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Top 10 Best Web Browsers in 2021

Internet web browsers are a crucial ingredient in modern devices. The best web browser will enable you to access an array of worldwide networks. Since the invention of the internet, several companies have ventured into creating web browsers.

Most of these companies focus on creating unique and advanced updates to feed into the browsers over time. There are thousands of internet web browsers available on the market today. For that reason, the procedure to choose the best, simple, and fast browser is very hard.

What Is Web Browser?

Internet web browsers feature different options and functionalities. For instance, some web browsers offer inbuilt VPN services, while some come with an inbuilt download manager. The good thing is that most modern browsers feature helpful functionalities and services.

If you are annoyed with your current browser and need a new one for your computer with new security features, this post provides you with a list of viable options. You must understand that your web browser serves as the gate for your PC to connect to the internet.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you select and install the most reliable web browser. This article provides you with an overview of various browsers that are reliable and effective. In other words, these are the top ten latest web browser technologies.

It would be best to mention that a good web browser should be developer-friendly to enable software developers worldwide to develop effective programs. Here is the list of web browsers that you must consider:

10 Best Web Browsers

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google launched this browser back in 2009 and it became the fastest browser. As a result, it became more popular than most other browsers at that time. To this date, Google Chrome is still one of the best assets and stable browsers.

Nevertheless, there are numerous alternative web browsers available on the market. One of the most popular demerits that users complain about Google Chrome is that it can consume a lot of memory. The web browser comes with fundamental features such as incognito mode, extensions, themes, bookmark manager, favorite websites, and password manager.

One of the most unique and helpful features of Google Chrome is the guest feature. This option will allow you to add a second account on the same browser and use it. The best part of it all is that the user can create various sets of favorite and bookmarks.

Google Chrome will also enable you to perform casting through its Chromecast, provided you enable it with Wi-Fi. It offers tons of extensions to ensure that it satisfies your modern-day requirements.

The browser can work well with an array of platforms such as Android, Windows, and Linux. Besides, it will enable you to sync extensions, bookmarks, and passwords on your Google Account.


  • Chrome guest feature offers flexibility.
  • It enables you to sync details on your Google account.
  • Google Chromecast is reliable.


  • The browser consumes a lot of memory.
  • It does not offer page titles at the top.


2. Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft introduced Microsoft Edge back in 2019. It would be best to mention that this web browser is different from the web browser Microsoft Edge. This browser runs on a Chromium-based source code.

It is faster, much like Google Chrome since it uses Chromium-based source codes. The only difference is that Microsoft pulled out Google-based and tracking codes from its chromium source code.

Instead of logging in through your Google accounts, you will log in via your Microsoft accounts. This feature makes it safer than Google, which comes with numerous privacy concerns.

The Edge Chromium browser can support most extensions available on the web browser chrome. What makes this browser unique is its nearby sharing feature, simple looking UI, and clean interface.

It will enable you to share websites from your Android phone to the PC browser directly. The best part of it all is that it offers vast support for progressive web apps and offers the guest feature.

Nevertheless, it does not provide some minuscule features such as tab previews. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Xbox One, and Windows.


  • It is fast and easy to use.
  • Microsoft Edge offers a simple looking user interface.
  • It offers the nearby sharing feature


  • It does not feature tab previews.
  • You can only sync settings and favorites.


3. Mozilla Firefox Quantum

Mozilla Firefox Quantum

This web browser for Windows is one of the most stable and fastest browsers competing with web browser chrome.

It is a popular option for Linux users since it comes with features that enable it to prevent domains request using the tracking protection option. Therefore, it is more secure and can load the pages faster.

Unlike most other web browsers that use the Chromium-based source code, this browser features its HTML rendering engine. Although it provides the add-on option that is the same as chrome extensions, the browser does not feature any extension support.

Mozilla Firefox comes with a simple, clean, and well-designed user interface, which is easy to navigate. It also offers fundamental features such as Favorites and Bookmarks. Its features make it unique. They include blocking in-browser crypto-mining ads and complete disabling of tracking.

