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10 Ways to Understand what it Actually Means to be in a Relationship

Whether you were raised by a parent or a guardian, as a human being, the need to have a relationship is compulsory as without it there always remains a sense of incompleteness.

For any couple in a relationship, lucky they are if they both think that they are in a serious kind of a relationship.

This is because although most people get along very well for some time, they usually are not able to develop that chemistry and level of understanding and commitment that forms the basis of a serious relationship.

Thus, such short term relationships or affiliations are over, sooner or later, as things practically do not seem to move forward or progress for the better of both the members in the relationship.

But on the other hand, sometimes there are certain things between a couple that others see as leading towards an everlasting relationship but unfortunately for the people in the relationship, they are either too preoccupied with other stuff or deliberately do not want to give it a shot.

In the worst case, many people are even sometimes unable to realize the possibilities that they are already surrounded with for having a long term and everlasting relationship.

In a third scenario, some people deliberately and intentionally want things to work out between them, which consequently do establish a relationship between them.

But this time, not always but as a general nature of the human mindset, such people take things for granted and soon their relationship and commitments that were planned to span over many years of their life fade into merely spoken words with no actual backing on the part of either member in the relationship.

In simple words, some people are meant to be for each other and even after many trials and failures, happy and sad moments, good and bad times that occur in their relationship, they are able to survive and stand as one, being and feeling more close than ever.

But due to the negligence and not realizing that both members in a relationship will only grow and stay bonded together as long as they are working for it, it becomes a threat to the continuity of the relationship.

So the main question is about asking yourself how do you even know whether you are in a relationship or not?

In this article, we look at things that are closely related to establishing and identifying any relationship.

10 Things to understand what it actually means to be in a relationship

The following list will not only help you understand the things that are needed to keep an existing and potentially everlasting relationship remain and retain its freshness, but will also help you prepare your mind for what needs to be given and expected from a relationship before you begin looking for something serious.

But in any case remember that as a human being, the ultimate relationship goal in your conscious and subconscious mind is to have something that lasts during your entire life.

This is because short term relationships do not only literally mean short lived or no commitments at all or just time passing activities, they are actually a bunch of complexities and harsh realities that often end up in regrets.

So without worrying or wasting your time in life, it is always better to strive and look for relationships where you are sure that as a couple when you put in your one hundred percent energy and effort in it, its eventual return will be worthy in every way.

And the sooner you do it, the more days of happiness and togetherness you will have in your life.

1. Respecting each other

No two persons are exactly the same.

Each and every person in a relationship is different and this is something that gives rise to the need of respecting each other in every manner.

Whether it is about any kind of belief, identity, thinking and mind-set, income, preferences and choices in life, love and hate, or anything else, each member person in a relationship should respect the other for who they are.

This is because if you try finding someone that totally seems to be parallel to you in every aspect, any prospects of this thing happening are rarely present.

So start respecting the differences you have and try to turn things in the direction where both of you are the beneficiaries and no one has to suffer.

2. Accepting each other

When you start respecting each other, you begin accepting each other.

Remember that each person brings different things to a relationship and this is something that you need to capitalize on.

Sometimes being same or similar in most ways dries the essence of the relationship as it makes a relationship boring which can eventually become a questioning threat to the continuation of the relationship as a whole.

Respecting the fact that the other person is not the same and a keen will to accept for who they are, is what provokes little joys and surprises in a relationship.

This also makes each person curious of what the other person has to offer.

3. Understanding each other

Aside from respecting and accepting each other’s point of view and life choices and preferences the way they are, it is also important to have the courage to understand things either partially or fully without putting any kind of pressure on the other person.

This is because there will be times in each person’s individual life which they may not be able to explain for the time being.

So without forcing them to rely on your support system and share their worries with you, it would be better to understand that the other person need’s time to first settle on their own.

It also means to understand situations where the other person may not be able to express fully his or her concerns or even certain desires.

So instead of wanting them to explicitly tell you everything, you need to have an eye of the underlying meanings of the words that have been said, and also understand on your own the words that remain unsaid.

When you attempt to share, each person in a relationship feels relaxed and more comfortable in sharing as well.

4. Forgiving attitude is a must

No person in a relationship is perfect. Nor can anyone claim about themselves or ask the other person to become perfect.

This means that despite many precautions many things are still bound to go wrong.

