32 different voice effects that will change your voice pitch and add various filters.

It would also help you to control the strength of each filter and its effects. The app features a voice recorder, the ability to save the brand-new created sounds as a ringtone, and more.


  • It comes with parrot mode, which allows you to repeat and alter the voice like a parrot.
  • It offers three different modes.
  • 32 voice effects.
  • It comes with real-time mode.
  • It comes with voice recording.
  • It comes with a tremendous x-y control field that allows you to modify modulation and pitch.
  • Allows you to share your results directly.
  • Easily Save and Email your creations.
  • You can set the transformed voice into ringtones.
  • Vocoder with real-time FFT offers spectral analysis.


  • Some of the voice effects are just noises.
  • It doesn’t work well with an external mic.


  • It is free to use, but the pro version costs $1.49.


3. Android Rock Voice Changer

Android Rock Voice Changer

Voice Changer by android rock is one of the best among the average voice changers. It facilitates access to dozens of effects such as horse, underwater, bee, fan, older man, and many others. It allows you to add filters and apply filters to the previously recorded audio.

It works like the other voice changer apps only but supports many filters. You can simply start the application by pressing the recording button and then after recording you can listen to it with the built-in mic.

It can work amazingly for people with high expectations.


  • You can record audio easily, and then easily add the effects.
  • Viewing, editing, and saving options are easy to use.
  • You can easily share the audio via social networks and Bluetooth.
  • Generate funny effects.
  • Great key and speed maintenance.


  • It contains ads.
  • Sometimes there are bugs.
  • Your phone might get hang, in case it has low RAM


  • It is free to use.


4. Girls Voice Changer

Girls Voice Changer

The Girls Voice Changer first will hear your voice and then will give you various options to choose from girls tones. It can be a great app to have fun with your friends as you can change your voice into very spooky voices.


  • You can change your voice into a girl’s voice.
  • The app is easy to use.
  • You can change your voice into a ten-year-old girl or three-year-old baby etc.


  • It only has human voices.


  • It is free to use.


5. Voice changer plus app

Voice changer plus app

This app allows you to create and share the recordings for free. It can do more than the talking and record. You can also sing and add effects.

You get to choose from a wide selection of 55 voices and background effects. You can even play your recording backward.

If you want to take your experience to a whole another level, then you go premium and remove all the ads. You can make prank voice recordings and speed or slow up your voice.

If you want to play with your singing tunes, then you can make it more tuneful.


  • You can change your voice and can select from 55 voice effects and background sounds.
  • You get the trim control.
  • It is free to save and share the recordings.
  • It fully supports voiceover.
  • You can listen to the same recording in different voices.


  • It only works on IOS.
  • The free version has ads.


  • VIP Pass HUF699.00
  • Mega Pack HUF699.00


6. Super Voice Changer

Super Voice Changer

Super Voice Changer is a lightweight tool which uses minimal CPU power. It has amazing voice samples that can help you to manipulate your voice, it is an excellent application which can be used to change your voice over WhatsApp, Skype, Line etc.

It has such impressive background features that when you activate them, they change the incoming audio. Also, you can use those effects on other voices.

When you open the application, you will find a list of sound templates which have a variety of voices to choose from.

You can choose from a heavy man, sweet girl, male voice, little girl’s voice, and so much more.


  • It saves your previous work so that you can use it again.
  • It loads quickly and doesn’t consume much CPU power.
  • Offers a pretty fair customization.


  • Some functions are vague.
  • Help section needs improvement.
  • Installation can be pretty tricky.


  • It is free to use.


7. Snapchat


It is the most popular voice changer among all, and with its messaging services, it is just perfect. It has filters that can change your appearance, surroundings, and voice for fun.

With features like Snapchat memories, you can save photos and memories to use later.

It gives you an option to record yourself with your friends, and you can make funny noises, and you also get followers.


  • Filters are unique and can totally change your appearance.
  • Voice filters are really goofy.
  • There are regular updates.
  • You can connect with others via messages.
  • Some filters have beautiful backgrounds.
  • It is prevalent and easy to use.


  • It has ads.
  • It can drain your battery very fast.
  • If you use it too much, your phone can hang.


  • It is free to use.



1. MorphVOX

MorphVOXIt is used to modify your voice to match the best of your personality. You can use it to create a sound like of a woman, man, or animal, it comes with built-in sound effects and a voice changer that is so convenient to use that you will totally love it.

MorphVOX will take your voice as input and change the game to a whole another level with superior voice changing and learning technology, sound quality, cancellation, and background.


