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Use These Applications for Watermarking Your Photos in 2021

On the internet, it is hard to find the owner of an image. You can use reverse image search tools to do that, but that will take a lot of your time, and it is not efficient.

The best way to keep your images protected and save even when they are getting used by others is to put a watermark on them. It will tell the audience to which site it belongs.  

They will eventually go back to your site. Anyway, it is good to have extra visitors on your site as it might help generate some business for you.

How to select the best software for putting watermarks on images

There are several applications available on the web. There are online services that offer this service. You can also put watermarks on images in professional software like Adobe Photoshop.  

It will require a great deal of learning before you can do that. It is the reason we recommend you to use the tools and apps discussed below.

Choose the application which never degrades image quality

Some applications degrade the quality of the image after processing it. Remember not to use software that degrades the image quality.

How much time it takes to batch process a bunch of images

In a fast-paced life, all it matters is time. So, it is not beneficial to use software that consumes a lot of time processing the images.

Always go for a pro application rather than free

Investing in a premium tool is better than going for the free ones. The reason for that is the free tools have an image limit, or the output quality is not as desired.


Top 10 best Watermark software to use in 2021

1. iWatermark Pro

iWatermark Pro

It is a watermark software by plumamazing software company.  It helps photographers and bloggers quickly watermark their images with their URL.

It offers users some exciting features that online watermark tools can’t give. It processes batch images in a well-organized manner. It provides users the ability to generate a folder structure based on specific criteria like Camera Model.

This feature is super useful if you are watermarking images from different cameras. It will separate the images for you as well as watermarking them. However, there are other options available in the application to structure your output folder better.

It offers the functionality to resize the images along with the process of watermarking. It is helpful if you are looking to watermark and resize images at the same time to use them on your blog.

Its time savior functions don’t end here. It offers tag-based renaming, thumbnail generation, and quick metadata editing to make the watermarking and editing process more fluid and time-efficient.

For exporting the processed images, you have the option to export them locally or on the cloud in your Dropbox drive. It supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and PSD formats.

You can try the iWatermark Pro. The processed photos will have a little company watermark because you are using the free version. For watermarks, you can import them from your computer, email, or your cloud drives with ease.


  1. Full of useful features
  2. Cloud export functionality
  3. Super organized


  1. Steep learning curve for new users
  2. Heavy size (250Mb for watermarking software)


Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android


  • $30 per license


2. uMark Pro

uMark Pro

It is a watermarking software developed by uconomix. It is a lightweight tool for adding watermarks to your images. Its user interface is easy to use, and interface elements are in a great position. A new user will quickly learn how to use it.

It allows users to put text and image-based watermarks on their photos. The watermarks are easily imported into the uMark pro, and you can easily save them and reuse them whenever needed.  

It gives a live preview of the watermark. It lets users adjust their watermark live without processing, and finally, process a whole batch of images.

Forget about setting mark position coordinates because its handy watermark placement tool lets you to that easily. It also gives the option to apply filters, shapes, effects, and QR-Codes to your images with just a few clicks.

For maximum protection of your intellectual property, it offers users tilted watermarking. It covers the full image with tiny watermarks. It makes it impossible for croppers to steal your photo.

The full application is only available for PC and macOS. However, there are lite versions of this tool on Android and iOS that you can use on your mobile devices. 

Other applications are also available from this company if you want to do video watermarking and PDF watermarking.


  1. Tilted watermarking
  2. Effects, Filters, and QR-Code batch addition
  3. Light-weight


  1. Cannot try without giving your email
  2. No cloud upload functionality
  3. Lite versions for mobile devices


Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android


  • Personal license – $29
  • Professional License (3 PCs) – $39
  • Team License (10 PCs) – $49
  • Lifetime Free Upgrade – $19 per Product


3. Arclab Watermark Studio

Arclab Watermark Studio

It is a windows-based watermark tool developed by Arclab. It is incredibly light as compared to other applications. It has a 5Mb download size. It offers users a straight forward approach to watermark images with ease, thanks to its excellent design.

This application has highly organized functions, and it helps users in learning the application. The learning curve is lower than most tools. You will get to know it in a few minutes.  

It lets users organize their batch image processing tasks into projects, which you can save and reuse later.