Some of these mistakes will be new, some very childish, some occurring again and again even either intentionally or unintentionally, and some even after adopting precautions as well, etc.

Thus in situations like these, without increasing or causing further pain to the other person, adopt a forgiving attitude.

While becoming perfect is not possible, the best scenario happens when a forgiving attitude promotes a culture to become better and learn from what went wrong.

5. Staying patient

Being respectful, acceptable, understanding and forgiving is not possible until and unless you are willing to stay patient.

Remember that good things come to those who wait.

In your capacity as an individual and as a couple, you can try to speed things up, plan for better and with better ways, expect the positive and the most favorable outcomes only.

But do not make any attempt to intervene on the time that some results tend to take in their natural course and do not be desperate for the outcomes.

Just focus on trying your best while patiently waiting for the results.

6. Share to make the other person aware

While we discussed the importance of having an understanding attitude, it is also important to share as much as you can with your significant other.

Remember that understanding begets sharing in a more open, comfortable and convenient manner.

And by sharing, we do not in any way mean sharing materialistic things only to make the other person know that anything you have is theirs and vice versa.

Sharing means making the other person aware of your concerns, doubts, the things that make you feel threatened, safe and secure, happy, etc.

The principle of respecting and accepting includes setting some boundaries and limitations in between, which you may not want others to cross including your significant other in certain cases.

So by deliberately sharing things or making an attempt that signifies such behavior, you can make the other person get involved and know you better and with better reasons related to why yes and why not.

7. Having conversations beyond the obvious

To make sharing possible and trend in your relationship, you need to have conversations that cover and include more than the most obvious issues that are present in any typical relationship.

Issues such as discussing your daily chores, going shopping, spending weekends and holidays, job matters, kids, etc. are all typical matters.

Remember that not being able to bounce beyond these issues and having difficulty opening up about things such as your needs and desires from each other, your goals as a couple, making other person feel important and special, showing gratitude, etc.; all of this means that there is a significant possibility of hitting an iceberg in your relationship.

So work on what is actually stopping you and try to overcome the risks that might obstruct your relationship.

8. Making other person feel special

A healthy relationship is one where each member does not only avoid missing any opportunities to make their significant other feel special, they also look for ways to create and make them feel special whenever possible.

Again this requires looking for special moments beyond the obvious occasions such as birthdays, engagement and wedding anniversaries, or any achievements in your professional career; things which most traditional couples would normally celebrate.

In simple words, let the things begin by your action whether it is once or always and without waiting for the other person to initiate anything.

Remember that in a true relationship, it is not important who begins or what causes splendidness, rather it is more about having the opportunity to celebrate together.

9. Distancing apart temporarily to ignite the urge to reconnect

While it all seems good knowing that both of you are present near each other and for each other, you can increase the strength of your bond by temporarily distancing apart from each other for some time.

For instance, plan on a weekend trip with your friends only, or avoid taking your significant other to accompany you on any official trip like attending a seminar or a meeting in some other city or distant place, even when you can.

Try spending some time alone and try to experience the feelings that come along, knowing that you aren’t physically present near your significant other.

Try to accentuate that particular thought of being uncomfortable when you miss someone and see how deeply it affects your actions, mind and concentration levels.

10. Love unconditionally – without any returns

While the opportunity to love and being loved forms the basic foundation of a healthy and loving relationship with your significant other, this love should be unconditional.

It is only with unconditional love that you can build a healthy relationship that envisions all of the above things mentioned in this article.

Even though love is a two way path, in a truly loving relationship it doesn’t matter who did what and what did they get in return.

Instead, it is about doing more than you get or want and showering the other person with unconditional love, not just for once but always.

Remember that when you allocate any kind of numerical figure of give and take to your relationship, you are beginning to tear it apart.

A true and loving relationship remains unmeasurable always.


People in a relationship sometimes become over demanding and expect too much from the other person without even realizing that it is a two way road, where no wonder it is not about who gives more or less, it is more about giving rather than expecting a return.

So the important thing to know is that if you are willing to play your part not just fully, but also in more than one ways than you expect a return from it.

The above list of things will help you identify and realize such things on whether you are a giver or a taker and which things in your relationship still need to be worked on.

Because remember that the positive outlook and energy from even a single person in a true relationship should be enough to make things work and hold each other so strong that it can overcome and kill any desire to end the relationship by the other member.

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