  • Get amused with cool sound effects.
  • Great for online gaming.
  • Quality effects
  • It has built-in high-tech features.
  • No ads.
  • It can be used both in Windows and MAC.


  • Can’t work with all mics.
  • Sometimes it can bug the games.


  • It offers a free trial for the pro version; after that, it costs around $39.99.


2. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal can change, modify, and disguise your voice in the application or game. It uses a microphone to add a whole different dimension of creativity with voice changing options.

It works seamlessly with other applications as well, and you don’t need to configure it with other programs. You can simply start and install it by creating a new voice without any distortions within a few minutes.


  • It can be easily installed with three simple steps.
  • The effects can be applied to the existing file.
  • Intuitive and straightforward interface.
  • It can transform your voice while online gaming.
  • You can create custom and unlimited voice effects.
  • You can listen to the transformed audio via speakers or mic and hear the effects live.
  • The effects can be applied to the existing files.
  • You can easily apply real-time effects using the microphone or other audio input device.
  • Low CPU usage will not be able to interfere with the running applications.


  • You will not find a lot of different sounds.
  • Steam games’ compatibility is not excellent.
  • There are Ads.


  • Commercial License: $34.99
  • Home use only: $29.99


3. Clownfish voice changer

Clownfish voice changerClownfish voice changer is a great app that will allow you to change voices in real-time, it can be installed at the system level; therefore, if any app that uses a microphone can be used to convert the voice.

You can convert your voice in discord, Mumble, TeamSpeak, Jitsi, steam, etc. It is compatible with Windows.

Voice effects in the clownfish voice changer are exceptional, and you can easily custom the pitch.


  • Supports all window versions.
  • Free to use.
  • It has an easy and fast setup.
  • It has a sound player system with built-in sounds and management.
  • It has a music player with the most enhanced audio control and playlist.
  • Music player supported by various formats.
  • It also has VST plugin support.


  • Some of the voice effects are difficult to understand.
  • There are limited options in girl voice changer.


  • It is free to use.


4. AV Voice changer

AV Voice changer

AV voice changer is very easy to use and can easily modify the characteristics of your voice. This software also allows you to edit the audio files and choose the effects. You can make your voice sound higher than the original pitch or make it more feminine.

You can integrate its diamond version with Twitch, Discord, Skype, and Steam.

The software allows you to easily modify and access the characteristics of your voice very peculiarly. With its compatible VOP program, you can quickly make role-playing games, web chat applications, and much more.

You can make your sound feminine, robotic, masculine, deep, or any other type of voice you want.


  • It has an easy, user-friendly interface.
  • Comes with many voices and a morphing effect.
  • With a one-time payment, you can get a lifetime license.
  • You can share it with everyone via various sharing options.


  • If you are using it for free, many features are locked.
  • The interface is basic and outdated.


  • It comes with a free trial; after that, you can get a full lifetime license for $99.95.


5. VoiceMeeter


Voicemeeter is more than a voice changer; it is an audio mixer that can be used to increase or reduce the pitch of your voice. The audio mixer application is bestowed with a virtual audio device used as Virtual I/O to manage and mix other audio devices from your device.

Voicemeeter is an unmatched application designed for everyone who is willing to manage the audio ingeniously.

It is best for video gamers, musicians, broadcasters, podcasters, and musicians.


  • It can be used for different audio applications to record and perform with your preferred DAW.
  • Simple and easy to manage.
  • It can be used to record an interview or conference with multi-channels, which can be used for post-production.
  • You can play video games in 5.1, and mic can be entirely used to communicate with your team.
  • Used to make a tutorial and can tweak it according to your video/audio software.


  • It has no editing functionality.
  • Advanced editing features are not there.


  • For any commercial project you have to pay a fixed license fee: 500 EURO


6. Skype Voice Changer

Skype voice changer

Skype voice changer lets you transform your own voice with real-time effects, or you can say something using the voice generated by the computer.

Also, you can replay the pre-recorded sound or record your conversation and add effects to them.

It is easy to use, and the interface is quite simple.


  • It can quickly transform the sound of your voice.
  • You can record your conversation and add effects.
  • It allows you to speak with the voice generated by the computer.
  • You can also replay the pre-recorded sounds.


  • Sound effects are limited.


  • It is free to use.


Bottom Line:

These were some of our best picks, and with them, you can easily change and apply sound effects to your voice.

Girls voice changer is best if you are looking to modify your voice like a girl. If you are looking for a free voice changer, you must consider Clownfish voice changer because it offers the best features with its offering.

If you are looking for a paid voice changer app, then MorphVox voice changer has got all the limelight, with its sound effects and features it is best.

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