The watermarking process in this application is very straight forward and simple. It offers four layers of watermarks in which there are two texts and two picture watermarks.

You can use a maximum of four watermarks on a single image in those four layers. Since there is no option to add more layers, you are limited to four layers. It allows users to resize the watermarks. So, they are applied as desired, not sharp or blurry.  

Apart from image metadata, it lets users add metadata for its text watermarks separately for two text watermarks. The menu for metadata is simple, and users insert data with ease.

It supports files in JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF. One downside of this software is that it doesn’t have the best watermark positioning tools and leaves the user with some default options to adjust the watermark manually from controls.


  1. Simple and Easy to use
  2. Excellent Manual
  3. Watermark Layers


  1. No effects
  2. Only Two languages supported
  3. Paid updates




  • $29 for New License (1 PC)
  • $14.50 for Update (1 PC)
  • $75 for New Licenses (3 PCs)


4. TSR Watermark

TSR Watermark

It is a professional watermarking tool from TSR software. It gives the users certain unique features that they are not going to get in other watermarking tools.

It allows users to process images in a batch, and after that, you can share them quickly on social media without going to your browser.

It gives users full control over the watermarking process. From 3D text watermarks to bold and italic watermarks, it lets you do all that.

You can add unlimited watermarks to your images and adjust them as you want. With its positioning tool, you can position different watermarks as per your requirement. You add both text and image-based watermarks in 2D or 3D format.

It even lets users convert their image into grey before they use it as a watermark. Other than that, it allows symbols and borders, which are very handy if you are looking for some editing on the go.

It also offers some advanced features such as secure FTP uploading to WordPress or your website. Not to mention the command-line tool you can use to batch process images with a profile.

It is the best software, but it is unfortunately only available to Windows and macOS. And no mobile apps are available. It is only 13.5 Mb and supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF format files, and watermarks.


  1. Secure FTP Upload
  2. Text Options/Unlimited Watermarks
  3. Social Sharing


  1. No mobile apps
  2. Not the best effects


Windows, macOS


  • Free
  • Professional – $29.95
  • Professional + Share – $59.95
  • Professional + Secure Share – $139.95


5. Mass Watermark

Mass Watermark

It is a high-speed watermarking software, and they are a part of Microsoft BizSpark. It offers some very distinct features from all of the watermarking tools discussed here, which is speed.

This program can process up to 100 images per minute, which is a lot more if you watermark photos manually with photo editing software. It helps users in placing the watermark at the right spot. If the watermark is not in the right spot, it will adversely affect the quality of content.

It is fast and user-friendly. Its user-interface is easy to learn and use. However, a video tutorial is also available on the homepage to help new users in learning it.

You can process thousands of images with this program and apply various edits to all of them, like image resizing, coloring, and brightness boosting.

It also improves the quality of images automatically before a watermark is applied to them so, they look the best when you upload them to your website.

You can also make adjustments like resizing, cropping, and rotation. And this program will process all images to your desired settings. It also puts an invisible watermark in the photo as EXIF to all of your photos. So, even if someone crops and uses your content. The copyright information will stay with it.

You can export your files as images in zip format or upload them directly to Picasa or Flickr. One drawback is that it is a 43.7Mb download size, and it is a lot for a simple program like this.


  1. High Speed
  2. Uploading to Flickr and Picasa
  3. Auto Watermark placement


  1. No mobile apps
  2. Heavy size


Windows, macOS


  • Free Trail
  • $30 for both platforms


6. Watermark Software

Watermark Software

It is one of the fastest watermark software on this list. It is capable of putting a watermark on 300 images in 1 minute. It offers different types of watermarks such as image, text, and users have to ability to use both image and text watermarks on their photos.

The users can place text watermarks with rich effects such as embossing, bold, and italics. It also provides users with 150 pre-set of watermarks to make the watermark creation process more time-efficient.

You can set Photo frames, cropping, resizing, and renaming criteria for your batch processing. It also supports FTP file upload. So, you can sit back and relax while processed photos get automatically uploaded to your website.

Users can generate QR-Code based watermark to use them on their photos. It is good to have a QR-Code watermark as anyone who will scan it will go straight to your website.