Some of the next-gen techs available in the Mozilla Firefox browser include the data sync option and adding a guest account.

The web browser can support various web applications and internal web apps, such as the built-in task manager. It is compatible with BSD, iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows devices.


  • The web browser is stable and fast.
  • It is more secure than other browsers.
  • Mozilla Firefox comes with a clean and simple user interface.


  • It has compatibility issues.
  • It features non-resuming downloads.


4. Opera Browser

Opera Browser

Earlier on, Opera browser was a Java-based web browser. Over the past few years, the Opera popularity rate has dropped significantly.

Nevertheless, the new version of the browser is much like Firefox or even advanced. The company still works on the program for future success.

This web browser is based on Chromium, Blink, and Firefox source codes. Thus, it offers many HTML rendering and decent speed. It is more suitable for Smartphones and provides numerous web apps at the left bar.

It is compatible with Firefox add-ons and Chrome extensions. It also features a pre-installed add-blocking option. What makes web browser opera the best browser for android and PC is its helpful tools.

Some popular tools include battery saver, data compression mode, currency converter, VPN service, crypto mining prevention, screenshot tool, and the in-built ad-blocker.

The best part of it all is that the browser can support cross-device sync provided you set up an opera account. Another popular feature of this browser is the opera turbo option. This feature can compress the website traffic for the users on a low bandwidth to load faster. It is compatible with Basic Phones, iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows.


  • It offers a decent speed.
  • The web browser comes with a reliable HTML rendering.
  • It offers the data compression mode for speed.


  • It offers too many options.
  • It demands strict adherence to coding.


5. Vivaldi


The web browser Vivaldi is much like the Opera web browser. It is based on Blink and Chromium. Thus, it can support all extensions available on Chrome.

It has a simple user interface that is very customizable as it is similar to Opera.

Nevertheless, Vivaldi comes with an adaptive user interface that can instantaneously change its color tabs and related parts of the web page as per the website color theme.

The good thing is that this web browser can support all chrome extensions and comes with unique features such as tab bar, address bar, custom keyboard shortcuts, and mouse gestures as per liking.

It comes with one web panel, and a data sync feature enabled for quick access. Furthermore, it features a split-screen view and one in-built note-taking option. It is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows.


  • It supports all chrome extensions.
  • Vivaldi offers an adaptive interface.
  • It features a data sync option.


  • It can slow to a crawl.
  • The browser is still in Beta.


6. Safari Browser

Safari Browser

This web browser is suitable for Apple devices. It comes with an industry-leading battery life, powerful privacy protections, and robust customization options. The browser features the fastest speed for Apple devices.

It comes with new personalization settings such as third-party extensions and a customizable start page. The start page will enable you to set a custom background image.

Above all, it will allow you to customize your browser window with features such as Privacy Report, Favorites, and Reading List.


  • It comes with safari extensions to add functionality to the browser.
  • The browser will allow you to add your favorite extensions.
  • It features a reliable battery-life configuration.


  • It has a complicated user interface that makes it difficult to use.
  • The browser is not open source and comes with fewer extensions.


7. Brave Browser

Brave Browser

Web browser Brave is a somewhat a new browser that features in-built ad-blockers. The browser focuses on offering top privacy to its users. For that reason, it offers the private mode that integrates Tor for more security and privacy.

The web browser offers a pay-to-surf option that promises to share its revenue on ads with the users. It comes with a website tracker that will allow you to browse through the internet without anyone tracking you. It is the best web browser for Mac for top privacy and fewer ads.

You can choose from over 20 different search engines. Besides, it is chromium-based and open source. Thus, it offers frequent updates and comes with a very fast speed. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux users.


  • It offers over 20 search engines.
  • Brave Browser offers top security and privacy.
  • It offers a reliable tracker-blocker.


  • It features frequent updates that make it inconvenient.
  • Some of its extensions are not compatible.


8. Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser

This browser was initially a Windows browser back in 2002. In other words, it is one of the earliest browsers available on the market. Maxthon Cloud web browser can support sync on the device and running cloud applications.

It offers web cloud storage features to its users. Cloud storage can serve an array of functions, such as backup for your data. It features an array of pre-installed tools such as video capture, a calculator, a notepad, password manager, night mode, built-in add-blocker, and a screenshot tool.

This web browser work on a Trident HTML rendering engine. Thus, it is fast, like Chrome. However, Trident is somewhat outdated, and most modern web browsers, websites, and web apps do not use it because it lacks compatibility. Nevertheless, the browser receives regular updates, and it is very unstable. It is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows.


  • It offers web cloud storage features.
  • This browser comes with a built-in ad-blocker.
  • It supports account sync.


  • Its frequent updates make it unstable.
  • It lacks voice interaction commands.


9. Chromium Browser

Chromium Browser

The Chromium web browser will enable you to edit your source code of its scouring to suit your requirements since it runs as an open-source web browser. It is highly customizable. Besides, it is much like the web browser chrome.

Nevertheless, it offers several additional features that are not available on Google Chrome. The browser does not come with a default player, does not feature pre-installed codes for video and audio, and does not offer automatic update support.

In any case, Chromium source code features daily updates, which are very frequent and stubborn. Therefore, it is one of the most unstable web browsers available on the market.

However, it runs on the Google Chrome web engine to increase speed. It offers additional features, such as sync and guest account options. Chromium is compatible with BSD, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows.


  • It offers sync and guest account options.
  • Chromium is highly customizable.
  • It allows you to edit the source code.


  • It features and stubborn updates.
  • It features the chromium remove setting, which enables hackers to develop a spy software since it is open source.


10. Torch Browser

Torch Browser

This browser describes a premium browser that comes with a built-in torrent downloader. It will enable you to open and download different torrent files directly from the web browser. It has a speed similar to that of Google Chrome since it is based on Chromium.

It comes with the media grabber tool, which will enable you to download all sorts of audio and videos. It features a download accelerator model that works much like the turbo mode in Opera web browser. Its user interface resembles that of Google Chrome, making it easy and simple to use.

The good thing about this web browser is that it can support all vital features such as password manager, bookmarks, favorite, and allows users to sync their Google account. It is only compatible with Windows.


  • It allows users to sync their Google account.
  • Torch Browser offers the media grabber tool.
  • It features a high speed.


  • It is only available for Windows.
  • It comes with unwanted extensions such as torch music.


How to Choose a Good Web Browser

A good web browser must facilitate easy navigation around the internet. Some of the most popular browsers include web browser Safari from Apple, Chrome from Google, Opera from Opera Software, Firefox from Mozilla, and Internet Explorer from Microsoft.

Most of these browsers are free of charge and have almost the same features. Some browsers such as Internet Explorer are pre-installed on new PCs, but you can download a preferable browser by visiting its official website. It would be best to mention that you can also install and run numerous browsers on the same PC. But, what should you consider when choosing a browser?

  • Safety Measures

Browsing through the internet can be somewhat risky. Millions of malicious sites may attempt to download viruses to your PC and corrupt it. Although installing a reliable antivirus program can help, it would be best to ensure that you use a browser that has robust privacy and security features. You can research further about the security features of the software you would like to use. Check on customer reviews.

  • Bookmarks and Favorites

You must install a web browser that lets you save links that you would like to visit frequently. A good web browser must feature the Artificial Intelligence feature, enabling it to detect and save links to your favorite websites. It must organize these links in cute bookmarks.

  • Tabs

A good browser must feature the Tabs option. This feature will enable you to open and load information on more than one site simultaneously. Hence, you will be able to check through all the information quickly. Older browser versions did not offer this option, but most modern browsers provide it. You may consider updating the older browser to see if the latest version offers tabs.


Generally, the web browser you choose must offer top-notch security, dependable privacy, and it should make your browsing to be faster and enjoyable. The browsers we discussed in this post are more reliable.

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