It supports JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TGA, TIFF, PCX, and ICO image formats. You can batch process several images using templates and watermark profiles. It is helpful if you are processing images in different sets.

It also adds EXIF information with your watermarked photos, which are attached copyright information. It is 34Mb in size. It is a big size for an application like this since other tools are available with the same functionality for a lot less size.


1.High Speed 300 images processing in 1 minute

2.FTP file upload

3.Hidden Watermark


  1. No special effects
  2. No secure upload
  3. No cross-platform functionality


Windows Only


  • $24.90


7. Star Watermark

Star Watermark

It is another watermarking tool for Windows and macOS. Its payment model is both fixed price and subscription. It doesn’t have that many features, but it is a good option if you are looking for something subscription-based this is the recommended tool to use.

It gives users an extensive set of tools to edit their watermark. So, they can batch process their files with the desired watermark. It provides users with unlimited layered documents that have both image-based and text-based watermarks.

It is best to put a tilted text watermark on the image with a logo image watermark at the bottom. It gives users a live preview of the image with the watermarks. So, they can make adjustments and see the final result at the same time. It also supports HEIC/HEIF files. So, you can process them with ease.

They also have a free online watermarking tool, which you can use for free. It has all the basic features of the desktop program.

Pricing different for macOS and Windows. However, at this time, there are no versions for mobile.


  1. Legacy Support (Win 10, 8, 7, and XP)
  2. HEIC/HEIF image support
  3. Subscription-based payment


  1. No FTP upload
  2. No effects
  3. No mobile apps for Android and iOS


Online, Windows, macOS


  • Free $0 
  • Monthly Plan – $9.95 per month
  • Annual Plan – $2.49 per month
  • Lifetime – $39.95


8. Visual Watermark

Visual Watermark

It is a watermark tool with some unique features, and you can get a pro version for free. If you promote their software on your website, you can get its pro version for free. But you have to contact them first before writing anything, and they will let you know more details.

There are three versions offered for a fixed price, and their price varies due to the amount of usage. The basic one offers users 100 fonts, standard processing speed, and one watermark on photo and video with six templates.

The plus one offers users 400 fonts, fast image processing speed, and three watermarks on photo and video with ten templates.

The premium version offers unlimited watermarks per video with 12 templates, the fastest speed, and one thousand fonts.

You can use plus and premium versions for commercial use, but the basic is only for personal use.


  1. Option to get it free
  2. Photo and video combined
  3. A lot of freebies and one-time payment


  1. No advance photo or video editing
  2. Separate applications for photo and video


Windows and macOS


  • Basic – $19.95
  • Plus – $29.95
  • Premium – $39.95


9. Water Marquee

Water Marquee

It is a web-based tool to add a watermark to photos almost instantly. If your requirement is low and you don’t have to do watermarking extensively. It is for you.

It lets you add text and logo-based watermarks, and with its pro version, you can watermark a lot of photos at once with the premium fonts. It also allows users to watermark no matter what the resolution is.  

If you are new to watermark software, then you can use already built templates.

It doesn’t offer as many features as the desktop applications do, but you can use it on any platform you are using. It doesn’t matter it is Linux or Windows. It will work great.


  1. Cross-platform
  2. Web-Based no download
  3. Low-cost pro version


  1. No functionality for videos
  2. No effects
  3. No social sharing


It is platform-independent


  • $19 onetime price


10. Watermark.ws


It is the best online watermark software on this list. It is online software, and it offers photo and video watermark service with a bunch of cool functions. These functions are similar to desktop applications.

It offers users functions like photo editing, social sharing to Facebook, video watermarking, custom watermark making tool, and lets you process unlimited photos and videos of any length.

The pro version is not available for a one-time payment. Instead, you can subscribe to it for a monthly price.


  1. Editor for photos & videos
  2. No download
  3. Social Sharing


  1. No single payment version
  2. Great software no mobile apps




  • $6.99 per month


It is good to access your requirements first and then choose software that suits your workflow the best. Each software has its pro-points and negative-points. Some offer differentiating features, while others give standardized options.

Programs aim to help users in one way or another, and the best software for you is the one that saves you time and money.

We have discussed some fine programs and web-based services you can use to place watermarks in your photos and videos. Now it is up to you to choose from this list.

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